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  1. Phillys

    Your favourite Ashtray

    I went a bit overboard a few years back when there was a Stinky ashtray group buy with the Toronto guys. I have the herf size on pedestal (that thing is huge!!), the regular size on pedestal, a regular polished SS, two powder coated black tall ones and the mini. The price was right and will replace them when they need to be. the pictures I got from the Stinky site. they are spread all over the house and am a bit too lazy to go picture them all
  2. I would probably try to start another business... It's not work, I swear!
  3. 1. Monte 1 2. Monte Especial 3. HU Sir Winston 4. HU Mag 46 5. PLPC 6. LGC Mdo 4 7. Partagas 898 8. Partagas Shorts 9. RASS 10. Bolivar PC Or just 10 bundles of customs from various rollers in Havana...
  4. Two completely different cigars that I enjoy, the LGC definitely takes first place.
  5. I use empty cabs or boxes. Works great, like they were made for storing cigars 😁
  6. Phillys

    Johnny O's

    I grabbed a few bundles when I was in Florida about 5 years ago. Overall construction was very good except for a few plugged corona extras.
  7. Phillys

    Johnny O's

    Is it just me or do the caps look really rough.
  8. I would also say customs, try a few out before buying a bundle to set aside. So many great choices in Havana. On my last trip this year, I couldn't make to Havana but had Alphonso at the casa in Varadero make me some custom lanceros, out of this world!! that is what my money is on in when in Cuba.
  9. Phillys

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    Email sent and shared!
  10. amazing shots, thanks for the link!
  11. Montecristo Especial for me also, I keep missing them every time they are up on 24:24.
  12. Phillys

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Bought a bunch of rib steaks then headed to the cottage with some friends this weekend. I brought a case of wine and about 20 cigars, nothing left on Sunday! Also taught my 3.5 year old daughter to drive the boat, we were going super slow, but she drove like a champ!
  13. Phillys

    Espresso maker

    $200 for decent espresso is (IMO) nearly impossible unless you find a used machine for cheap. I was going to recommend the Rancilio Silva, I have the base model without PID. Bought it about 8 years ago and still going strong, love that machine. You have to dial in your grind but once you get the hang of it, it pulls great shots. I have an Ascaso I2 grinder and it works well for me. Worth mentioning that your grinder is really the most important part of the equation along with good beans. I spent about $1k on my setup (which was high for me back then) and haven't regretted it.
  14. I totally agree. Most nights when everyone is asleep, I head out to the deck with a cigar and reflect on business issues I am trying to solve or strategy. I don't think about what I have to do the next day, just big picture stuff. I have had my biggest ah ha moments doing this. Sometimes I just sit there and let my mind wander and eventually something clicks, then dive deeper and deeper. Most mornings, I wake up and that reflective time the night before has set my mind right and I get to work implementing whatever was hashed out the night before. If I go a few days without doing this, I can see the negative effect on the business, things start piling up and problems don't get solved, or we stop moving forward and stagnate.

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