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  1. » No, but I'm curious what the date of the email is, as I believe Rob shut » down the "email via the board" option last week because of similar » shenanigans : » » [link]'>[/link] yeah, I seen that Rob shut down the mail option on 10-24, but I just received that email last night. At the bottom of the email it says: This e-mail has been sent via the user area of the forum ( (personal message). So I'm assuming that it's not working.
  2. Has anyone else been receiving unsolicited emails from a user of this forum about "helping them transport $7,000,000, but first you have to send $20,000" or something like that. Not Cool.
  3. That is a very informative post, and I must say that I agree with you 100%.
  4. » Ken, no need to participate here as we are not considering outright cash » as a strategy. » You mean there's another way?
  5. I think these suckers are pretty good at about one year. Nothing extraordinary, but damn smooth.
  6. Had one from mid 06. Tasted like plantains. I'd say give'm another two years.
  7. » The Du Maire is the queen of this segment. Thank you everyone for your insight. I'll take your word Mr. Prez. and give these little guys a try (especially after the great review).
  8. » » I have been offered 4-1 on Chicago to win with a 9 points start. » » » » $200 down minimum bet. » » » » Would you take this bet? » » Thanyou for your unanimous encouragement in taking this bet :-| » » This win was to pay off the dogs vet bills. Now I can only afford to fix » one leg ;-) There goes a few boxes of stogies for me :crying:
  9. I would love to get in a good smoke in the afternoon, but I usually don't have an hour or more. What are some good 20-30 minute smokes? I'm leaning towards the Siglo I for my first order with Rob. Please give me your opinions.
  10. Thank you everyone for a warm welcome!
  11. Hi everyone, My name is Roland and I'm from Columbus, Ohio. I had the pleasure of smoking my first CC about two years ago with my uncle. From that moment, I have dedicated myself to learning, apreciating, and enjoying CCs. I hope to gain much knowledge from everyone here, and thank you everyone in advance. Roland

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