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  1. Latest from the streets of Havana: good morning my dear friend ... today we woke up with the news that the government will give away a module of food per household !!! I explain that this would be the first time since many times previous countries such as the USA, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, countries of the European Union have sent food as aid and donations and the Cuban government sells it to the population in an act of impudence total.... Since the July 11 demonstrations, the government has done more things for and for the well-being of the people than in 62 years ... !!!
  2. Interesting, I have a pack of Cafe Creme. No idea how I ended up with them...
  3. Yep, actually quoted as the first thing he said as he got off the phallus, er, rocket. Right up there with Neil Armstrong!
  4. How I miss the old days..... Trinidad - Fundadores (48 Hours Special) Box 24's 1 286.00 286.00
  5. Well I guess you misinterpreted my intent then. It's a bit tone deaf to imply his employees helped pay for all this given the concerns about pay and working conditions that have been reported. You sound like you admire the guy. And perhaps he is worthy of some admiration given all he has accomplished.
  6. Microwave on low with a small jar of water for 5 minutes. It adds 10 years. 10 minutes for 20. Amazing!
  7. Eid Mubarak! Some words of wisdom regarding plagues. The modern world tends not to subscribe to that obviously. Condolences on your loss.
  8. And I believe the dick was actually quoted to say "I want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this" So minimum wage and unbearable working conditions got the guy suborbital....
  9. Heard same on my daily Havana update: Good morning my dear friend .... Today we woke up with new improvements and measures taken by the government that let us breathe a little ... "It is not the solution because the solution is in the hands of the problem" but they were things that should have been done long time.... One of them was that they allowed the "Garage Sale". I explain that before, if you wanted to sell anything of yours, you had to ask the government for a permit and pay high taxes, that's why people did it illegally ... The other measure is that we can already buy on credi
  10. Yes, they actually launched a dick into space. On a rocket that looks like a penis...
  11. True that. And kudos to the first person that thought oysters would be worth a try...
  12. There was no "I'll never run out before I shuffle off this mortal coil" option so I went with 5+
  13. Awesome catch. Are those your balls hanging out the side?
  14. OK Hartwell Heisenberg Binged the whole series. Say my name!

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