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  1. Stick with cans. Cubans bottle washing machine .........................hmmmmmmmmmmmm???
  2. Ha ha wonder how much China pays Cuba per ton as opposed to what Cuba pays France per ton.
  3. Love to try a farmy from 1920. Just to know what if any.........................
  4. A career path taken by many a short peckered dufus needing to make up for it.
  5. Winchester ? Really ? Mash one the greatest tv shows ever , and in that case Hawkeye. Look up subjective and you will get a question with greatest in it. LOL.
  6. Who'd have guessed a rich fertile Caribbean Island the size of Cuba would not be able to feed itself ?
  7. Fishing a few miles deeper is next. Mariana trench fillets.
  8. Being selfish but it is sure nice to go somewhere in the world without big box stores and American fast food (McDonalds etc.) on every corner. Except for being a penal colony most of those early swimmers would have met there end on a cold cot in the pen. LOL.
  9. Yes it is, but just try expressing that kind of sentiment openly in Cuba and see what happens to you.
  10. Tourists will be treated as Gods once it gets back up rolling.
  11. "You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll results." A bit harsh what gives ?

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