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  1. I use a stainless steel Stinky outside. Once a lot of rust sets in (it does take a while), I just buy a new one. Favourite ashtray by far, I think I have about 6 or 7...
  2. Band always comes off eventually, usually when the ember is about an inch away. If it loose, then I take off at the beginning, I hate it when I tear the wrapper at the start!
  3. Something I could buy right now: 2000 Acura Type R in championship white. This car would not stay in the garage, I'd get this one for the track, such a fun car to drive. Something I could probably afford down the road, Porsche 964 Carrera RS 3.8. This car would probably spend a bit more time in the garage, but would definitely take it out for track days.
  4. Monte 1 Upmann Conni A Partagas P2 PLPC CoRo RyJ Churchill Bolivar PC JL #2
  5. Phillys

    What's for dinner?

    You just made me hungry for a big steak, headed to the butcher shop after work…
  6. Voted RyJ, but probably because I haven't had a really good one out of a fairly small sample size. Just not a marca I have explored yet.
  7. I was given two of these in 2012 and never got around to smoking them. Very thin brittle colorado-claro wrapper. draw seem a bit open, not much flavor on the cold draw. Opening has a bit of coffee notes, not much else, light body and draw is now better. Not much going on in the first third, coffee bean note, bit of cedar. The wind knocked the cigar from my ashtray and the wrapper cracked in the beginning of the second third. No real change, medium bodied, straight tobacco, coffee bean, some other faint notes that are hard to pinpoint, very one-dimensional. Still no evolution in the last third, I was hoping for something to pick up. These were either never really good or it just lost its character along the way. Had a CoSho to brighten the afternoon after this boring one-dimensional cigar. The last one in the humidor will probably never get smoked... unless I give it to a friend that doesn't care to smoke on the patio.
  8. These look great. Showed this to my wife the other day, she said that I should get one... I Love that woman!
  9. I have a real hard time doing nothing, always on the move or something to do. I enjoy smoking with friends, catching up while having a drink. Most days however, I just set up on the deck or in the office, light a cigar and catch up on some work. If no work is pressing, then I might watch some YouTube channels or maybe read a book. If I have really nothing else to do, then I might start fleshing out a new project for the house, yard or business while I smoke.
  10. Well I just ordered 5 boxes, wonder if that's enough with the amount I smoke per year… I guess I have to start stockpiling the RGPEs now before they get axed.
  11. If this is really happening, might have to stock up on a few dozen boxes.
  12. Have to agree with this. Even my 4 year old daughter loves Spiderman, she asks me to sing the Spiderman theme song from the 60's every night to before bed. Hands down her favourite song.
  13. Great cigar if you have a good box. However, I prefer the No.1 based on size alone.

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