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  1. I have 5 or 6 NC's out of the 100's of cigars I have for a change of pace every blue moon. Does that count? That's all NC cigars are good for in my book.
  2. it's a San Cristobal and that means waiting a few years before they are really good anyway. Young stuff from them is not worth wasting your time on.
  3. bang for the buck has to go to HUHC's they are wildly popular for good reasons and cheap. if they are Too $hort for you , then you can smoke them back to back to back cause they like crack
  4. It's so played out, the whole this is what cigars should look like luxury lifestyle BS. Luxury lifestyle is a marketing ploy for insecure suckers that usually come from nothing that are now over compensating. Come to L.A. and witness it all over the place . Sad that some people will adopt stereotyped marketed products. Didn't I do my rant on Beverly Hills not that long ago ? Don't get me started !!! I'm good with sitting on a curb and smoking a HUHC in a pair of boardshorts and flipflops. Is that luxury lifestyle enough?
  5. All Minutos,Perlas.Half Coronas and Reyes are good to me. The price on these are fantastic as well. Small coronas rule !!!
  6. Guess what it’s still Bourbon. Yuk!! I’ll take single malts thank you. No corn alcohol for me. Just my two cents
  7. Hey I’m currently smoking a Partagas Habanero from 2013 and they are sub $4 sticks and quite divine. Sorry NC cigars. Keep trying. You don’t have to spend big money to get good stuff. Just know what to buy. Ask Rob. Juan Lopez is a prime example.
  8. It looks like Cam Newton is screwed on his new cigar bar restaurant he just opened in Hotlanta and the place looks beautiful. Another tax write off for him is all it will be. Dough !!!!
  9. tried the punch today on a Partagas Habanero with the largest of the punches. Perfect draw on a rock solid roll. 93 cigar with all the Partagas flavor, really good cigar
  10. That’s why there’s Backwoods!!! HaHa !!!
  11. Summer time here is SoCal and it isn’t a bad idea on all cigars especially outside smoking. I get a lot less cracked wrappers. Yeah!!! I don’t use faucet water because here it’s like a swimming pool. Clean filtered water without all the crazy stuff that smells and tastes like a pool. I just pour a little water from a glass over mine and they are good to go.
  12. That has almost everything , close but no cigar punch !!! The punch is only on Victorinox and the cigar scissors on Wenger. Victorinox bought Wenger a while back and I guess it’s all manufactured by Victorinox now.
  13. I’m not a fan of the Wenger cigar scissors models. They are too big and bulky and not a great small carry. The 74 mm knives are my favorite of Victorinox. The Money Clip is Alox but no cigar cutter and a nice clip and you can get it in red, black or silver. I’m liking this more than my Ambassador so far but I wish it had tweezers and toothpick. A nice pickup at a fraction of the price of a Davidoff cigar knife that Victorinox made for them
  14. just used the scissors to cut the end off a Monte Petit #2. Worked great and I'm currently smoking the Monte that is from a 3 pack from 2017. Pretty mediocre cigar. I like Petit Edmundos better. The last of the 3 and none were any big deal.

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