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    Good cigars, wine, friends and family.
    Boston Bruins hockey and Patriots football

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  1. marper331

    WiFi hygrometer

    I’ve been using one in my wineador for about a year. Works great, I get notified on my phone if the temp or humidity drops or rises from my set points.
  2. Patriots 13-3,. Gronkowski may get 7 or 8 games in before he gets injured. Would like to see Pats/cowboys Super Bowl
  3. Congrats! One of these years I hope to get passed 2nd place. Lol
  4. marper331

    Super Bowl Competition

    1. Patriots 2. Matt Bryant 3. Tom Brady 4. Julio Jones
  5. marper331

    Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas to all and a happy festivus!
  6. marper331

    FOH NFL 2016 Competition Registration

    thanks Rob, im in and good luck to all!
  7. Good to see so many botl' around me. I'm actually from Medford originally. But neways enjoy yourself

  8. marper331

    New Feature: Member Map

    Nice feature, I see 3 members within a 20 mile radius.
  9. Coffee or sparkling water with lemon are my non alcoholic drinks of choice
  10. First of all my coffee has to be extremely hot. I can't stand lukewarm coffee or iced coffee. Regular coffee-- just a splash of cream no sugar Espresso-- black no sugar.
  11. An 8 yr old CoRo and a 15 yr old single malt scotch as soon as I finish this post!
  12. marper331

    Refresh for 24:24?

    Apparently not frequent enough lately since I haven't been able to get a single box over the last few weeks
  13. marper331

    Where Are You From ?

    A couple of miles north of Boston, MA
  14. marper331

    Whats your Dog

    Bella the Maltese enjoys watching the patriots

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