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  1. I like Famosos but I get the same thing Rob and Ken got and it 's great for two thirds and the last third gets kind of a grubby dirtiness to it and I have noticed a theme of it for years with this cigar. I think I like Monte Petit Edmundos better for the chocolate thing but they are both better than Bolivar Royal Coronas in my book
  2. I use my Swiss Army knife with the punch cutter like the one Ken uses most of the time and it's great. They should have never discontinued making that
  3. Is the 15 year chill filtered or have sugar added and what is the ABV and price? Cuba has been creating a bunch of new brands recently but they all are low ABV and not in a league with rums from other countries. Foursquare has no competition from Cuba and I wish Cuba would make some higher ABV stuff that is not chill filtered ,color added or sugar added. Panama, D.R. and Puerto Rico are all making some higher level stuff now in the same style as Cuba but without compromising the rum.
  4. none of it matters because those cigars are dried out and now pretty much useless for smoking. It's like having a rusted out 50's Porsche with no engine
  5. I'm not surprised these may be the best bang for the buck thing from Habanos along with H.Upmann Half Coronas
  6. the Xtend's were always Chinese and assembled in France and never manufactured in France ever. I wish S.T. Dupont would have made the new Megajet correctly without all the flaws. It looks great but they need to fix a few things with it. I'm glad I didn't impulse buy one over the summer when they came out.
  7. would have been great a year ago before everyone had already bought and read the book. I wish Ralfy would do an audio of his new book
  8. I would fit the Punch- Short de Punch in there and the Trinidad- Media Luna and the Quai D'Orsay- 50's. just my 2 cents
  9. it doesn't matter what jar you put them in, it's still a $6 or $7 cigar at best. Habanos will assign what ever price they want to things like this. Case and point the new Partagas and others in 5 ct. tins at inflated prices. You would think the public would stop supporting this kind of marketing. Just go buy RASCC at half the price and no gimmicky packaging to hustle consumers with.
  10. I received a box of Partagas Shorts today and it was only $105 and it's a ASU SEP 19. Not complaining about that price at all and they look beautiful
  11. I meant the really old bands like 70's and 80's that had no Habana Cuba on them. I thought it was common knowledge
  12. I thought the really old ones didn't have Habana Cuba on the bands
  13. the late Peter Green was Fleetwood Mac's best guitarist and founder of the band. RIP
  14. that is why Rob dropped all the weight. He is schtuping ladies for business. Business is open ladies !!!
  15. I wonder how coked up Steve McQueen was when he was smoking that cigar. A legendary Hoover he was

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