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  1. You drove 400K miles since 2007? I have an 2008 with just around 50K on it!
  2. -3 years -3 months -2 weeks -3 days -16 hours -12 minutes -39 seconds... Did I win in 2023?
  3. Habana Mike

    The Netherlands

    Definitely stop by Hajenius. Great little cigar museum. Here's what you want to look for https://www.stevegriff.com/cigars/cuba/releases/regional-editions/countries/the-netherlands
  4. Was right at 50/50 when I voted. Saw crunchy creeping up but after Fuzz's post, that may reverse....I for one won't be going crunchy again!
  5. RIP. Alfistis mourning around the world.
  6. Habana Mike

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Global brands day for me. Had an early meeting around the Perimeter (the highway from Hell in the ATL) so fired up an Upmann RR for the commute. Lasted just about right. Brought along a Partagas Serie E No. 2 for the return. After lunch and on the way back I fired it up. That one lasted for awhile longer on the deck office once I was home. Later afternoon sparked a Monte #1 and started thinking "I am half way through the global brands today". 🤔 Given that I pulled an RyJ Ex#3 as the evening approached. Then a Siglo I for a preprandial whilst preparing some Szechuan stir fry. We eat late for Americans.... Following the repast I pulled out a fairly fresh du Prince. In retrospect I would have started the day with a Hoyo. Now I am all in so dig for an JLP. Find an ancient Nacionales and light up. Early in and understand why I don't stock these though, based on the economics, understand a reason they are a top seller.....only pic I got too.
  7. Still looking for my shirts... Hate going around half nude!
  8. I've been collecting tent pegs for over 20 years. Have a few boxes of them. Typically when I clip a cigar and find the draw too snug for my liking (or non-existent) I toss it in the singles drawers. Many of these cigars open up within a few days, weeks or years. Some never have. While the PerfecDraw can help with many cigars, there are some that neither time, temperature or a poke will ever be smokeable intact. 2000 SLR DC I'm looking at you 😒
  9. Congrats guys! Well done.
  10. Yes, we were there end of April for some fishing and get my cigars repaired!
  11. Habana Mike

    How are the Tesoros smoking?

    These the 2016 SLR? Assume coming from Spain. Haven't had any of these. I do enjoy the 5th Avenue Bolivars though!
  12. Try this @nino https://share.icloud.com/photos/0H5vkzMJ-Tb724u8mD2_YI_rw
  13. Glad you enjoyed. For me they don't taste significantly different. As Alex said at dinner he believes wrapper only contributes to 5% of the overall flavor especially on larger ring gauge cigars.
  14. That box was intact for about 3 minutes then I offered everyone in the shop one. They were goners before that so now bonus sticks! I did pick up a few more boxes so who knows, once auctions open to off-Oz stock....
  15. If you have the right friends you can have them expertly rerolled with new wrappers! Alex in action! Alex_Ogrullosos.MOV

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