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  1. Have a 2018 Edge really like it. Great engine 2.0 twin scroll. The 2.3 in the Ranger is a great engine . Had to retire my 1992 YJ last year rust finally did it in. The Bronco may be a great option if it can tow reasonably and has good hwy manners.
  2. https://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/witness/2020/07/havana-high-secret-rooftops-cuban-capital-200722172535870.html
  3. Within reason only an issue at borders not domestic. Be more worried about being on a plane right now,
  4. 20-40 year old's just can't do the social distancing thing.. and hey its their time only young once. The community spread therefore will not easily be abated. Numbers of infection only garnered from those tested so its 10-30 times higher in reality . No end in sight. Stay safe.
  5. Great fellow and great blog/pics . Matteo is always in the thick of things in Cuba . Remember talking to him at the Comodoro one afternoon as he had been on a 2 hour hunt for milk. LOL.
  6. It is an absurdity that such an awful cigar as the Guantanamera perpetuates.
  7. Can't fix stupid . John Wayne... "Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid. " 😬
  8. Good to find you well as are we. Fortunate to be able to stay/work from home.
  9. Very nice cigar I am really enjoying these. Description from a vendor website. The Wrapper: Habanos 2000 Wrapper is a Cuban wrapper lost in Cuba many years ago to a blue mold. The seed was transported to Ecuador where it thrives very well in that climate. It is only used on the highest quality cigar brands and labels. The wrapper is highly attractive and sweet to the palate. The Binder: Sumatra, grown in Nicaragua. The Filler: A combination of Condega, Jalapa and Esteli. The very best Nicaraguan fillers.
  10. Covid is spiking almost everywhere , going to be locked down again.

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