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  1. Best bang for the buck in the Upmann line up. One of my favourites
  2. Weightlifting has always resonated more for me over the last 40 years. There are undeniable benefits of resistance training as you age...bone density, ligament flexibility and joint mobility Routine has progressively changed from isolation to compound movements. Less stress on the joints. It is now 5x5 strong = which consists of compound movements: (alternating) Workout 1 Squats (calf raises as supplemental) Bench press Bend over rows ( shrugs as supplemental) Workout 2 Squats Overhead press Deadlift 2-3 times a week. Progressive overload if an exercise can be completed 5x (5x5) increase weight During the winter months - walking outdoors between weightlifting workouts. 5-7 kms When it warms up - walking is substituted for cycling 20-30kms As @Fosgate intimated - getting it done without the concerns associated with a gym - were the primary motivation to invest in weights, power rack, barbells etc.
  3. HdM everything - in particular DC and Epi#2 (wishful thinking that cabs would be available) Although I smoke less DC/Churchills until the weather warms up most of those in that category (Punch, Lusi, Sir Winnie, RyJ)
  4. You make decisions based on the information that is available at the time. It’s done and dusted. If new information comes to light then it will be a new decision. Time wasted on mental “[email protected]#$&*tion” is exactly that. You can’t change the outcome of the original decision.
  5. I find that it all depends on the “age” of the cigar as it applies to most of those aforementioned categories. Some recent vintages (20-21) have been surprising how well they have performed when young and ROTT
  6. Not a bad selection Not to mention the box... Davidoff feet look a bit damaged - wonder if it is rolling around
  7. Generally speaking your personal income tax rate (based on residency) would be higher in Quebec than Ontario.
  8. I have tried using one of these: diamond sharpening stick. One end circular and the other is graded and more pointed
  9. I have come to the unfortunate conclusion, as I have gotten older - that now it is folks of my age who are passing on (as opposed to the previous generation). In the case of Matteo, I didn't even know that he had been battling cancer for a couple of years. Life is short. Do the things you enjoy with the people you care about and tell them you care about them. Tomorrow is not guaranteed - that is the part we seem to take for granted ( along with our health). Light one up and lift a dram to their memory and also to creating new memories.
  10. These from 2007 The PL Encantos from 2011 Diplomaticos Canada RE Nortenos (2018) Vegas Robaina Canada RE XV Anniversario (2012)
  11. Despite Cuba Tobacco's propensity to go for LE/SE and larger ring gauges. My personal taste has progressed in the opposite direction. Max 50RG, but would typically prefer the 42-46 RG. Ironically it seems more and more difficult to find the smaller ring gauges. Not sure whether it is a function of supply and demand - or competency... Potentially it is easier to roll a Mag50 or Connie B then a lancero or panetela
  12. Enjoying: 1. EPi #2 2. Mag 46 3. Punch Punch Not so much: 1. HUHC 2. Fonseca Cosaco 3. BBF
  13. It had been an interest for a number of years.... Somewhat more expensive locally. Back in the day - there was also a limitation - that if you had to wear glasses you could not become a pilot. I have always had a fascination with welding - not sure what I would do with it at this stage in my life ( not to mention accumulation of equipment). I find it interesting how some hobbies get resuscitated for different reasons. In my youth I had been a professional photographer ( back in the days of "film). When Fuji ( of Fuji Film) launched a new series of rangefinder cameras. It peaked my interest. Relaunched a passion (capturing light) from thirty years earlier. I do question what hobbies are time ( and $$$) consuming as a part of retirement. Also under if apprenticeship is more fruitful as you get older...
  14. On the map. 9 members = local in the city surroundings. Have met a few
  15. Depending on your budget once you get there: Cheap NC and reasonable selection https://lvpaiutesmokeshop.com/cigar.html Definitely more expensive - however nice cigar lounge with a view of the strip. Happy hour is on Monday IIRC. https://davidoffcigarbarlv.com/
  16. Basically stay away from anything that is "white": Gluten/wheat = Bread /pasta Sugar (refined/processed) Salt Dairy and any other white powder.....
  17. I would tend to agree with 1. & 2. However with some caveats. Some Marcas have been more consistent over the years. Just as an example Upmann. That being said - there have been some duds within in the marcas - as it applies to vitola. Petit coronas never had a misstep(Mag 46, Sir Winnie, Connie #1 - for that matter too). Half coronas - not so much. Understanding of course that these are all man made products - production quality is entirely dependent on the particular box that you may have at hand. 3. In terms of storage - that is also a personal preference. Particularly as it applies to consistent RH levels
  18. I have had two warranty services with my Dupont Defi Extreme (7-8 yrs old). Ironically a much older Dupont (Ligne) along with a Maxijet have been flawless.
  19. Never noticed noticed any significant difference in the flavour based on the ash stack. That being said - longer ash does on occasion snuff out the stick - which requires a relight. Relights tend to change the flavour profile - depending on how it is done....

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