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  1. I have had two warranty services with my Dupont Defi Extreme (7-8 yrs old). Ironically a much older Dupont (Ligne) along with a Maxijet have been flawless.
  2. Never noticed noticed any significant difference in the flavour based on the ash stack. That being said - longer ash does on occasion snuff out the stick - which requires a relight. Relights tend to change the flavour profile - depending on how it is done....
  3. Vast majority I use a punch (11mm Xikar - which unfortunately gave up the ghost recently). Way too many issues with guillotines from the aforementioned supplier.... V-cut for torpedo.
  4. Casa Fuente was good... Also Davidoff Cigar Bar in Las Vegas opposite the Wynn
  5. ACDC 2018 Cirque de Soleil "Mystere" - first show in LV - it was new and different @ Treasure Islans Most disappointing was the Rolling Stones..
  6. Under the category of FWP (First World Problems) - I have been recently advised that Xikar (ie Quality Imports) has discontinued their line of cigar punch. After waiting for a couple of months for a warranty replacement. Not particularly keen on the alternatives in their line-up. So, I am looking for recommendations for a cigar punch to replace the now defunct (XI 11mm twist punch). In the interim I have been using a chamfered 45 ACP bullet case...
  7. Unfortunately I think that part of the equation has to do with storage = length of the aforementioned. There has been an ongoing debate about age statements associated with whisky ( and similar affiliations). There are less and less in inventory- which further exacerbates the price. There is also the potential difference in methodology back in those days (non chill filtered, pot still, no colouring, etc). I have found ( personal experience nothing beyond 25 years old) that methodology is more important, in particular: single cask, cask strength versus some of the current spate of flavouring. Even if there were no economics involved - ultimately it is all about the flavour profile on your palate. Hence, I would hate to spend that type of coin - for a virtual unknown "flavour"...
  8. Never any good news... so I abstain from watching/reading.... Use to travel more and that was the intent in retirement - do even more... That being said. I equate therapeutic value in clearing your mind. Fortunate to have some hobbies. I came to the conclusion, that you should discover them before you retire. Get the necessary equipment and training to enjoy them - while you can afford to! Particular hobbies that facilitate that: Long range/High power rifle. Shooting out to 1000 yards. You are not thinking about anything else than the target and reading the wind. That combined with reloading for precision - focus! Mountain/trail biking. When it is possible (seasonal). Typically during the week when there are less folks. More technical or difficult trails require more concentration. The art of the barbecue: in particular charcoal and smoking. Not a precise science.... When I was younger, I suppose I had the need for speed - so I use to road race (motorcycle and vintage sports car) - that has passed. A nice drive in the countryside. We often take for granted what we literally have in our backyard
  9. I would agree with the selection of favourites. Also missing in action (discontinued) was the Petit Corona. As far as the Monarchs are concerned (which I have enjoyed) - their closest brethren currently would be the Sir Winston. Back in the day - they were more affordable too....
  10. I was originally using the CCW with a back up in Google sheets. Now exclusively using a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Accessible everywhere and easily modified. In addition to what @MrBirdman suggested - I also have columns for the purchase price, along with how many sticks/boxes purchased per year. The other advantage of the "google" eco-system is that I can correlate the inventory with my calendar entries.
  11. I was fortunate enough to pick up four boxes (25s) soon after their extinction was announced. I savour them, as I enjoy both the profile and the vitola. I suspect that we buy based on what we enjoy. However, ultimately we try something - discover that we enjoy and then the search/quest begins to reproduce that experience.
  12. Great review - one of my favourite sticks. Sad to see that they were discontinued. Almost jealous that you still have a cab.

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