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  1. Anti-vax morons ! WTF is wrong with people ?
  2. Thanks for all the replies . Turns out a 500 count humidor with a cigar oasis running . Edmundos ,petit edmundos , mc 4's , D4's , Hoyos #1 , HDM tubos , Upman 1/2 cor.etc. All loose no boxes . I know the vendor they were sourced from. Have id'd all the sticks for her and the prices as per the vendor. Will be getting a price from her for the lot and go from there. Not a corvette in a barn find lol. Happy to help her out to get a fair shake.
  3. Need advice as I have been invited to look over a modest cigar collection and have no idea how to make an appropriate offer. Thanks.
  4. One of the greats. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-58316842
  5. The incidence rate may even be higher as I would expect under reporting from the regime . One main source coming from Russian tourists arriving at Gomez airport infecting staff there and on to Varadero resort workers. Cuba desperately needs an mRNA Vaccine. So does Russia for that matter.
  6. The regime wants more from Asia than cigar customers.
  7. Maybe they were planning something or didn't agree how the protests were handled . A fracture in the military ? Three found out and offed ? That would put the kibosh to it. Right out of the dictators handbook .

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