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  1. An interesting question. A little Excel wizardry gives me 27%. IMO, anything over 50 is a "large" RG. Less than 10% of my collection is over 50 (and that's basically all Monte 2s).
  2. Best Monte 4s I've had to date were MGR DIC 12
  3. Everything that he said. Exactly. Adding that my Epicure Deluxe experiences have been lackluster. Lots of plugged sticks. I may just be unlucky.
  4. I'm not a fan of JL, personally. Love the Connies and the RASS though.
  5. Gurkha... You can buy Clinton's "favorite" Gurkha Beauties for $10/stick retail: http://www.cigarsinternational.com/cigars/10784/gurkha-beauty/ Even that is ridiculously high for this cigar. I've had one before and it's worth all of about $2. Gurkha is infamous for having hyper-inflated MSRP.
  6. I've never had a Party Short but I've heard they don't need that much time. Try Monte 4, Boli PC, RyJ PCs. RASCC are great, too (though, like Party Shorts, not technically a PC).
  7. I just got into CCs last year, so most of my collection is pretty young. My prized possessions so far are a single Edmundo Dantes Conde 54 (no idea when I'll set fire to this one) and my box of '03 Des Dieux.
  8. If I ran Habanos: Stop making any sticks over 55 RG unless it's a limited run. Consolidate duplicate vitolas within the larger Marcas as much as possible. (Do RyJ and Partagas really need 5-6 different PC sized cigars each?) Phase out Cuaba and Vegueros. Use the reduction in product offerings to put the focus on quality. Expand/Reinvigorate LGC, Trinidad, and maybe Diplomaticos by bringing back a few discontinued sticks. Make all regionals and limited editions available in 10ct boxes.
  9. Almost any EL or Regional. At least in a full box. I don't mind paying upwards of $20 for a good, rare cigar, but I can't stomach 25x$20. I wish more regionals were released in the 10ct box like the LFDC Grandiosos. I'd buy a whole lot more of them.
  10. I knew it was a D4 as soon as I read "dirt," "gritty," and "salty spice." That's about what I get out of them. I really want to like them but every time I try one I'm just left wondering how they get so much hype.
  11. Factory codes. Stamped on the bottom of the box with the month and year, e.g. BTO JUL 13.
  12. I disagree with your disagreeing. About half my stock is from blind buys and half from Rob. After seeing the difference of HQ Montes vs some of the crap I've gotten blind I will ONLY buy Montes from Rob. There's nothing sadder than a pale, papery, weak tasting Montecristo.
  13. June was a good month. Most of these were from our host: Siglo II [ELG NOV 13] HQ RASCC [uLA DIC 13] PSP P2s [uME DIC 13] HQ RyJ PCs [bRA MAY 13] And my first box of Behikes [MUO FEB 14]. Couldn't resist that [email protected] price!
  14. Man you big hitters with your vintage stock are making me jealous. Those du Connaisseurs look fantastic, bundwallah.
  15. If you look at it simply as an accessory for your smart phone then no, I don't see much of a purpose. If you look at it as "Hey, I need a watch. Should I choose Watch A which simply tells me the time or Watch B which also integrates with my phone for notifications, etc?" then I can see some value there.
  16. This is a great idea if he'll be giving them out as favors. Anyone who can't smoke right then can still take a cigar home for later. And the empty tubes will make great "souvenirs" of what will undoubtedly be some peoples' first CC experience.
  17. Can't recommend the H Upmann Half Corona enough. They're nice and rich and good right to the nub. RASCC are a close second for me. Still need to try some Party Shorts, they seem to have a very devoted following.
  18. The ideal for me is 44-48. Love my Lonsdales and CGs. Anything over 52 is pushing it and anything over 56 is just plain ridiculous and unnecessary. It really saddens me to see Habanos move toward higher RGs with new releases. Part of the reason I love CCs is the tradition involved and the lack of goofy trends like you see in the NC world.
  19. That's a pretty good way to describe the Extras. I actually remember enjoying the 1 Extra I've had slightly more than the Superiores, but I'll have to sample another one before I make my final judgment.
  20. Punch Punch (Feb 13) H Upmann Half Coronas (Apr 13) Monte 4 (Dec 12) Special mention to LFDC Grandiosos.

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