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  1. The cigar most reflective of 2020 is a plugged JLP cazadores with a candela wrapper stored at 80/80.
  2. WTF... No further comments necessary.
  3. I was up there in February and stayed up in the New Territories. I was astounded by the amount of general damage that had been done by the rioting, especially towards the MRT and in residential areas. HK is one of the greatest cities in the world, so I hope for the residents sake that things return to normality sooner rather than later.
  4. Apologies for the slow response. They are at a duty free shop in Labuan, a small tax free Malaysian island near Brunei. Every stick in the shop from an open box is individually shrunk wrapper. I have never seem that before and it was a pain in the butt removing the wrap. Malaysian seem to go for Cohiba and not much else. The shop is stocked with 2015-2017 box codes of HDM, Monte etc and some other really bizarre boxes like old HU and Cuaba LE's. This seller has 2 suppliers that he sources from. 1 seems legitimate with all boxes having box codes/barcodes etc that all check out, the other supplier's bixes has many of the barcodes cut off, so for the Diplomaticos as I couldn't confirm the authenticity I didn't purchase. Instead I went for the last few of his 3 packs of Trinidad Robusto Extra.
  5. Party Habaneros. Especially those that are young.
  6. Thankfully the world still has rational people like Ben Shapiro & Jordan Peterson. Many choose to hate them, but to me their thoughts are spot on.
  7. These have been around my part of the world for years. Healthy, natural and very few would know that they are eating a meatless patty.
  8. Any suggestions for healthy deserts? Diabetes is a massive problem in my part of the world.
  9. What are you going to do on the 18th day?
  10. I would grab nothing, then let the insurance company handle the loss of my mastercase of 2001 Cohiba Edicion Limitada...

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