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  1. Any suggestions for healthy deserts? Diabetes is a massive problem in my part of the world.
  2. What are you going to do on the 18th day?
  3. I would grab nothing, then let the insurance company handle the loss of my mastercase of 2001 Cohiba Edicion Limitada...
  4. Ismail Menk is amazing. Anybody that immediately associates Islam with terrorism or human rights violations should take a few minutes out of their life to see how a true Muslim thinks.
  5. Maybe he is correct. But I would hope that the current generations strive to leave a more hospitable planet for future generations.
  6. That is a very valid point considering there are ample responsible, recyclable and cost effective alternatives to plastic.
  7. I don’t see any issue with banning plastic straws. Tobacco only really impacts the user. Plastic waste generated today will likely still impact out children’s grandchildren.
  8. Are you sure of this? They are basically sold out worldwide. Based upon the finite availability of quantity Cuban wrapper leaf, I would have put it down to a production vs. revenue decision. The wrapper of a Monte A (which sells for say USD $20) would take a half portion of a very large wrapper quality leaf. That same portion could be used to make 3 Petit Edmundos which sell for around USD $11 each.
  9. I will watch this when I have some free time.
  10. Without sounding too crazy, stems from shade grown leaf can be very small and generally burns fine. Normal filler is sun grown, hence the thicker plugging stems.

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