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  1. They're reopening in the Hotel Manzana Kempinski! Probably way before any of us get back there.
  2. Never smoked a Gourmet Don?!? i'm disconsolate they were discontinued. One of the top 3 of the line for me. Glad you enjoyed!
  3. Well, the varnish on the box gives me comfort. In my decision to ridgey didge run away straight away!
  4. A little Italian theme last couple of days... La Escepcion Selectos Finos with a Murano glass ashtray And a La Gloria M d'O #3 with an Italian stallion Both fantastic and in my wheelhouse for the size.
  5. Looks ridgy didge to me if that means run, don't walk away.....
  6. Picked mine up today. Very nice! Glad I ordered the XL. Now to find an opportunity to wear these outside the house....hoping in Havana one day in the near/distant future. Thanks again man!
  7. The new Duke in town. Punch Duke RE Mexico 2018 release.
  8. Looks like they were going to do a redesign a few years back, Hibernating now I imagine. Wayback machine's last crawl https://web.archive.org/web/20170701083714/http://gothamcigarmuseum.com/clear-havana-1930-1956.html Last twitter post was 2015
  9. Mine are waiting for me when I can get by to pick them up. Thanks for giving us a second shot @MasterYotti!
  10. Great review - these are a fantastic example of the RASS!
  11. Peeps throwing down some good smokes! Amazed by Art's selections. Guess being away for awhile and having an awesome stash helps! I went through a bunch of NTLTP sticks at the beach last week. '98 Partagas Charlotte and '03 Q d'O Gran Corona topped the list. Thanks to all that have participated. Great to see some incredible sticks being used for what they were made for - smoking!
  12. And that's why I paged the good Doctor! Don't forget, introductions should be made here: https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/forum/6-newbie-introductions/ Welcome to FOH @larry
  13. Toss up between the Q d'O Gran Corona and the Partagas Charlottes. LESF to close the month pretty [email protected] good too!

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