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  1. Why are all the Gods such vicious *****, where is the god of **** and wine? - Tyrion Lannister
  2. From my own experience, and from the boxes I have/had, it depends. Most will probably say 5 years, but again, it depends. I've had some that were more coffee, wood, bit of spice and not much sweetness at 6 years (I think 2012s). Then the next box, same box code, few months apart were starting to show hints of caramel 3 years in. The first box is long gone, but the second box with the sweeter profile built a good caramel backbone with a coffee, cream aspect. Still have 2 from that box, will have to revisit. In my experience, I find that the PLPC exhibits more of the caramel pro
  3. I learned to BBQ when I was a kid. Best advice I was given is keep it simple at first. Get a good thermometer with probe, once for the chamber, one for the meat. Use temps as a guide, nothing replaces feel and touch. You can look at cook times on the web (in relation to temp) for a very rough estimate, but be ready to go over or under by a good margin depending on that specific piece of meat. Smoker temp anywhere between 225 to 275ish works, I don't stress about rock solid temps and still make killer BBQ. Beef - Kosher salt, pepper, wood smoke, simple beef has a lot of flavor and s
  4. This And this. Big RG fan here, the whole lineup is good.
  5. The PLMC is a staple in my humidor, such a great inexpensive cigar. Still have half a box of AME May 13 left, really good box, smoking really well now. 2015s are coming around.
  6. Some of the sauces in the list look insane. The first on the list (Melinda's Ghost Pepper Sauce) doesn't seem that hot, I have it with eggs and tortillas often. I make a hot sauce with very juicy mangoes, habaneros and ghost peppers, and a few spices, most find it way too hot, but I like it with soft scrambled eggs, chicken or white fish. Can pick out most flavors in the various sauces, but some are just hot and not very flavorful. Don't know up how hot I could go yet, I have a good tolerance for heat. I've taken small bites of ghost peppers when cooking, very hot, but add a very di
  7. Phillys

    Tomahawk steak

    So, how did you cook it? I had ignored all the talk about the reverse sear, until last year. Tried it once and will never go back. Dry-aged (or dry-age cheat) with a lot of marbling, salt, cooked to 115-120F at 250F in the oven, then sear at the highest possible temp for a minute on each side on either a good carbon steel pan or charcoal. Then let it rest for 10 minutes. Perfect rare across with no grey whatsoever and perfect every time.
  8. Big thanks to FOH! This comp is so much fun. @MoeFOH how do you come up with the various answers? Hilarious. And shout out to @Fuzz for the answers in context, pure gold.
  9. Being in Canada, it's mostly adding small cigars to the mix when doing things outside. Mind you, I smoke inside 80% of the time during the winter, so not a huge change. Winter: Anything Rafael Gonzales HUHC Petit Edmundo, pure dark chocolat, coffee and cream Partagas Chico, when out and about and want a short full bodied smoke. Summer: LGC No.4 with a cold black coffee on the patio in the morning HUSW, I always smoke one on my daughters birthday.
  10. Bought a few items that would fit the bill, but the item under $100 that brings me the most enjoyment is the Gi Metal small turning pizza peel. I make pizza most weekends when it's nice out and the 7 inch peel works great in my pizza oven. I can turn it while keeping it in the oven. This is my favorite pie right now, ricotta, fresh mozzarella and olive oil. So simple, yet so good.

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