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  1. Pusser's add a bunch of sugar and coloring and they chill filter it. Should have got Black Tot brand from UK that doesn't do any of that and it's a much better Navy rum. the 50th Anniversary edition is really good but probably impossible to get in Australia like everything else that is good. Velier's Tiger Shark Navy rum is also a next level Navy rum but probably unavailable in Australia as usual
  2. what something cost and what it performs like are two different things. I have smoked $5 dollar cigars better than big money cigars. I don't get sucked into mystique in cigars regardless of the age or the brand. Good luck people smoking $200 or more dollar cigars and believing they are worth their price and if that's the case I question what people have smoked in the past to justify the prices,
  3. smoking cigars with liquor is not going to give you an experience anything like it would without it. The Monte 2 with bourbon is probably the best bet and the most full of the 3.
  4. there is so much added sugar that what ever age it is makes no difference. Rather buy Doorly's 12 year or R.L.Seale's 10 year and they are both fully aged the full stated number on the bottles and no sugar added. $25-ish here in the states and well worth it. Poor man's Foursquare. Bang for the buck best on the market
  5. Mediocre cigars with mediocre rum. Better off to do a Monte #3 with a cheapy Doorly’s 12 that is good inexpensive Foursquare. Doorly’s12 is great bang for the buck. $25 ish in U.S.
  6. Rather have Fuente Short Story or H. Upmann Half Coronas are way better than Cubana Divinos. Half the box of Divinos will be so tightly rolled and a waste of tobacco
  7. Palio is the way to go and the blades are ultra thin so they cut super clean and stay sharp plus they are a cigar rest. You can get them on EBay for less than $15. Really great cutters and no springs to break and no gimmicks. Just a solid cutters with no blade play.
  8. I like my HUHC’s with rosado wrappers and with 3 or more years on them. I like them to look like a Partagas wrapper in general. One of the best bang for the buck cigars from Habanos and Partagas Shorts as well with the same age and color
  9. I like the pic of the kid smoking the D6. They are the fun size or snack size of Habanos and HUHC’s. Both are really good as well. These kids have good taste.
  10. The black can Xikar butane without question is the best butane I have ever had and I have tried at least a dozen different brands over the years. They have it nailed with this version and the flame burns larger than other butanes do. I find their lighters to be mediocre at best but this butane is top notch. My S.T. DuPont MiniJet burns a better flame with it and so do my regular flame lighters. $10 for the large can is well worth the price. Xikar got one thing right because their lighters and cutters are sub par.
  11. On my MiniJet I push it for 3 seconds and then pull it out and do the same about 3 or 4 times and it fills fine but if I just hold it down the whole time it never fully fills as well. In and out a few times for a few seconds each time has always remedied lighters that don’t fill easily for me.
  12. probably Mossad as usual and blamed on anything else except the obvious as per usual. Wake Up World your getting bamboozled again.
  13. Habanos S.A. should due a makeover on Diplomatico. Sancho Panza, Saint Luis Rey, El Rey Del Mundo and a few other brands with new sizes and new bands. They could do a modernized look and revive the brands with that alone. Also make big ring gauge cigars and they guarantee huge success. Anything 54 or larger is now automatic huge sellers for Habanos S.A.
  14. A lot of the tubos aren't screw caps anymore and they use the 2 piece slide together tubos but I would check for mold on anything in any kind of tubo.
  15. Newair humidors work well and lots of reviews on Youtube of them.

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