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  1. Do not let this heart go to waste as you can make awesome burgers from the banana heart.
  2. Vodka (and all distilled alcohols) is gluten free unless there are additives or flavorings that contain gluten.
  3. I love the fact that they need to announce that its gluten free.
  4. A serious question... from somebody that lives in a world where tipping is a foreign concept. For places that automatically add a gratuity to bills (i.e, parties of 6 or more will have an 18% gratuity automatically added to the bill), does this 18% count as a tip? Or do you still put your 15-25% down on top of whatever the total bill comes to?
  5. Some idiot once tried selling me a a 3 pack of "tubos" that looked like these I know better as I know that real Cohiba tubos should look like this...
  6. Next time you are there just walk into any Hero Supermarket and they will sell Dos hermanos in robusto and toro sizes. Very decent and remarkably cheap long filler puros.
  7. In terms of Vegas show experience... its very hard to beat the experience at either Saphire or the Spearmint Rhino at 3am on a Monday night.
  8. Best strategy is immediately paying the widow what you believe is fair/can afford than allowing her to accidentally destroy the sticks and making them worth zero future value. Win/Win for both parties.
  9. Skinny sticks are much harder to roll, and more expensive due to the proportion of wrapper compared to binder and filler leaf. I find skinny sticks require a minimum of a month between rolling and smoking, as the humidity of the damp tobacco tends to cause the plugging in skinnier sticks compared to thicker sticks that permit more air flow.
  10. They look great. I doubt the wrapper leaf on the right is shade grown, most likely sun grown, hence the JLP appearance.
  11. I quite like the Tabacalera Coronas. If you have a colleague heading up there, tell them to find downtown, not at the airport. Downtown you will pick up a box for say USD60. Airport prices will be tripple that.
  12. Can somebody please explain to my why people would purchase something like that? Are you supposed to smoke the cigars and be left with a lovely but empty humidor? Or are you supposed to just look at it and wonder about each stick? I have always purchased with the sole intention of consuming and sharing. It is a beautiful piece, but I just don't get it.
  13. Now its comparable to an English RE but plastering the packaging with a MU logo!
  14. When Malaysia was formed in 1963, it comprised of an agreement between four equal partners: 1) Singapore 2) Malaya 3) Sabah 4) Sarawak. Singapore has obviously pulled out, leaving three equal partners. So PCC had created a Malaysian RE, but dedicated to only one partner. An equivalent would be having a Hong Kong RE but dedicating it to Shenzhen.
  15. It means Malayan Tiger, not Malaysian Tiger. By not considering the political landscape of Malaysia, PCC has just pissed off 2/3rds of the country.
  16. My first ever cigar purchase was a pair of Siglo IV's. Bought from a shop in downtown Perth, Western Australia. It was in 2004. The pair cost AUD $104. I thought that is was an expensive hobby at the time. Now I regret not stocking up.
  17. The term barracking has a vastly different meaning depending upon where you are raised. Whereas in the UK, barracking generally means spectators hurling abuse at a team/individual. The song "Posh Spice is a Slapper" is a prime example. Completely unacceptable. In Australia, Barracking is cheering or giving support, identical to the US term of "rooting". I barrack for the might Collingwood Magpies. Yelling "Carn' the pies". Completely acceptable. Australia is very lucky to not have adopted the UK's style of degrading banter at sporting events.
  18. The whole points system is flawed. IMO, a "100" point cigar mean that it is the greatest cigar ever smoked, hence every cigar cossumed from that moment going forward will be inferior.
  19. The cigar most reflective of 2020 is a plugged JLP cazadores with a candela wrapper stored at 80/80.

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