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  1. Habana Mike

    Friday Funny

    Always funny to get Friday funnies on Thursday
  2. Uncle Pauly could have it then. No nut kicking for me!
  3. Must be the lead notes that get you, eh?
  4. Habana Mike

    Casa Particulares Registry.

    Hector Luis Prieto has just put his casa in Vedado via Airbnb. Yes, famed tobacco farmer Habanos Man of the Year Hector Luis! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/32758358?guests=1&adults=1 We booked for late April - first guests so far! Understand that they provide his farm rolls to smoke in the on-property cigar room. Will update following our stay.
  5. Habana Mike

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    I've been mostly on an RA and CR kick of late. RASS, Superiores and RASCC with Alex and Jorge customs as a regular diet - need to make room in the CR bin for my trip next month plus the ones for '16 and '17 are really coming along. Took a cue from Bartolomeo and starting storing them at a higher RH - makes a difference!
  6. Awesome comp guys! Glad to have found a new lifestyle as a result. Bought my first pair of size 36 jeans in a couple of decades. Plan to stick with it by keeping to my recipes! Thanks FOH team for the motivation and the prize
  7. Habana Mike

    Veni, Vidi, Vici!

    Nice work!
  8. There is a cigar room stocked with farm rolls!
  9. Burned through my early boxes quickly and still ordering more. It's a smoke I enjoy. Perhaps time to call home that MOE JUL14 box sitting in the locker?
  10. I thought ya'll were going to post the winner hours ago.....!
  11. For anyone heading to Havana needing a place to stay, check out Hector's casa: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/32758358?ref_device_id=d48b70a0b5c1a8008123b3b93f40a6a64444143e&s=40&user_id=246241015&fbclid=IwAR3PnojSiUcl8DFk98GNMm96LIB-YioS9pw2YImehLg6u0MGS2B16bVu6wU&_branch_match_id=635922785993470438&guests=1&adults=1 We've booked it for our April fishing trip!
  12. Habana Mike


    Well, it is an Alfa Glad to see them back in it though!
  13. Habana Mike

    Dick Dale

    RIP - fantastic guitarist....
  14. I'd be best dressed in one of those shirts except doubt I'd be alone wearing one! Comes down to the shorts I guess....
  15. Is that best dressed fish or best dressed fisherman?

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