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  1. How many can possibly afford to get out of Cuba?
  2. Now what to wear with the gold chains ?
  3. Canada's ready to ramp up oil production. Finish the Keystone XL pipeline . Take a couple years but that is not a long time.
  4. Problem in UK is the rich Russians have a lot of politicians in their pockets.
  5. Best solution elliminate Putin at his Dacha.
  6. Canadian currency works just fine. Canadian credit cards also . Euro cash and USD.
  7. Putin has embarrassed himself , now unreasable and more dangerous than ever. He will need to be taken out by the Russian Generals .
  8. Russian tourists in the Carribeen and elsewhere must be feeling shame . Most likely getting the big stink eye on the resorts. Once back home they can tell their famillies and friends the truth about this atrocity , this lie . Putin the world terrorist .
  9. Those young Russia soldiers are having a hard time seeing there fellow Slav's the Ukrainian's as an enemy.
  10. As simple as this may sound , perhaps its mainly that Putin feels threatened ( calling it a Nazi regime as cover for the truth) by a burgeoning successful true western democracy on his doorstep ?
  11. Probably laughable but I like the set of TUO knives I have.
  12. Lay em down for 30 days in the packaging they came or loose ? Need to freeze ?
  13. Gentrification of the westcoast by the Hipster millenials almost complete . How about the Frappucino's or Latte's . 😉
  14. Nothing like a new hobby . OCD it and have fun . As with all hobbies this shall pass.
  15. In Santo Domingo will deliver anywhere in the DR to your resort or hotel. https://cigarcountry.com/
  16. Sugar cane producing country ??? Been importing beet sugar from France.

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