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    Well done Spivey, I'm in awe of your tasting skills. This was great fun! Thanks to the FOH team.
  2. Box press, toothy Colorado wrapper with a slightly fruity smell. The draw is excellent with a slight hint of leather to the pre-light. Initial draws have hints of leather. 1st 3rd Medium body with flavours of tobacco, leather and cream. Towards the end there are some hints of citrus. 2nd 3rd This cigar is extremely smooth, but has had no real progression in the flavours yet with tobacco, leather and cream still dominant. Some shortbread and milk chocolate notes join the fray towards the end of this third. Last 3rd Not much change in the flavours, but the cigar remains extremely smooth and balanced. I really enjoyed this cigar. It provided an extremely relaxing hour and a half of pleasurable escapism.
  3. Blind tasting Cigar No. 4 Box press, toothy light brown wrapper with prominent veins. The draw is perfect, with very light tobacco notes on the pre-light with little else. Initial draws are very light in body, tobacco with a hint of vanilla. 1st 3rd Very light wood, still very light in body. Muted flavours. Towards the end some light cream is present. 2nd 3rd Still very light with a mix of wood, tobacco and cream flavours. Last 3rd The woody flavours are ramped up towards the end, with a slight white pepper spice in the background. This was a perfectly pleasant cigar, but the flavours were a touch one dimensional for my tastes.
  4. Blind tasting Cigar 3 Box press, light brown wrapper. Perfect draw Chocolaty aroma and fruity notes on the preflight. Initial draws are bitter chocolate and wood, with a hint of sourdough and citrus. 1st 3rd Sourdough bread dominating now with hints of chocolate behind. A very smooth and relaxing smoke. 2nd 3rd There are some espresso notes coming in now alongside the bread and chocolate. there is also a light spiciness in the background. Last 3rd The sourdough returns to being the dominant flavour, with the others taking a fleeting presence in the background. Hint of dark fruit comes in towards the end. This was a wonderful cigar with huge depth of flavour. To me it tasted very similar to a box I have in my collection. I hope I’ve made the right choice.
  5. Thanks! This was by far my best ever season in fantasy. Shame Spurs couldn't overhaul Chelsea in the final weeks, but despite this there's a lot to be happy about as a Tottenham fan. I just hope they can hang onto their best players and build on this for the future.
  6. Box press, light brown wrapper quite toothy appearance. A size I don’t sample very often, with most vitolas discontinued as far as I am aware, should narrow down the choices slightly. perfect draw woody on the pre-light Initial draws are wood and cream with a bit of citrus, Light to Med body. 1st 3rd flavours are of wood cream and a hint of vanilla. 2nd 3rd The wood is dominant at the start of this third with the sweet, creamy vanilla in the background. the strength remains quite subdued, with a light body. Last 3rd The vanilla and cream flavours have now come to the fore. If this is the cigar I am thinking of, I wish habanos would produce more, either that, or I will have to get my trigger finger ready the next time they come up in the 24:24 sales.
  7. Box press, light brown wrapper with visible oils, light smell of tobacco and sweet wood. Perfect draw with woodyness on the pre-light The initial draws are wood and sour fruits, Light to Med body. 1st 3rd Flavours are of sweet wood and unripe sour apricots. 2nd 3rd The sourness has faded and the fruit is becoming more dominant, with the woody notes still present in the background. Still med body. Last 3rd The flavours are similar but have been amped up significantly towards the end, with prominent wood and fruit. this is now a very smooth and enjoyable smoke, shame its coming to an end. I Really enjoyed this cigar, but I am currently torn between 2 potential marcas. Fingers crossed I make the right choice…
  8. Congrats to the winners 3/5 is a huge achievement!
  9. This cigar had great construction with a pronounced box press and a very thin oily wrapper. The initial draws were coffee, leather and a hint of apricot. The same flavours were present during the first third, the apricot flavour accompanied by a slightly sour note as if it isn’t fully ripe. Med body. Into the second third, the cigar continued the same trend with coffee dominating the profile, the addition of some bursts of white pepper kept it interesting. The final third showed a pronounced increase in strength towards the end of the smoke, with the coffee and fruit notes dominant and the white pepper elements gaining more prominence. A lovely cigar overall in one of my favourite vitola. Thank you to all the FOH team, this competition has been a lot of fun.
  10. Cigar 4 An ugly looking cigar with many prominent veins and lumps and bumps across its length. the overall weight and construction seem very good though despite the outward appearance. Initial draws are bread with a hint of citrus. The first third is Mild/med body. There are espresso notes, similar to an Ethiopian coffee blend with high acidity and a subtle fruitiness. The second third sees sourdough bread notes dominating with slight hazelnut character in the background. The final third has seen the roasted hazelnut gaining prominence along side toasted tobacco elements. Overall this was a pleasant but unremarkable cigar.
  11. This box of Serie E No.2 for FOH has been the oiliest I have ever seen in the flesh. No camera flash needed and I can almost see my reflection in the wrapper! They taste amazing too.
  12. I got one right at last! This was a fantastic cigar.
  13. Cigar number 3 is a churchill size. It is box pressed and isn't going to win any beauty contests, as it has a toothy wrapper with some prominent veins and some very slight damage (I doubt this will affect the smoking experience). There is a grassy pre light smell and a perfect draw. The pre-light taste has slight grassy elements coupled by a touch of fruit. Initial draws are very mild with cedar wood and a hint of fruit. First third: There is a pronounced sweetness now coupled with the cedar, like how i’d imagine hickory or cherry wood to taste. Second third: Still woody with fruity aspects, tastes like an old fashioned cocktail made with smokey whiskey and a mascherino cherry. Towards the end of this third, the cigar remains very well balanced with no real evolution of the flavours. but why would you want any changes when its this good! Final third: A creaminess has now entered the profile, like a strawberry angel delight dessert. This has become more dominant over the woodiness that is still in the background. This was an amazing cigar in my favourite format, the best so far. Thanks to Rob and the FOH team.
  14. tomaszgeorge

    FOH Blind Tasting Cigar Number 2 Review

    I smoked this cigar a week ago. It had a pronounced box press with a light brown toothy wrapper and a grassy tobacco pre-light smell. The draw was perfect with not much except tobacco and wood on the pre-light. Initial draws were earth and leather with a hint of bitter chocolate. Med to full body. 1st 3rd Still earth and leather, and no other flavours jump out but the smoke is very dense and smooth. Towards the end of this third there was a hint of raisin. 2nd 3rd The raisin note is more pronounced now with a touch of sweetness to accompany the core denser flavours of earth and leather. The draw was becoming a bit tight so i took another mm off at the head to open it up. last 3rd The cigar has lost its balance slightly, with leather the most prominent flavour. There is however some indiscernible sweetness coming through and this is married with a touch of bitterness. This bitter sweet contrast fades towards the end with earth and leather dominant once more. Really enjoyed this cigar, but if my guess is correct I have had better examples.

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