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  1. 🤔Had it a few times , blamed it on Rum and Gars , who new? LOL. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/mysterious-havana-syndrome-suffered-by-diplomats-caused-by-zika-fumigation-study-suggests/ar-AAHyaNl?ocid=spartandhp
  2. Langewiesche describes the performance of the Lion Air captain, Bhavye Suneja, as “abysmal” https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/boeing-737-max-crash-aircraft-stall-grounded-pilots-blamed-a9111646.html
  3. Desperation setting in as the economy further tanks. Word of this is starting to make the rounds from recent visitors to Cuban resorts. The aggressiveness for tips and all the shortages from theft on resorts is being reported , food getting Gros and scarce, folks will spend the vacation money elsewhere .
  4. Been reports of all kinds of shortages at the all-inclusives from visitors recently , it will effect tourism soon . Complaints of resort staff aggressively demanding tips lately , a lot more noticeable pilfering going on further adding to the shortages , understandable given the dire situation but a big turn off that can also become detrimental to tourism numbers. The word spreads quickly and folks will vacation elsewhere . I will as always go and support the Cuban people, hell, maybe even lose a few pounds lol.
  5. all the big game has been cooked and eaten a long time ago.😋
  6. Not very confidence inspiring. Boeing says 777X plane failed safety test "during the test, the rear part of the fuselage depressurized, according to the Boeing statement. A person familiar with the test said one of the doors came off the plane. The company said it is now examining the test results to determine the cause of that problem." https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/boeing-says-777x-plane-failed-safety-test-1.4587093
  7. Wow a lot of water in Hector's creek. Would be a little tense getting the Pig across. LOL
  8. Wow ! talk about a food that is ultra processed GMO city.
  9. Incredible looking pizzas. Serious heat from the ooni and great bottom cook. ! Can't wait. Thanks for the pics.

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