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  1. So for my review of this cigar, I apparently already smoked the one I received in a box pass a couple of years back. It was a very airy wind tunnel as I recall with basic tobacco notes and burned hot. Not much to write home about. I did try a few in the early days, buying Brevas and Nacionales at gas stations and supermarkets in Canada. No wonder I have so few (0) at hand.....
  2. This weekend's theme prompted me to go deep into the dark recesses of my cabinet and pull out my last remaining box of Trini Robo X. It's been some time since I smoked the last as I'll likely not find more in future. At least not for under a princely sum. Decided since I was breaking into these I'd crack my last bottle of Santiago 11 to accompany. The cigar is perfectly constructed and sports a silky Colorado wrapper. Draw just to my preference, Not too snug and not too easy. Goldilocks. Graham cracker and hay on the pre-light. The cigar is rich and smooth on light. Slightly herbal, creamy, biscuit and vanilla bean. Medium bodied. Good smoke production. The rum is smooth and spicy, not too sweet. Hints of butterscotch, a little hot. Almost right up in my wheelhouse. Pacto Navio hits it dead on. Getting some nutmeg, a touch of salt. Spot on performance-wise. The rum is rich and strong, slightly astringent. Works well with the cigar. The combination rings me back to evenings on Hector's patio last April. The cigar finishes like a vanilla Oreo. Cream, vanilla, slightly sweet biscuit. From recent experience the Robusto T has hung in better at this age. Still a 90+ cigar. 90+ rum as well. Glad a handful of the Extras left. Hope I can find more of the 11 next time on island, though I'll definitely be bringing back a few bottles of Pacto Navio for sure. And out.....
  3. This Vegas Robaina Clasicos Cervantes from November 1999 is packed with tobacco introducing a snug but workable draw. Wrapper is not as dark as I prefer for the VR range though still supple, silky with a bit of light sheen. They've been aging in my humidor since acquiring them from Gibraltar a few years back. Discontinued in 2012. Faint cocoa notes pre-light. First third is medium bodied, medium strength with dry cocoa powder, leather, hint of white pepper. Burn started out uneven but self-corrected. Razor sharp burn line and solid gray ash with nice striations. Approaching the mid-point about 40 minutes in. Smoke production is fairly light due to the snug draw though flavors have strengthened. Getting some tanginess, coffee. Leather and cream. 20 years have treated these well. The Clasicos finishes like a well-brewed mocha latte reaching a medium full strength at the end. 90 minute smoke time. Not a bad smoke from the dark years - 91/100, a nubber. About 1/3 of the box remains.
  4. I see that CCW has updated the Brands page to reflect the new classifications. Hopefully the "other" brands don't get any further decimated!
  5. If you're just getting started on the path or recently thinking about pursuing RE/LE releases I would suggest not to get caught into these. Way to many coming out way too fast for anyone to keep up with and generally not worth the extra coin until you've built up a stockpile of regular production cigars. There are a handful that have promise though you should understand your tastes before committing. I've gone deep into some that I wish in retrospect I'd pointed my funds to regular production that are now discontinued.
  6. Yes, enjoy the day. I have no doubt you will. Negronis and a decent cigar or three! Cheers and happy birthday!
  7. Nino is not Chinese. I heard he may have met MRN once or twice though....
  8. Always get the factura. Frank's suggestion about handing the passport first is spot on. Alex will write a Caracol receipt for his customs. Haven't seen that anywhere else. Asked at Club Habana for same and Marisol smirked hard. Alex's receipt was a godsend as the customs girl seemed to be looking to keep my sticks a couple of years ago.
  9. So, El Faro is not the LCDH in the castle Cueto rolls at I take it? And FWIW I believe I've never bought a fake in Cuba. Only full sealed boxes from people I have a relationship with or the rollers of the customs. Plenty of offers, the most aggressive just outside the Partagas shop. Can't say the same for trips to Puerto Rico and the like early on. Did spot the faked in Freeport, Cuaba parejo and all had the same serial number!
  10. Tainos. Meaty! It's been resting since gifted back in June. Ready to go!
  11. Have to go with Bond on this one. While Star Wars was amazing for me when it first came out, the Bond movies I watched a decade earlier defined my childhood cinematic experience.

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