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  1. That certain stick that makes you think , ok , just give me few a thousand of these and the search is over.
  2. Hahahahaha I'll have to call a buddy of mine Rob , to evaluate these . 😄
  3. Ridiculous , really is it supposed to be humor? Compost in a box.
  4. The whole revolution was a con job , faked battles and radio broadcasts . Batista , the little chicken shit weasel , who was detested by the population , hopped a plane with a few million$ or so and fled. The Military dropped arms and Castro cruised into Havana unopposed (any dissidents where promptly executed shortly there after). The rest is history.
  5. Sanchez's book is an eye opener. Fidel was involved in cocaine trafficking and when almost exposed blamed it on his top loyal General and had him executed to cover it up.
  6. It is Hopeful how a little capitalism threatens socialist control.
  7. I have yet to try any of the MC Open line . Not talked about much either . Since they have been around a few years now what is the general consensus ?
  8. I avoid having a Gar in certain situ's as I do not want to mistakenly convey bigshottedness. LOL.
  9. Aerosmith 1980 Vancouver, drunkin bastards could not play at all and had contempt for the audience booing them .
  10. Well at least 500,000 folks are not dead from it.?
  11. Man this has gotten to be a long year in Quebec. Locked down , nowhere to go , evening curfew , police check points , remote work . Bring on the needle soon or I'm moving to OZ . lol.
  12. How about feeding the population first. Soverana 2 ! Run for your life.
  13. HAHA forest floor know exactly what you mean.. we have all had a mouthful if you spent anytime in the woods . Thanks for sharing .
  14. Yep Mahomes threw some of the best incomplete passes ever seen.
  15. Exponentially worse than reported officially , you Know he numbers are suppressed , especially when the greedy broke government stifles tourism .

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