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  1. 50% -- which I'm mostly happy with. The majority of the questions that I missed had to do with releases or practices prior to 2010 when I started smoking cigars.
  2. Had my first BBF the other day, OPG JUL 2014, hand picked by Prez. Fantastic stick, fuller bodied than I expected, with no rough edges despite the youth. Truly satisfying.
  3. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I thought for sure I'd be able to pick out a Boli RC in a lineup. Such a distinctive flavor and I didn't pick up any of it in this cigar. I am officially disappointed in myself.
  4. Never had a JLPC myself either. I've only had 2 JLS2s and that was enough to know that marca is not in my wheelhouse! Congrats to the 9 who guessed right. I'll give you a run for your money on the Robustos!
  5. Thanks fellas. Yeah, I'm still finishing a box of '13 Monte 4's at the moment. Dug into this box early so I could do the review. I'm sure by the time I get around to them they'll be great.
  6. Cigar: Montecristo No. 4 Box Code: TUP ENE 14 Review Date: 4/4/2015 (Age: 1yr, 3mos) Appearance: This is a good looking Monte. The wrapper falls into the medium-dark end of the spectrum and has a slight sheen to it. I believe this box is graded HQ. First third: Lots of youth present here. The typical Monte profile of creamed coffee and hazelnut is present, but it is overshadowed by some “mongrel youth” (to use Rob’s words) that comes across as orange zest. The draw is just a bit too restrictive for my taste. It forces me to puff a few times before I get a good mouthful of smoke, which unfortunately makes the cigar burn a little hotter and does nothing to help the flavor. Second third: Not much change. The nostril-singeing youth still makes itself known. There’s a pleasant woody and savory quality coming through at times though, which is nice. The room note reveals some ammonia at times. The burn has gone a bit wonky and needed some correcting. Third third: Finally getting some of those classic Monte flavors, and boy is it delivering. The draw has even opened up a bit, too. The rich coffee flavor is shining through, and the flavor is now more of a citrus-flavored coffee. This is how I like my Monte 4’s to taste. Smoking time: About an hour Conclusion: I usually like my Monte 4’s with about 18-24 months on them. The competition called for 2014 stock and unfortunately I don’t have much 2014 that is ready to smoke. In fact, this box has only been sitting in my humidor for 26 days, and I don’t think it has had enough time to fully rest. However, this cigar showed promise, especially at the end. With another 6 months-1 year the rough edges will be rounded out and I can tell that rich Monte profile is just lurking under the surface, ready to be enjoyed. Rating: 85. Though I’d expect this box to be in the 92-93 range once it matures a bit more.
  7. Currently: 2012 Jeep Wrangler Altitude Edition Been thinking hard about getting one of these soon:
  8. Just finished my first box of Regios. They started out with that great stone fruit in their youth, which I enjoyed. After 2.5 years I saw a pretty dramatic change. They became rich, full bodied, and very satisfying. About to crack into my next box, and I'll have to pickup a spare box to age for a bit while I work on this one. C'mon 24:24!
  9. CG is definitely my favorite vitola. Just feels right in the hand. But I like variety, so I had to go with Robusto. Have to have a box each of Boli RC, RASS, Connie 1, CoRo, HdM2, RyJ Ex4, Regios, and occasionally, BHK52 on hand at all times. Love the recent Punch Punch and Superiores. Last time I tried a Mag46 it was light and unimpressive. Maybe I should revisit them?
  10. Lol. NCs are softer, more discreet, and CCs are "overpowering". Where did this perception come from?
  11. The 2013 EL was pretty fantastic, though I wouldn't use it as a keychain. Not very durable.
  12. SLR Regio, plugged solid. Pitched it before I got a headache. Was a shame because it was the last of a 2012 box that had really developed into something special recently. 1 out of 25 ain't bad though. On the positive side, had a 2013 Punch Punch last night that was very satisfying. And this was from a PE box. Can only imagine if I had sprung for HQ or PSP.
  13. Yeah I definitely prefer the 24:24. Lovin' the HQ/PSP stock at sale prices.
  14. Depending on how I do in this year's blind smoking competition I may have to use this training regiment for next year!
  15. Those are some beautiful sticks. Great way to get acquainted with a wide range of marcas. Enjoy!
  16. 7 for me in the Regular Rotation: Monte No. 4 H. Upmann Connie 1 HdM Epicure 2 Bolivar RC RASS SLR Regios Punch Punch And I keep a box of these to add in the mix occasionally: Cohiba Robusto PLPC RyJ Cazadores RA Superiores
  17. Indeed. I went out on a limb and eliminated a few based on popularity and other secret proprietary contest-winning criteria. But still, there's quite a few possibilities based on vitola alone.
  18. I cannot wait to try my hand at this. After fondling my anonymous package I believe I already know what one of them is. Unfortunately #1 is going to be tough based on size, smell, and appearance.
  19. Same here, exactly. I work a 10hr swing shift and get home around 11pm. The wife is usually in bed so I change into my "around the house" clothes, grab a habano and two fingers of scotch or brandy, and head to the garage with my kindle for about an hour and a half. It makes me feel like a king and it's my favorite part of the day.
  20. Ooh... a chance to show off my pretty Excel graphs: Ramon Allones by far. I do have some Upmann Connies and some Monte 4s on the way though, so that will shake things up a bit.
  21. Got a box of MUR OCT 13 that are really coming around. Very smokable now. Another 6-12 months and they'll probably be the perfect mix of peppery intensity and smooth, rich flavor. 2-3 yrs is my vote.
  22. You'd be quite the sommelier, sir. I don't think "Al Bundy Tangwich" is going to make anyone run out and buy boxes of anything, but I have to agree that it's a perfect description.
  23. I hope so, I think I could verify one of those pretty easily myself.

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