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  1. Phillys

    ron swanson lagavulin ad

    That was a good ad.
  2. In Quebec (Canada) electricity is generated by hydro and is really inexpensive. I am thinking about having some charger stations installed at the factory we are building as we use a LOT of electricity and the power lines coming will more than handle the extra (very small) load from charging cars. I have also been thinking about electric vehicles for a while now, but none fit my needs/budget at the moment (plus I just leased a vehicle). Maybe on the next lease if there are more models offered. As for ride sharing services, I think they will be a huge success in large urban centers once the technology allows for safe use. On sharing my own car, I don't even let my kids eat in the car and keep a tight ship, no way I would let strangers in my car without supervision...
  3. I am all for electric vehicles, not ideal for long distance travel , but for 99% of my usage, just perfect. Really looking forward to the technology improving enough to see it go mainstream. Although I don't think that fully autonomous cars will be mainstream in a 10 year horizon. Let alone autonomous car for hire services for the masses. It's basically a taxi with no driver, great service but would not fit most people's needs. *Edit: Thinking about this more and for people in cities, and that's a lot of people, this would make a lot of sense.
  4. Quite enjoy stout and rum with cigars, never thought about having orange juice though. The Fohrensics videos are great, keep up the good "work" guys!
  5. Phillys

    Long & Skinny

    This and would add the Especial No.2 and La Gloria Cubana MdO No.4 (mentionned above). These are the 5 main L&S regular production cigars I smoke the most. A bit on the thicker side, but Monte No.1 has been stellar for me these past few years. Best bet is to try a bunch, get a sampler from the carts or buy a few quarter boxes from when they come up.
  6. B, no question. As much as I like PCs, no way would I be happy with just one size.
  7. I have seen pen scribbling on the inside of a band before, maybe someone checking to see if the pen works. Or maybe it's a mysterious code...
  8. Under the radar for me would be PLMC (I know they have quite a following here) but not many people outside of here I meet know about these. Would also add the PL Panatella and the RG Panatella Extra, the boxes I have are quite rich in flavour, nice C&C.
  9. Count me in for both, but does the Esp. No.2 really fall as under the radar? Sublime cigar nonetheless.
  10. Rascc from 96 or 98, I forget. Will probably smoke it sooner rather than later.
  11. Phillys

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    The extra large one
  12. Phillys

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    I don't think so, the tall powder coated ones end up rusting more around the stirrups and eventually the bottom starts peeling and then rust sets in. Whereas the polished ones are still going strong, even when left outside under the pergola. My two favorite ones are on stands, the original and the herf size.
  13. Phillys

    24:24 box splits.

    I have been buying quarter boxes from 24:24, pretty much the same thing as a box split and a lot simpler (for me).
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