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  1. Andy04

    Tiger’s epic comeback

    Please delete if unsuitable...
  2. Without sounding too crazy, stems from shade grown leaf can be very small and generally burns fine. Normal filler is sun grown, hence the thicker plugging stems.
  3. So much gimmicky crap around. Basic, practical and simple is best.
  4. If you obsessed with machine made 109's with a decent RG, go grab a box of Arturo Fuente Curly Heads!
  5. Andy04

    Gamechanger Releases

    1. Monte Open Eagle 2. Cuaba LE 2008 😂
  6. Andy04

    durian. yes? no?

    Good durian is amazing. As of last week, its just started coming back into season . Keep in mind, there are hundreds of different varieties available, the majority are mediocre. To generalize, Thai durian is terrible. Indonesian is acceptable. The best are from Malaysia. I live in East Malaysia, our durian are great, but Peninsular Malaysian durian are the best. Borneo has its own varieties only found here that are blood red and deep orange in color (loved by orangutans). If you want the best varieties, try musang king or D24, but be prepared to pay. 10 years back 1kg or musang king was around RM 6.00 per kg for whole fruit (USD1.50). Since the Chinese have started seeking the best during, musang king will now usually set you back around RM 100 per kg (USD 25). If you have never tried, don't go cheap or you will hate it. Splurge on a great musang king and its hard not to love it.
  7. The leaf has either been under fermented, or is extremely wet when lit.
  8. Andy04

    Going through the grades

    You should do a PSP & Fail sampler. I would be intriguing to experience the difference in tastes between a PSP RASS and a very subpar RASS.
  9. Andy04

    Maduro class is in.

    You clearly have more knowledge and experience than I do. But for the sake of conversation and based upon my hands on experience from growing and processing I raise the following comments: 1) Maduro translates to mature/ripe, but I still believe that from a cigar perspective the term Maduro needs to technically refer to a process. Unless the late priming is preassigned to become a maduro wrapper, you could pass me the very late priming, and I could still cure it candela. I don't understand how a freshly primed leaf could be considered maduro before it is cured? 2) I agree 100% with this which raises point 3. 3) I would say that at least 50% of my shade grown leaf ended up unusable for wrapper after the second or third fermentation, hence I have found much better results with sun grown leaf. 4) I have found that the majority of upper leaf (anything after my third priming) is generally to small to use for wrappers. 5) In regards to temperature, the stack will emit less heat during each fermentation. Unless a heat source is used, I assume that the only way of increasing temperature during additional fermentation would be to build a bigger stack?
  10. They look great. No issues
  11. If you like Filipino cigars, buy from Or go and visit their factory. Cost about USD 2-4 per stick.
  12. Choix Supreme or Monte 4. Perfect sizes for any occasion. The best bang for buck to remind you of the differences between elegant Cuban leaf and NC leaf.
  13. Whilst I do love meat, there is always a place for non-meat options (unless they are non-meat but trying to imitate meat...) If you live in a tropical environment and have plenty of bananas around, you should make the effort to try this Basically its a banana heart patty. A fantastic option for those that need to cut down on red meat intake.
  14. Wasn't the H.Upmann Petit Corona exactly the same dimensions as the Coronas Major? Did H.Upmann really need 2 identical sizes? But to answer your question, I would believe that particular tobaccos are suitable for the flavor profiles of specific marcas. The tobacco going into a non plus needs to go somewhere as the flavors wouldn't suit many other marcas.
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