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  1. Bolivar Libertadores, Montecristo Especiales No2, Des Dieux, Cohiba Siglo VI (all favorites of mine)
  2. They probably thought that she had an accomplice (a very nasty person) to whom she could hand over the nail clippers. (whatever happened to common sense?)
  3. Today was a sad but also a pleasant day. The time had come to open my very last cabinet (so far) of Le Hoyo Des Dieux from '03 and enjoy a great smoke. Please share the unboxing with me and imagine the scent of some excellent, thirteen year old tobacco... God, I love this cigar...
  4. A Partagas Charlotte from1999. It smelled like an old cellar but tasted amaaazing. Still got some left in the box.
  5. Plantation Grande Reserve and Ron Quorhum Solera 23.
  6. Punch for thinner vitolas, V-cut for larger ring gauges.
  7. Just received a box Montecristo Especiales No2 (LAU NOV15) and it's the first time that I've seen the new gold embossed bands on the Especiales. Makes a classy cigar look even more classy. Can't be many Monte vitolas left with the old bands?
  8. Best tasting cigar I've ever had...period! Partagas Charlottes from 1999.
  9. Sorry for waking up this old thread. I almost missed it... Me and the missus were invited by Arsenal head office to Emirates Stadium to watch the Aston Villa game on St Totteringhams day. Had a fabulous day! Filmed a short video to sum it up. Cheers
  10. Got my hands on a bottle of Admiral Collingwood Navy Strength Gin today. Bottle No: 1000 from the very first batch....57% ABV.
  11. Picked up a single Hoyo Regalos LE 2007 when visiting in Barcelona for business last week. Never had them before, but what a cigar! I went back to the shop the very next day and bought the rest of them, all 19 sticks.

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