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  1. Ramon Allones Gigantes OSU ENE02 Upmann Monarca GTL MAY07
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    Niki Lauda passes away - aged 70 https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/niki-lauda-passes-away-aged-70/4392728/
  3. Only kept a few...
  4. 2007 Upmann Monarcas 2002 RA Gigantes
  5. Upmann Bolivar Partagas HdM Ramon Allones
  6. Better late than never.... It is still a lifetime warranty. I received my replacement too. Nice and sharp....we shall see for how long. They have bought up quite a few brands: (to my surprise I have the first four listed) Xikar Cigar caddy (travel humidor) Hydra (electronic cigar humidification) Stinky ashtrays Along with:( don't have any of these) Div Pro Get a grip cigar clip Palio (cutter) Hygroset (digital hygrometer) Humidor Supreme (humidors) Shuriken (cutter) My issue has been with Xikar only. That being said. The Colibri V-cut has been a great/pleasant surprise. However I do remember a time when I had issues with a couple of Colibri lighters - they went into receivership back in 2009 - had QC issues at the time...After the receivership their warranty changed from lifetime to two years... Therefore I did have some initial hesitation, to re-try this brand.
  7. targa88

    AP Regional Help

    As I am partial to certain marcas and vitolas = this would probably be a reboot Ramon Allones Estupendo Por Larranaga Encantos
  8. Final update. After some indecision. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the Colibri V-cut. Super clean cut on various vitolas. Really like the heft and feel of this. Less impressed with the Cuban cigar cutter. Not as smooth/efficient. On the Xikar front. Finally escalated my complaint to Quality importers. Managed to speak with the warranty manager. The replacement has been shipped along with a tracking number. As further information. They have initiated an RMA (return merchandize authorization) system to track all returns. Which according to them will provide a database of information around what issues occur (and can be tracked). Their goal is to improve the overall process. Might give them so insight in manufacturing quality (QC) .
  9. Thanks for all the input chaps. Update on the current situation: 1) one month and counting that Xikar M8 was returned for warranty replacement. Still not completed. According to them they are currently swamped with returns. Furthermore, the practice going forward is that the product has to be registered for warranty coverage and returned to them. We shall see how that ultimately works out. 2) A number of the recommendations are difficult to obtain in Canada. 3) The selection chosen is as follows: Colibri V-cut. Good solid feel and efficient. I have tried both "V" and "X" cut. I have tried it robustos and torpedos - we shall see on smaller/thinner vitolas. Certainly has a different mouth feel from the standard cut. In the back of my mind - debate whether the SV cut would be a "better' alternative. Cuban Cigar Cutter: on it's way from FLA. We shall when it arrives. Figured I should have a couple in case of a back up required (not knowing when the prodigal Xikar will return). Although the Xikar MTX (multi-tool) was a tempting alternative- particularly liked the idea of the open blade that could be sharpened: 1) it is a Xikar; 2) more difficult to source in Canada.
  10. Elie Blue looks like quite the piece.... however $200USD is also quite the price tag. Probably under the category of buy once = cry once
  11. Following my earlier post on Solingen cutters. I was "inspired" to look for a new cutter. Over the years I have used a number of cutters - in particular Xikar cutters. Part of the attraction is the lifetime warranty. Essentially they replace the part - no questions asked. In the past - you could return the item to the original retailer and it would be replaced (at least where I live). Now that appears to have changed since Xikar was purchased last year by Quality Imports. So they have to be shipped back to QI in the US. Lengthy process (over a month turn around) and additional costs associated. But I digress. Back to the issue: a number of different cutters were used/purchased and all have had to be replaced. Blades have gone dull/blunt. These are the ones I have used so far. Xi2 Ultra Slim M8 Twist punch Now I would not call myself a prolific smoker 3-4/week on average. Typical threshold has been 12-18 months before the blades start showing signs of challenge. There does not appear to be an adequate method to sharpen the blades. Ironically a bevelled shell casing lasts longer. However for the larger vitolas, I would prefer a cutter. Wondering if any other solutions could be suggested. Or just purchase cheaper/disposable and consider it the price of doing business. I understand that this all falls into the category of First World Problems (FWP)....
  12. targa88

    Solingen Cutter

    Thx for the input folks. Seems like this is a dud....
  13. I have come across this "versatile" cigar cutter made by Solingen. It appears to be able to do straight and "V" cut. From what I have gathered it was made in the late 50s and early 60s. It came in various lengths. Sometimes referred to a Donatus, Solingen, Pfeilring. Wondering if anyone has additional information or personal use of this type of cutter. Much appreciated. I have attached a couple of images of various incarnations of this cutter- from the pictures it would appear that it is a medium ring gauge.

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