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  1. Habana Mike

    FOH Fishing International

    A few of us have a trip planned for April 27-28 out of Hemingway marina. A bit early as well, I imagine...maybe we'll wait until May to develop the pictures
  2. Been an HUHC fan for some time. Only ever had one box of the Monte so that's telling. first box of RyJ was fantastic. More recent a little less so.
  3. Habana Mike

    Fat Bastid Competition Strategies

    Hard liquor has no carbs, just empty calories.....
  4. Habana Mike

    Fat Bastid Competition Strategies

    So the low(no)-carb diet, intermittent fasting (16/8), a bit more practiced and regular exercise along with (slightly) less booze has me already down 3kg! Watch out fat bastids!
  5. Keto diet, reduced alcohol and more exercise
  6. Another FB checking in..... 105kg - plan is to get to 97.5kg within next 3-4 months....already dropped a couple since the new year!
  7. Looks like a fantastic trip! Think I recognize a couple of those folks. Happy New Year Andy!
  8. The cigar and the dinner. https://imgur.com/a/fAWleSW 16 remaining, should get me to 2034.... Happy 2019 all!
  9. Habana Mike

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year and best wishes for a fantastic 2019 to all at FOH!
  10. For us a quiet evening at home with a nice dinner and wine. Followed by the traditional Monte A from an '08 box and some decent Champagne. The Monte A typically gets me from dinner until past the ball drop.
  11. You still can't officially spend a single US dollar in Cuba. You have to convert it to CUC
  12. Habana Mike

    the weird english language

    Are you speaking of English English, American English, Australian English, Indian English, pidgin English or ESOL? They're all similar but quite different at the same time.....
  13. Ours kept getting stuck on 1/2" high kitchen sink mat and thought it was going to die a horrible fiery death if it stepped off. Returned after 3 days.....
  14. Habana Mike

    bolivar gold medal

    This qualifies as pure zombie!

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