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  1. Ive gone through the same. I used to be able to smoke around 3-4 cigars a week. Then kids and a new career came. I really lost the ability to take a hour out of the day for myself. Goals I wanted to make with my department didnt vibe with smoking cigars. I even looked into selling some of my cigars thinking I’ll never be able to enjoy them. Now that things have calm down, I dove back into my stash which aged nicely and try to smoke at least once i week.
  2. Thx for the review. Time to fire up the single sleeping in my humidor.
  3. +2 Can’t seem to pull the trigger on smoking one. I feel like I need to wait a few years...
  4. Thanks for the review. I to will let my box rest for a long long nap, which is a bummer because I really want to fire one up.
  5. A Monti 520. Hope I get halfway through before the bomb smokes the rest.
  6. As all the above mentioned, you can’t go wrong with your order. Purchase with confidence and enjoy the great cigars that arrive! I’ve ordered dozens of single and have never been disappointed.
  7. I can’t agree more. I’ve had my “blemish” Daniel Marshall humidor for years and still don’t know what’s not perfect about it.
  8. I was deployed out to Santa Rosa last night. Total devastation in certain areas. Believe me the fire department is doing all they can do. SFPD
  9. My next major purchase will be a Aristrocrat humidor. My wineador is about 7 years old and I have a feeling that it only has around 2 years of life left.

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