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  1. May be able to find early reviews logged on the internet though, as Al Gore only invented it a mere 3 decades or so past, one would have to delve into the microfiche of London journals and newspapers from at least the late 1800s I would think.
  2. As they say, you never know who you'll run into. Being in DC for the week decided to stop by Shelly's Back Room for a burger and a smoke. Sitting at the bar I overhear the gentleman next to me discussing a cigar auction with his mate. Sounded like stock from FOH and sure enough it was. We had a good long chat about FOH, Prez, cigars and life in general. Good to meet you Matt!
  3. No idea really. I only know I have two of the former and they've been great aside from having to root around for boxes as they hold so many. I'd go with the lower priced as I'm sure they're both fine.
  4. Start and end with this one - Coleman® Extreme Marine Pro Marine Cooler 150-Qt. You may need more down the road but trust it's the best start.
  5. I like my cigars dry and my women wet. Hoyo in the morning, 898 at night!
  6. Thanks FOH team! Looks like my votes and jars carried the day! I did unfortunately witness the death of the Monte #3 Sevilla jar during the photo shoot. At least now I feel I can smoke them and had one today. Fantastic!
  7. That's one way to keep your hands out of the cookie jars! Damn!
  8. I seem to be one of the few that have encountered a higher percentage of, for me, unsmokeable cigars. I can fight through a tough draw if necessary though don't enjoy that. I am speaking of cigars that give no draw at all. Been in the game for a few years and have a high 3 digit collection of smokes that have been aged at low humidity, poked "perfecly", refrigerated, microwaved, and left in Vegas outside for days. Still aren't smokeable. From my experience 10-15% of Habanos all in all are rolled way too tight, from the dark years turn of the century to boxes purchased in the last few months. Maybe it's just me. I tend to believe it is HSA QC.....
  9. Taboada, Hamlet, Mons, La China, Reynaldo, Alex, HLP, Jorge, Santos, Papos I've enjoyed along the way. First few are no longer with us, rolling much anymore or working on the island. HLP, Alex and Reynaldo are what I'll be bringing back this year.
  10. Packing and prepping for the Cuba trip next weekend. Of course I have to fly to DC Monday until Thursday so have to be ready to go when I get home as I'll have little time then. Looking forward to next weekend for sure!
  11. Went with the LGC jar for looks and LESF for smoking. For second choices, P1 smoking great and PCC jar is pretty sharp too.
  12. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ping. Do wah, do wah, do wah wah wah..... Looks legit with a nice patina. Does it still work though?
  13. We should all follow him and chant Gargett, Gargett, Gargett! whenever he posts!

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