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  1. I'm pretty sure Rob said it's all current regular production sticks.
  2. That PC is going to be interesting... I can think of about 9 sticks it could be based on size alone, and that's after eliminating some of the unlikely candidates.
  3. So it's actually his birthday this time? Happy Birthday Rob! Smoke something special!
  4. Recently started exploring rum as a sipping drink myself (was always a bourbon or scotch guy myself). So far I've tried Zaya (like) and Zacapa 23 (love). I'll have to see if the liquor store has pampero aniversario next time I'm there.
  5. Now that's a nice little 2014 sampler! All sticks I've been curious about myself, especially those 898s! Let us know how they are!
  6. Man, I love sitting in my garage and enjoying a cigar during a mild thunderstorm, but that is something else! Glad everyone is OK and there wasn't too much damage!
  7. From the spreadsheet: Punch Punch 48 Ramon Allones Specially Selected 47 Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas 43 Montecristo No. 4 39 Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Des Dieux 29
  8. The day you started this post (Saturday) was, coincidentally, my wedding day. We've been together for 3 years and there's not a doubt in my mind that I got this marriage thing right on the first try. If she ever complains about anything it's just the smell on my breath as I go to kiss her. Can't really blame her for that. She lets me have my "quiet time" every night without interruption, and she doesn't care about the size or value of my "collection." Couldn't ask for more.
  9. Last weekend as a single man. Wedding rehearsal tomorrow morning followed by tying up all the loose ends before the wedding next Saturday. Finishing up an HdM Epi 2 at the moment, and figuring out what I'll smoke to celebrate the big day!
  10. Love a good review contest. Cigar: Punch Serie D’Oro No. 2 (Edicion Limitada 2013) Box Code: AME JUL 2013 Review Date: 10/17/2014 (Age: 1yr, 3mos) Appearance: This is a good looking cigar—the sort of caliber I’d expect in an Edicion Limitada. It has a beautiful, dark wrapper with a subtle, oily sheen to it. Closer inspection reveals a nice, evenly-distributed splotchiness. The prelight smell is the perfect mix of leather and barnyard. First third: Some really fantastic flavors right from the get-go. The core is bold, rich, and peppery. As far as Cubans go, I’d call it full bodied. It has a very pleasant leather and coffee bean flavor with a touch of berries. Second third: The berry notes are now more of a syrupy, stewed fruit. They aren’t ever-present, but instead come and go to bring in some nice complexity. A nutty flavor creeps in from the background, something like those peanuts that come in a can with the skins on them. Third third: It’s getting a bit hotter at this point, and as a result a bit of youth shows through, giving a chemical note through the nose. It’s not too offensive though, just a matter of pacing myself and smoking it slowly. The complexity has simmered down; now there’s just a simple rich leather and fruit taste that resembles the recent Punch Punches that I’ve had. Smoking time: 1hr, 20 min Conclusion: This one lived up to the hype. It’s as if the blender took the excellent flavor of recent Punch Punch, added in a bit of RASS character, and then dialed everything up to 11. I paired this with some Ron Zacapa 23, and it was a perfect complement. The bold sweet rum offset the rich peppery cigar very well. This cigar was one of three that I got in a box split. I wish these weren’t so expensive, because I could see myself indulging in a box and watching how they mature over the next 2-3 years. Rating: 94. With a little more time I can see these achieving a 96 or 97.
  11. Was going to send you a PM asking if everything got there OK. Looks like it did. Enjoy!
  12. I am most definitely a cigar polygamist! I've got my favorites but I like variety!
  13. For me it's RASS > CoRo > Connie 1 Unlike others, I don't mind young RASS (young being 1-2 yrs old). Don't have the patience to age them. CoRos on the other hand need some time. Can't stand PSD4 or JLS2, and VR does nothing for me. I also keep some HdM Epi2 and Boli RCs for variety, but they fall just short of being "favorites."
  14. Good review. Love these sticks. Definitely on my "must have in stock at all times" list.
  15. Thanks, Prez for the review contest! Cigar: Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No. 4 Box Code: SMO MAR 12 Review Date: 9/15/2014 (Age: 2yrs, 6mos) Appearance: The wrapper has a very dark Colorado shade to it. There is a slight oily sheen to the cigar. Though the triple cap exhibits very visible seams, the rest of the wrapper is applied expertly. I didn't acquire this particular box from Prez, but I dare say it could pass for HQ. First third: The draw is just a hair on the tight side, but the smoke is dense and chewy, just the way I like it. The cigar kicks off with notes of new leather and a bit of an earthy/fruity character, almost like a tart cherry taste. There’s also a tiny bit of harshness coming through the nose, indicating this box could probably benefit from a little more aging. Second third: The leather and tart cherry notes take a back seat and the youthful spice picks up a notch. A really pleasant espresso note begins to develop. The finish is on the dry side. Third third: We’re back to the leather and cherry notes. Towards the very end, the earthy espresso makes one final appearance. The dry finish became more prevalent, giving the taste a hint of woodiness. I also had to touch up the burn at this point as it started to go out on me. Smoking time: 1hr 25 min Conclusion: This isn't one of my favorite cigars, but it was nice for a change of pace. I really dig the interplay between the sour cherry and the earthy espresso tastes. Hopefully another year or two of age will mellow out the harsh edges and allow the range of flavors to marry a bit. Rating: 91
  16. Not patented, but definitely cobbled together for my own use with no forethought for distribution. I might be able to clean it up and get a copy over to you though.
  17. Thanks! I recently converted my inventory from a cigargeeks.com humidor to a custom Excel sheet that I put together. It allows for a lot more customization and analysis. I have a full sheet of different graphs. It's fun to look at from time to time.
  18. Got most of a cab of 2003 Hoyo Des Dieux and some 2003 RG Panetelas. Love 'em both and hate to think about the day I run out. The rest of my collection is predominantly 2012 and up, sadly.
  19. Totally agree about the PSD4. In the same vein, I'll add JLS2.
  20. Love a good root beer or iced coffee. Occasionally, some loose leaf black tea (Golden Monkey being my favorite so far).
  21. Wow, those are pretty fresh. Don't have experience with that factory code myself but those sticks look fantastic.

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