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  1. For me it was basically... Before 24:24 After 24:24 The Aristocrat arrived just over a week ago. Dream come true.
  2. Thanks for sharing! Like BlackFriar I'm impatiently waiting for my own Aristocrat which should be shipping any day now. You should have panned around and taken more pictures of the shop! ?
  3. Are you sure this isn't just an excellent example of machine learning? Kidding aside, who is your email provider? If it's Office 365 I know a guy...
  4. I'd still expect to pay a little less for a used one, personally. Used Items depreciate, even kickass heirloom quality humidors. For what it's worth I just ordered an Aristocrat Commercial 4272 for under $2500 shipped. Was quoted 6-8 weeks turnaround time. It has sliding glass doors up top instead of cabinet doors but it saved a lot of money that way. The 4272 is 42" wide by 72" tall.
  5. I just picked up my Panthers season tickets last night. Been to a number of individual games but never had season tickets until this year. Here's hoping this year is as good as last year!
  6. Great job to the two winners. I'm just happy I got 1 out of 5 this year. Next year I'll shoot for 2 out of 5 and maybe in 4 years I'll win one of these!
  7. I've seen these theories on the internet myself as well. I saw one where "half the people" believe New Zealand used to be located NE of Australia. They even found some old obscure map showing it in that position, so obviously some sort of reality shift must have happened.
  8. Gah! I was positive this was a VR. Tasted like cocoa powder to me. But then again I was positive that RyJ Beli was a Sancho Panza. Oh well, I'm just happy I've gotten all my guesses submitted in time this year! Still got one more shot at another $25 discount I guess!
  9. Nope, I've never frozen any of my cigars. The only beetles I've seen were in a glass top box of fake Cubans that a well-meaning friend brought back from Mexico.
  10. Last time you told us to review the cigars we love, and you gave out a 5pk of cigars that you love. This time you're telling us to review the cigars that we hate... is the prize a 5pk of cigars that you hate?
  11. I agree that composition is worthy of fandom, But lucky for us Rob's taking whatever we hand him Though our entries may not be stellar The Czar's a fair fella And I bet his pick will come at random!

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