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  1. '98 Churchill from the tube. Burning on all cylinders! Just a fantastic smoke!
  2. He said almost all the jobs he'd been called out to recently had been "larger than usual". 2020 strikes again!
  3. Yeah, it's a classic can though! Probably the best branded beer ever from an advertising perspective. King of beers!
  4. Apologies for another Alfa Love this car. Finding a left side drive is tough though...
  5. I chat with Osvaldo Vega nearly every day. It is very hard there now. He doesn't think they would make it without some outside assistance. Wonder how the government would handle Seattle/Portland like protests....likely unlikely to happen though one never knows how far you can push a population. Very sad.
  6. Some pretty cool stuff there. Realize my cigar library is fairly weak....
  7. Datsun 240Z Thought this one was hot at the time. Still a classic!
  8. Oh my, the TR3. Watching a friend of my father’s house, pet sitting when I was quite young. they had a white one and I found the keys. Being an impetuous youth of course I had to take it for a drive. Fantastic though not entirely reliable. Ended up getting caught out. Great memory!
  9. Shame they only made 18. Not sure how many are left and probably beyond most people's reach. You have to have goals though!
  10. Nice! I kind of like this one... Seems Alfa designs are an acquired taste though....
  11. Did those bands sit out in the sun for a year or two? Appropriate for pre-2006 though can't tell with no box stamp/date code. Box itself is a fairly well done replica. Hard pass!

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