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  1. Actually doesn't fit the CRW criteria but oh well! [emoji23] Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  2. Cold draw is hay, cedar, and lemon grass. 1st: Some peppery spice, black coffee, woody, slight twang. Pleasant aroma, citrusy and woody. 2nd: Now some coffee and slight cream, sweet and spicy cedar wood with some citrusy notes. Aroma is sweeter. Final 3rd: Similar spicy cedar, burnt toffee and charred tobacco. These pack a lot of flavor and punch for a smaller smoke. Got pretty hot towards the end. I think dry boxing would have helped. I'd rate an 87. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  3. Loved the simplicity of the old labels and packaging also miss the price point...
  4. First go with the new cast iron skillet with some NY Strips! Came out pretty good but more well than I prefer, need to get it hotter next time to get a good sear while keeping the inside rare. Look who thought they were for her... She got a piece!
  5. Thanks for the review, great as usually! Have yet to pull the trigger on the 50s or 54s.
  6. Voted Pepsi by mistake but it's Coke for me if I'm drinking soda which isn't often.
  7. High prices, over humidified cigars... Worst experience at a B&M: I was just looking to pickup a few singles, walked into a smaller local cigar shop and a bunch of guys were having what looked to be a "movie night", 12 or so guys in chairs taking up most of the space in there, blocking access to cabinets along the walls. Lights weren't all on so couldn't see very well. Eveyone looked bothered to see me, along with the dbag employee who I could barely tell who it was... I left without buying anything and never stopped again.
  8. Nice! Would love a set up like this, not only to get out of the cold in the winter but the heat and humidity these past few weeks making it hard to smoke outside.
  9. -Drank one of my all time favorite beers, Hill Farmstead Aaron (bourbon barrel aged Barleywine) -Visited a local brewery with some weird wall art called Forest and Main, great beers by the way. -Mostly hung out with this little guy who just learned how to cruise around everywhere in his buggy! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  10. Usually just pull gently on a band with fingertip to roll one out, usually can get one to come out easily, a few times I've had to resort to drastic measures... Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  11. Have had this Cohiba Robusto in my humidor for years so decided to smoke it for the holiday weekend, coincidentally it's Cohiba review weekend! So even though it's not a full review here's what I thought... The unlit cigar had a very sweet citrus hay aroma. The cold draw was sweet tobacco and raisins. After lighting it up I knew right off the bat it was going to be amazing. Creamy, sweet, light citrus, hay, and hints of clove. The flavors intensified as it progressed but never becoming harsh. Would have smoked it until I burnt my fingertips but a breeze blew it off the deck into the pool with an inch left...doh! Paired with freshly made margaritas! Just a real treat the entire smoke! I'd give it a 95. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  12. Blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and cheese, and fried potatoes this morning! A good hangover breakfast this morning after celebrating the 4th of July! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk

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