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  1. the new C.A. Magazine came out the other day with him on the cover and the media is attacking at full force. Cigar media as well ,questioning his cigar pedigree. I am vouching for him and his brother Joe who are both huge cigar smokers and I have never seen Nick smoke anything but Habanos and usually Cohiba. Senor Perfecto can probably vouch for smoking with them as well on more than one occasion. They both are pretty regulars at the V-Cut in WEHO. Joe has been openly seen smoking in pics and never got this kind of beating that Nick is taking. C.A. sales will soar and this will for sure be the biggest selling issue ever. There is no bad publicity for C.A. Don't be surprised to see Drake in the very near future because he is also a cigar smoker. Younger Pop culture is the way to go to get full exposure in these times. Brilliant of C.A. to put Nick Jonas on the cover !!1
  2. Palio is a much thinner blade and better overall cutter. The good Xikars are the models that look like Palio’s and are also cigar rests. Palio can be had at better price
  3. I've heard nothing but bad things about Quality Importers since buying Xikar and Palio. I heard rumors of no more lifetime warranty on cutters after next year unless you have receipt before cut off date. I paid less than $12 for my Palio with free shipping for a cutter that retails for around $35. I bought the Forest Camo version and it's nicer than the older Palio but none are as nice as when they were made in Spain in the 90's. it almost seems like conflict of interest to own both companies but oh well. For what I paid it's a no brainer and the thing is nice. It is also a nice cigar rest. I'm not a Palio fanboy like so many have been but you can't fault the price. If I was a V-Cut guy I would be getting a Colibri because they seem to be the best from all that I've heard. I use my Swiss Army punch cutter or my Palio and that's it for what I need. I know Ken loves his Swiss Army punch cutter and I agree if you can believe someone agreeing with him. Super high quality as expected from Victorinox that is nothing but a classy company who sticks buy lifetime warranty for over a century.The scissors on it work great for Pyramides type cigars too.
  4. Palio cutter is my favorite straight cutter. less than $15 on Ebay and lifetime warranty. Xikar and Palio are owned by the same company. super thin blades for the sliver-est of cuts
  5. I watch Cigar Smoker UK, Dave Dude, Cigar Salute, FOH , Puff Puff Smoke, Canadian Cigar Guy, Sautter Cigars, Ajay Patel, John S., London Calling with Simon and a few others who do Habanos. What happened to Cigars of London ? He just disappeared and he had just started a Podcast as well. Very strange. We need Habanos Podcasts. So many NC and no CC Podcasts
  6. there are no worse feet than Antonio Browns
  7. 1969 wasn't the summer of love and was more of the summer of death and deception than anything. 1967 was summer of love and The Trip. R.I.P. Peter
  8. What are the sizes of the regular production stuff ? The Monte and the Juan Lopez will probably be released first because LCDH stuff seems to get done on time.
  9. Cuaba and Vegueros . I think Cuaba will win this contest subject here on the forum
  10. they can be busted even if they are fakes,for intent to distribute.
  11. Palio cutters on Ebay are around $12 with free shipping. I couldn't resist and the newer ones are way better than the older ones in regard to construction. A no brainer for the price and the quality
  12. I’ve seen plenty of Punch,Bolivar and Ramon Allones E. L.’s. They are aren’t global brands. I’m more concerned with the ring gauge of what gets E. L.’s because it seems most stuff is very thick and I pass. Allones Extra was a great size but not too much after that for me. It’s a 54 rg world now with Habanos
  13. in my experience metallic tastes don't go away for at least a year and smoking 2018 cigars is a crap shoot anyway. I had some Monte's that were like smoking steel and it was a couple of years before it was gone and when it was they were fine. Some of the worst and best cigars I've ever had were Monte's
  14. I couldn't agree with Rob more. Too much entitlement from people using social media and feel they have some kind of right to it. These things are all luxuries .

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