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  1. Habana Mike

    Happy birthday Andy

    Hope you had a good one Andy. See you next month!
  2. Kelly says it tastes like "fruit of the earth", coffee, very earthy. She likes it.... I get earth, graham cracker, nougat. Toasted woody goodness.
  3. Habana Mike

    Cuba November...a little planning

    El Gato Tuerto before the renovations! Miss the old character, kind of sterile now.....
  4. For me it would be hard to find, anything in my range with some age, or smokes pricey off island. Cuba regionals too but mostly shop rolls from the well-known hotel torcedors. Here's an idea of what you should pay on the island if you can find them: http://yulcigars.blogspot.com/ Regardless, enjoy your trip!
  5. Habana Mike

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Shaved for the occasion I see. Quite clean cut sir!
  6. Habana Mike

    How old were you?

    I'll say 27 years ago and leave it at that.....was recently married with babies at the time (and we started young).
  7. Habana Mike

    How dry is too dry?

    Who you calling a fart?
  8. Habana Mike

    Post your Pet.......

    Zelda looks like some evil plan is cooking....
  9. Habana Mike

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    OR Hammie Toro from his first US tour for Rocky San Andrés wrapper has mellowed but still has presence. Nice smoke...
  10. I believe something in this vein was a tagline of mine for awhile here. CCAS - Cuban Cigar Acquisition Syndrome. Since broke the state having run completely out of storage locally and the warehouse....bound to happen if you hang around often enough.
  11. Congrats! Just hit the 5th anniversary in mine... M Plus 25D. Fantastic piece of furniture. Took a couple of weeks for him to build this one too. Enjoy!
  12. Habana Mike

    30 year Anniversary after party

    Congratulations to the team! We hit that one about 3 years ago, at risk of possibly making 40 Great smoke to celebrate.
  13. Had mine done in Ferrari red.....

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