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  1. Maybe they were planning something or didn't agree how the protests were handled . A fracture in the military ? Three found out and offed ? That would put the kibosh to it. Right out of the dictators handbook .
  2. Not to be negative or unhopeful but, how the hell could Cuba have developed an effective Vaccine ?
  3. I hope in your lifetimes LIBERTAD for Cuba's people.
  4. Cuba's leader lays some blame for protests on his government (apnews.com) https://apnews.com/article/business-health-cuba-coronavirus-pandemic-af57e3dd73cb54fa6507e256ba9e658e?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningWire_July15&utm_term=Morning Wire Subscribers
  5. Took a lot of bravery for people to protest against the regime . I fear for those arrested.
  6. Thanks was going from memory. Prime minister 1959–76 and president 1976–2008 . The point is how ruthless the regime was and maybe still is.
  7. Scary in the pics/vids you can see the number of Regime spy's popping up in plain clothes to beat/arrest protesters and even journalists . I fear for the Cubans that get arrested , may never be seen or heard from again. Hopefully not like 1959 (thanks Nino) when the dissidents were quickly rounded up and executed by Castro .
  8. Starving and no prospects while waiting around for the Grandparents/Great Grandparents promise of the socialist Utopia is wearing thin.
  9. The Regime supporters/revolutionaries in the population as I understand are mostly a much older brainwashed demographic. Should it comes down to a fight they will be hard-pressed to control the streets for the regime . Cubans just aren't buying the embargo is to blame for the situation. IMO.
  10. If the police and military fracture this could be a thing. Liken to when Fidel rolled into Havana unopposed.

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