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  1. That title sounds like West Hollywood talk to me. God knows where those Cohibas have been !!!
  2. I bought 12 from the 24:24 a few weeks ago and I’m not touching them for at least a couple months. A lot of mine felt under filled and very light weight. The only reason I bought them was the price was good but not a huge RyJ fan in general
  3. I pulled the shelves and it fit 15 boxes and some singles. In total it’s about 350-ish cigars. I can maybe fit a few more singles but I’m not trying to push it.
  4. A La Flor De Cano Corona that was brought from Auckland for me in 1996. I wish they would make a regular production long filler cigar now.
  5. I may get another Newair like the one I have. $240 is not breaking the bank. It's too bad all the cedar shelves will go to waste. I called and they said they won't sell without shelves. Newair is an L.A. based company but I bought mine through Home Depot because they offer a 3 year extended warranty for only $30.
  6. I bought a Camo model on Ebay new for $11.85 with free shipping. I had a Palio almost ten years ago and the blades separated from the the body and I returned it and got a new one , only to have it happen again and I swore off having a Palio. I now know they have been tweeked and don't have the blade problems. Made in China now but better than the U.S. made I had years ago. I had an original Palio in the 90's that was made in Spain with Swiss steel blades and it was the best cutter ever but I lost it and when I went to get another one it was made in the U.S. and quality was not good but the price was. original Spanish was $100 the U.S. was $25. The Chinese are around $30-ish. I have to say the one I have now from China is the most hefty and solid feeling of all the versions I have had. My question is , how long will the blades stay sharp. The Spanish one was scalpel sharp for as long as I owned it and that was many years. This new Chinese seems o.k. but I question how long it will stay sharp. Anyone have any experience with these newer Chinese ones. I read stuff on the web how people were not happy about not being U.S. made anymore. The price I paid is so cheap but wondering if it will stay sharp. If not ,I will get a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cut original that are rock solid and stay sharp. This new Palio is working great for now, but for how long ?
  7. Psiman

    HSA's New Product Lineup: Línea Retro

    The Monte Media Corona tins are the best thing I've seen , with the slide lid and concave back side. Price is stupid pricey for a fiver. I just want the tin to fill with cigars from 25 count boxes . Keep 3 H.Upmanns and 2 Montes in the tin to keep you good through a day or maybe two. The best tin packaging ever
  8. i have to have cooling because it get's very and hot and dry in L.A. and Tuperdors are too risky and the Newairs are not crazy priced. I forgot that I also have a half Cab. of PLPC's coming as well. I need to stay off of 24:24. This thing is going to be jammed with over 350 cigars. I ought to send pics to Newair ,to prove how many more sticks can fit than what they say. Many people whine about units not fitting as many cigars as advertised but with the sizes I typically smoke it's fine. I only need one 62% large Boveda bag to humidify because there is very little extra space and it holds humidity perfect.
  9. I have a half box of RyJ Petit Royales and a 6er of Siglo I’s along with a 6er of Bolivar Royal Coronas and a 6er of Vegas Robaina Famosos coming and not sure they will fit. May have to nix the shelving and then can probably fit 3 or four more boxes. Was said to only hold 250 cigars but I already have about 300 given they are all smaller cigars. I guess shelves are unnecessary. It’s going to be a Tetrisdor soon. Could I get 400 in this thing?
  10. shouldn't they have plenty of fish and the weather to grow veggies all year ?
  11. Vintage Port of over 20 years would be better than the Muscat. Sauterne is also great. My favorite may be Jin Jun Mei Chinese black tea. Cigar and alcohol pairings I've done, none better than old vintage Ports. The complexity is ridiculous. I would like to see a tea pairing contest on FOH
  12. Looks like Hell but Smokes like Heaven was a lot of 90's Habanos.
  13. Dress codes are an outdated relic.Dress codes are another basic form of bigotry. The dress for success motto of the past has been majorly debunked. Luxury lifestyle is another marketing gimmick as well. Equality is timeless but some want to try to cling to the past and claim tradition to mask elitist exclusivity. You could not put General Cigar Club Wack-anudo in L.A. and get away with it. The money here doesn't care about codes and you where what ever where ever. What a joke General Cigar is !!!!
  14. i"m glad I'm in L.A. where I can wear shorts, t-shirt and flip flops to any cigar lounge or about any restaurant. That video seemed like nothing but a promo paid by General Cigar. The old guard image of cigars here has been gone for a couple decades. The elitist snob cigar thing gets laughed and seen as a fossil here. That's so 25 years ago. Poor N.Y. trying to hang onto the past with outdated customs. Very pathetic. Dress codes and all that other kind of stuff is a joke now in the age of tech world billionaires who are jeans and t-shirt guys and not country club D-Bags. The old guard can't crumble fast enough. .
  15. Psiman

    Distilled or Deionised?

    If London has Whole Foods Markets , they will have distilled water. Distilled water is not hard to find in the U.S. and hard to believe it's an issue in London. I use Boveda pouches and I use distilled water to rehydrate them. I just looked and London has a bunch of Whole Foods Markets.
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