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  1. I have had both of these lighters for close to 10 years. The Xtend has worked flawlessly - made in France. The Defi Extreme has worked well - made in China. However I did have an issue with the flame "doors" remaining open at one stage. This affected the ignition process. Eventually sent it in for warrantee work. Which was done in France - took a long time. Now I can't remember exactly when this was done. That being said, in the final analysis, as much as I liked the appearance of the Defi Extreme (which motivated the purchase initially, and the supposed enhanced performance of
  2. i have used a Wilson burring tool for a number of years. Takes a specific angle for the punch cutter as opposed to when working a rifle casing. The other alternative is to use Dremel tool.
  3. 11mm twist punch from Xikar - kind of covers all bases. Only issue is that it doesn't stay sharp after a number of years. Bit of a challenge re-honing it.
  4. Corona Gorda one of my favourites also... unfortunately it is a vitola that seems to be less popular in terms of production
  5. Notwithstanding the current situation - gym's being closed. Access to "decent" quality equipment for purchase at this juncture is a challenge. Lack of availability along with price gouging. Definitely prefer the home set up. Basically powerlifting. So relatively simple in terms of equipment requirements (rack, bench, barbell and weights). Some folks require the discipline of going to a gym. Maybe motivation along with the "social" aspect. I look at more in terms of travel time + gym membership. Ownership pays for itself fairly quickly (depending on the price of admission of
  6. I have been a loyal customer of Cheaney - for years. Excellent quality and workmanship. https://www.theiconic.com.au/cheaney/ https://www.cheaney.co.uk/men-c48
  7. Refer to mine as = How to rescue poor flavoured scotch, bourbon, rye... Rusty Nail: Scotch 2/3 to 1/3 Drambuie (or Glayva - even Cointreau @ a pinch) Old Fashioned: 2oz of bourbon/rye Tsp of sugar/or sugar cube A dash or two of bitters
  8. This chap hoarding thermometers @ Costco (for resale)...
  9. Most: RE/LE Cohiba Trinidad Qd'O Juan Lopez Specific sticks: SC El principe Bolivar Belicoso Finos Montecristo #1
  10. I would say exactly the same thing. Sir Winnie have had consistent flavour and construction over the years. If it were based on production cycle/availability then SW doesn't win. So whenever there is an opportunity then I would pounce on them.
  11. Although I enjoy the #2. Mag46 is a staple in my supply and prefer the format/vitola

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