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  1. The incidence rate may even be higher as I would expect under reporting from the regime . One main source coming from Russian tourists arriving at Gomez airport infecting staff there and on to Varadero resort workers. Cuba desperately needs an mRNA Vaccine. So does Russia for that matter.
  2. The regime wants more from Asia than cigar customers.
  3. Maybe they were planning something or didn't agree how the protests were handled . A fracture in the military ? Three found out and offed ? That would put the kibosh to it. Right out of the dictators handbook .
  4. Not to be negative or unhopeful but, how the hell could Cuba have developed an effective Vaccine ?
  5. I hope in your lifetimes LIBERTAD for Cuba's people.
  6. Cuba's leader lays some blame for protests on his government (apnews.com) https://apnews.com/article/business-health-cuba-coronavirus-pandemic-af57e3dd73cb54fa6507e256ba9e658e?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningWire_July15&utm_term=Morning Wire Subscribers
  7. Took a lot of bravery for people to protest against the regime . I fear for those arrested.
  8. Thanks was going from memory. Prime minister 1959–76 and president 1976–2008 . The point is how ruthless the regime was and maybe still is.
  9. Scary in the pics/vids you can see the number of Regime spy's popping up in plain clothes to beat/arrest protesters and even journalists . I fear for the Cubans that get arrested , may never be seen or heard from again. Hopefully not like 1959 (thanks Nino) when the dissidents were quickly rounded up and executed by Castro .
  10. Starving and no prospects while waiting around for the Grandparents/Great Grandparents promise of the socialist Utopia is wearing thin.
  11. The Regime supporters/revolutionaries in the population as I understand are mostly a much older brainwashed demographic. Should it comes down to a fight they will be hard-pressed to control the streets for the regime . Cubans just aren't buying the embargo is to blame for the situation. IMO.
  12. If the police and military fracture this could be a thing. Liken to when Fidel rolled into Havana unopposed.
  13. Seriously , this is craziness! Russia is in a huge outbreak of Covid. and the Russian tourists are super spreaders .
  14. I do not see any flights from YUL ??? Sunwing may start up in Nov. But Covid is ripping in Cuba the reports are not truthful coming out of Cuba. The Cuban vaccine lol!!! no way that is effective.

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