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  1. I don't have a picture for this, because it's ready very quickly and I eat it immediately so the eggs don't overcook. My kids love it, wife loves it, we have it for breakfast at least once a week and another time for diner. It's also a great late night snack as it takes about 3 mins to make. Seems super simple, but to master it and make it perfect it takes a bit of practice. The classic French omelette: - a bit of butter or oil (I use both) - 3-4 eggs - Chives (a little or a lot depending on your preference, but a must have) - Sprinkle of salt Get a pan going on med-high heat Whisk the eggs real good and add chives Drop in pan and give the pan a shake stir with a fork (need you two hands). Be quick as the curd needs to be fine and should not brown at all unlike a regular omelette. When eggs seem half done, add a pinch of salty, tilt the pan and roll the omelette Transfer immediately to plate so the middle doesn't overcook. Eat immediately because the carryover heat will cook the eggs inside solid after 5 mins The real difference between this and the regular country omelette is the size of the egg curd; on the classic French omelette, it is fine and delicate, it is also a lot fluffier. The master Jacques Pepin:
  2. HUHC Partagas Short RASCC El Principe In that order from the boxes I have. I suspect that from a larger sample size, the order could be different.
  3. Cigars: Epi 2, never had a good one. Other: It's a tie between ketchup and very sweet food.
  4. Like the new layout, looks great!
  5. Coke without hesitation, and Mexican Coke, they have it at a bodega near my place, much better than the regular Coke we get here. I have maybe 1 or 2 per year max, I mostly drink carbonated water. Haven't had a Pepsi since the 90's when they had the Pepsi challenge; I would ask them if they wanted to know which one tasted better or which one was the Pepsi 😁, nailed it every time.
  6. To play by the rules, 2012 Sir Winstons, but like Island Boy, I too have big hands, so I would probably grab the 50ct humidor under the SW filled to the brim with custom Lanceros and still have more room for another box or 2... All the good stuff is in the same spot in the humidor
  7. Accidentally clicked another, so... Daniel Craig was great as Bond. #1 is Connery followed closely by Craig. Thought Goldeneye was a good movie.
  8. Real meetings with staff or senior management (not strategy meetings with my business partner) are short and/or to the point depending on the meeting. Fixed time schedule and it ends when scheduled. Agenda a few days ahead with reading material on the subject, everyone needs to be very well prepared. Only people that contribute are invited. As soon as it goes off topic or there is a two person conversation during the meeting, they are asked to take it offline, unless it impacts the whole team (and is urgent and last minute), in that case, add it to the agenda of the next meeting or call a new one. If people aren't prepared, we cancel and make it known to the heads of business units that everyone's time was wasted and not to let it happen again (doing so repeatedly will get you fired quick). I also encourage people to get up and leave if they have nothing to contribute or if they just had a few points to cover. Same with people that seem bored. Get up, walk out, and get back to work. No offense taken. We run a tight ship and challenge the employees and senior management but at the same time we give them a lot of freedom and reward everyone accordingly. Most people here like it, those that don't fit in well usually leave for jobs that better fit them. I have found that a large portion of meetings could be handled through email, then if you need to dig deeper or get everyone in the room talking, then call a meeting.
  9. Read the title, thought to myself, this is easy... then read the first response and saw my answer! Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy Dave Chapelle Would add: Kevin Hart, George Carlin, Chris Rock and Bill Burr
  10. I have been thinking of trying to make some fresh mozzarella to use on Neapolitan pizza. Doesn't look too hard. However, the past two years have been so busy, that I never find the time to do it. When things die down a bit (actually hope they don't), I will giev it a go. Love making anything food related. Thanks, for the link, interesting read.
  11. No not that choice, damn you! This one is tough for sure, I use an IPhone and PCs, I guess I would have to try a Mac and an Android phone before I make a choice. But if pressed, I would switch to Android, plus Macs are expensive and I am a cheap bastard sometimes.
  12. /Taste a lot of new stuff, go buy some spices (good ones), various new ingredients, new foods, new wine, everything basically, open your horizons and just taste. If you have the taste buds, after a while you will start to pick up different flavours in food, wine, spirits, coffee and cigars. I started doing this when I was a kid with my grandmother in her restaurant. She would prepare stuff and ask me what I tasted, when I would not pick up a subtle flavour, she would have me taste the various ingredients she used on their own. That taught me to pick up subtle flavours, how to balance the flavours in a dish, determine, what I like and don't like. It also helps that I have good taste buds (or that I have a lot of them).

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