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  1. Sadly it looks like an unhappy Xmas after all the travel. GLTA.
  2. 500,000 albums sold in SA alone up until 1998. More than Elvis. Who pocketed the cash ? I wonder.... I hadn't heard of him in Canada until the doc. A happy positive story rare to find these days.
  3. A Reynaldo live at the Conde 75/75 Rolled about 4 hours before . Glorious.
  4. Rodriguez’s rediscovery by South Africans in 1998 . Great story I still get teary when he walks on stage in South Africa for the first time. You can see folks in the crowd saying to each other, its really him! (12) Rodriguez: First performance in Africa, crowd goes crazy - YouTube "The emotional high-point of this extraordinary documentary comes when Rodriguez arrives in South Africa and is greeted with love and admiration by awestruck fans who cannot believe their eyes when their hero appears onstage and sings the songs they know by heart."
  5. Future of EV's will be the Hydrogen fuel cell not batteries.
  6. Tourists from Russia are high risk. Russia is ripping with Covid although extremely under reported by the kremlin. As is Mexico and the US of course. Who knows the real number of infections in Cuba. Two steps back for Cuba.
  7. Easy to get sucked in listening to the talking heads. Best limited.
  8. Ever notice most boats are right hand drive globally?
  9. Grim situation to be in. Wonder how the Germans are doing in Varadero ?

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