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  1. In Berkeley, CA Manholes shall henceforth and forevermore be known as Maintenance Holes. Some of this borders on the absurd.
  2. I am embarrassed (but also quite proud) to say that I stumbled upon a box of Edmundo Dantes Conde 54's with about 12 sticks left in it. I was busy coveting my last full box, weary of breaking up the team of 25 for some financial/emotional/illogical, but still compelling reason and it turns out theres no need to make the Sophies choice just yet! I admittedly am a hoarder but try my best to keep track through excel spreadsheets, but obviously have been derelict in my data entry duties. A part of me actually enjoys finding forgotten boxes, it's almost like acquiring them all over again. JY0 - Forgetting a full box of Encantos may be even more unforgivable! Excellent find.
  3. 1) Edmundo Dantes Conde 54 2) Bolivar Simones (Canada). Painful to leave out: PL Encantos, PL Robusto, Bolivar 108 (España). Honorable mention: LFDC Grandioso, LFDC Gran Canos
  4. F: Vegas Robaina Jubilaums - Had a one night stand and done gone and fell in love. Would love one more night. K: Cohiba Medio Siglo - Had a few from a couple different boxes. Was hoping for much more. M: Vegas Robaina Unicos - Just hits the spot every time. Rich and toasty and perfect with a scotch or bourbon which is often a part of my ritual. Great idea for a topic!
  5. One of my absolute favorites aged or fresh. Glad to see it get some more love!
  6. Hoarder......or..........collector.......? I’ll go with collector, though I am cognizant that it is an extremely thin line for me. I have far too many cigars and marketing works better on me than perhaps on most. Call it limited, tell me that it’s the best of its kind or that the quality is so good it’s unlikely to be repeated for a generation.....I’m hook line and sinker. I love collecting and cigars, scotch and wine use very similar marketing tactics, all devastatingly effective on me. This paired with my genuine fear of running out, wether it be a particularly good vintage of cabernet, a bottle of single cask scotch or a box of Por Llaranaga robustos, if I buy one, I don’t want to finish it and regret not having more! The solution for me is to buy more than one....which leads to storage issues.......which is a conversation for a different thread. If I find a cigar I like, i go deep, if it’s something I’m afraid I’ll miss out on I’ll go deeper! I try to buy high quality boxes of well reviewed (on FOH) cigars by the two’s with cigars that I know and love in larger quantities at bi annual intervals so that I can smoke 5 year old versions of my favorites while the youth works its way out of the newer boxes. Thanks for the psychotherapy in advance!
  7. Connie A, Partagas P2 and/or Siglo VI. Hopefully and! (I completely disregarded price point. Couldn't help myself.)
  8. I have to say LGC MdO 2 and SLR DC in 50 Cab. Brings a tear to the eye.
  9. I had a girlfriend in college who's father was a banker. He had attended a golf tournament and a colleague of his was a cuban cigar enthusiast. My girlfriends dad didn't partake but had heard that I was a fan. Truth be told, I had just begun smoking "cigars" and had a small humidor chock full of ACID Blondies and other flavored dreck. He was kind enough to send the cigar along with his daughter when she next visited. I smoked it that night at the top of the steps leading to my apartment. My mind went blank, i was enveloped in a haze of nicotine, beautiful fragrant smoke and flavors that were complex, slightly spicy, warm and chocolatey. I was absolutely hooked from that day forward trying to reproduce that magical first, but as we all know, those firsts are often impossible to repeat. I found out months later after meeting the gentleman that gifted me the cigar that my first cuban cigar had been a Montecristo No. 2 circa mid 1970's. Hell of an introduction!
  10. Was going to light one up this evening as well. How is it? Thanks!
  11. Some beautiful timepieces on here gents. My everyday watch is an IWC Pilot Chronograph. The other two I interchange are an IWC Portuguese Automatic with the black face and a Longines Master Collection Chronograph. Keep posting the collections!
  12. Been to Nicaragua three times last year. The sticks at the airport - a Padron kiosk and a small walk-in in the duty free with mainly CyB, and other Joya de Nicaragua lines. No real deals though, prices are at about MSRP. Not sure about Esteli, it's pretty far from Managua and Granada where I stay. In Granada there are a couple of pretty good small producers, my two favorites are Mumbacho who sell their cigars for around $90 a box in house vs. their online international store where they are greatly marked up. The other affordable quality option is Doña Elba cigars. They just started making a sun grown version that's pretty tasty. Both shops are in Granada. Good luck on your quest!

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