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  1. Nice $12 cigar that are not worth the over $30 a cigar price just like Davidoff. I can get 3 Habanos that are better for the price of one of those
  2. the factory farms that Ben & Jerry's buy milk and cream from are as bad as fossil fuels and the treatment of the animals is worse than the treatment of the Earth. Fossil Fuels and Dairy are two unnecessary things that are big business and aren't going away because of greed not necessity.
  3. torch lighters now can be bought for less than $10 that are as good as expensive ones. this isn't 20 years ago. The quality is amazing on cheap torch lighters and there are a lot of them that a have lifetime warranty.
  4. Just got this new Foursquare- Indelible 11 year a few days ago
  5. Lemon Hart 151 or Hamilton's Demerara 151 makes the best Dark & Stormy and they are both cheap. Around $30 in U.S. I hope you use Buderim Ginger Beer from Australia. Bunderberg is over sugared and under gingered garbage.
  6. Henkels special edition Japanese layered metal knives are incredible but super pricey. they are their top of the line
  7. Peschi and Deniro together would be great and they are long time cigar smokers
  8. lightly wetting dry wrappers typically make the cigar a little better. I don't recommend the running under a faucet method because of the type of water it is and it can over saturate a cigar. bottled water lightly rubbed on the cigar works and I always do the water in my hand and then roll the cigar in my palm and that provides enough moisture and lightly pat dry with a dry towel. it can really change the flavor and give it more liveliness
  9. just got 2 boxes of Shorts from SOP-JUL-21 this week. they both look good. probably the best bang for the buck from Habanos.
  10. This is one of the best cheaply rums in the U.S. Less than $25. Poor man’s Foursquare. No B.S. in this stuff and truly 10 years old.
  11. back in the day when the Punch and H. Upmann wrappers were the same shade as Montecristo. They changed the wrapper shade for these around 2005-ish
  12. where are these for sale and what is the price ? I would buy one of the metal ones
  13. I get 45 minutes or longer from them and I like them more than D 4's because it's a stronger fuller cigar. I'm not Lawrence Davis that smokes them in 6 minutes. I think he thinks D 6 means to smoke it in 6 minutes and gnaw the cigar to no end. Painful to watch him smoke a cigar. It's more of an assault on a cigar

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