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  1. Cigar: Fonseca No.1 Box Code: UME NOV14 Review Date: April 18, 2016 (Age: 1yr, 5mo) Appearance: This box smells incredible! A really great barnyard aroma. This is a box I picked up on a 24:24 a little while ago and it’s PSP grade in my estimation. A perfectly crafted cap with a dark Colorado wrapper that has some nice sheen and splotchiness to it. First third: Honey, cream, a nice balanced pepper, and some subtle floral notes. Second third: The sweetness fades to the background, the pepper picks up a tad. There’s a slight leather note coming in. Third third: Body increases a tad, the leather asserts itself more, as does the pepper. The honey and cream have faded almost completely and have been replaced with a nice black tea flavor. Smoking time: Forgot to measure. I think about 1.5 hrs. Conclusion: So glad I jumped on these when they were available. They're considered discontinued by most, so it was a nice surprise to see them available. Aside from this box I’ve had one other example, a nicely aged stick that I got in a trade. It was equally as impressive. Fonseca may not get as much love as the other marcas, but I’d buy another box (or two!) in a heartbeat if they showed up on a 24:24 again. Rating: 95
  2. Woohoo! I finally got one right. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought it could be a Punch Punch. It was a difficult guess to make!
  3. This was the funniest thing I've seen so far this year. Here are some captures of the carnage before it was deleted: https://imgur.com/a/iBnbW They basically took a child and threw them into the deepest, darkest pool of the anonymous Internet. It's really no surprise what we ended up with. Raises a lot of questions about future AI development.
  4. Was happy to see the topic pinned yesterday -- I thought I had missed it! Smoked this bad boy last night. Didn't take the time to do a nuanced review, but I made some notes: Box pressed Corona Gorda. Barnyard aroma. Heavy citrus zest at first light. Overall: Nice peppery richness at times alternating with a very dry fruitiness. Started light bodied but ended up at medium. I liked the rich notes but they were few and far between. Not much smoothness to this smoke. It felt young and capricious. I have a pretty good idea what it is, but I've been humbled by this competition before. I've narrowed it down to 2, maybe 3 possibilities. Just need to smoke one from my collection and see how it compares before I submit my final answer.
  5. Corona Gorda is my favorite vitola. If you want to try more CGs you should also check out recent Punch Punch and RA Superiores.
  6. I think you'll like 'em. I think the Serie A just aren't as widely produced as their little brother the Regios so you don't hear as much about them. I'm a huge fan of the Regios myself, and recently bought a box of Serie A to see if I should replace them in my rotation. So far, the Serie A doesn't quite seem to have the same level of richness and punch as the Regio. "More balanced" is a great way to put it. But I'm only working off one box of Serie A. Either is a great cigar though, IMHO.
  7. I felt the same way about a Fonseca No. 1 I had a couple of nights ago. This was from a 2014 box I grabbed on the 24:24 a while back. So glad I didn't hesitate, as each one from this box has been heavenly. Really hate that these have all but dried up. Pres, if you get any more of them, I'm your man!
  8. I already knew all of these things and I still read it from top to bottom because it was just that well done. Good job!
  9. As a frequent visitor but unregistered user, I had no idea about the reviews and tasting note aggregation for each cigar. Now that I've registered, that's a pretty cool feature! I wish the collection feature was a little easier to use. I'd like to be able to populate my entire collection from one screen, but unless I'm missing something it looks like I have to browse to each individual cigar and then add a quantity from there, which would be quite time consuming. I'm happy enough with my Excel sheet anyway.
  10. Taking into account enjoyment, value, and consistency, I'd say: Bolivar Belicosos Finos HdM Epicure #2 Cohiba Siglo II Monte 4 has great value and enjoyment, but not as much consistency IMO. Though buying hand-picked boxes certainly helps!
  11. There were a number of questionable calls, but the fact remains my Panthers just didn't show up for this game. Such a disappointment after such an impressive season. The defense put forth a good effort but the offense was pitiful. Credit to Denver's defense, but I don't think that was the whole story. Poor playcalling and shaky nerves seemed to keep us off our game more than anything else. Oh well. Congrats to the Sheriff. Well deserved and a good way to go out.
  12. A box of undated Upmann PCs - They were the best looking wrappers I've ever seen, but they all taste like soap. 2010 VR Famosos - Boring. The only VRs I've ever had and I have a bad first impression. 2012 Sancho Panza Non Plus - I just can't get down with the "salt and driftwood" notes. Not my thing.
  13. As long as Goodell stops changing things I don't foresee any decline in popularity anytime soon.
  14. Don't have tickets to the game here in Charlotte so I'll be watching at home on TV. Will have to pick out something nice for a "victory cigar." Maybe a 2003 Des Dieux.
  15. I must have missed the polls. I would have happily contributed. As it is, great work on the graphs!
  16. It's a great year for my hometown Panthers. Hope they can go all the way!
  17. Just throwing another theory into the mix: It could be due to mineral content in the leaves themselves. That's the explanation given by a manufacturer for the same effect when seen in a non-Cuban cigar called the TAA 2012 by Tatuaje*. Granted, we're talking about two different countries with two completely different soil types, but it looks like the same sort of thing. * http://halfwheel.com/review-tatuaje-taa-2012/31277 (see "Final Notes")
  18. My favorite pairings lately are: Ron Zacapa 23 - Montes, Cohibas, HdMs Jameson Black Barrel - Montes, Connies, SLRs Johnnie Walker Black - Bolivars, Trinidads Before getting into Cubans I drank a lot more bourbon. It works well with the boldness of NCs but I'm finding with Cubans it's often not delicate enough to make the best pairing. I love IPAs, but you're right it kills the cigar experience. ♫Gotta keep 'em separated♫.
  19. Another one for that list: Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin tore his ACL in practice. There goes the season for my team.
  20. Good point, I think I can work that out. Then I can put whatever size I want in there.
  21. Thanks guys. I have a 5-stick herfador that I use now but I'm tired of refilling it weekly and wanted something that displayed the sticks a little better. I may just cheap out and go with a nice tupperware container and a boveda pack.
  22. Now that the weather is nice, I often find myself ducking out on my lunch break to have a perla or minuto. I'd like to keep a humidor in my cubicle stocked with short sticks for those nice days. Needs to be relatively small, low maintenance, and preferably have a lock of some sort as our workspaces are shared. Any ideas?
  23. I definitely agree with the lemon zest and mint qualities. Two unique flavors that I have only found in vintage cigars.
  24. Partagas is one of the few marcas that has never really resonated with me. I enjoy the occasional 898, and I've been meaning to get my hands on some Shorts, but otherwise I find them rather "meh". However, I bought a box of the '14 Presidentes that Prez is referencing because I thought "Hey, there's a cigar I haven't seen before. Let me buy a whole box so I can try them." Just had my first one last night and man, it was fantastic. Not overly complex, but just a really satisfying blend of toasted tobacco, black pepper, and spices. Construction was spot on, too. Didn't go out on me once and each puff gave me a mouthful of nice, thick smoke.

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