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  1. Habana Mike

    Sunday Session Espacios Roll Call

    If nothing else you're bound to find some amount of reprobates on the back porch at the Nacional.....
  2. Habana Mike

    Thank you to the LA crew!

    Imagine it was a great time with great hosts - I recognize that backyard!
  3. Interesting article on testing cigars
  4. Pure cigar zen this....awesome!
  5. Habana Mike

    Cuba November...a little planning

    Locked and loaded. 10th-17th. Here's us from last year:
  6. Habana Mike

    Monday Lunch Roll Call 12th

    In for 2. Getting close!
  7. Habana Mike

    Sunday Session Espacios Roll Call

    We'll be there too!
  8. Kelly and I will be there - wouldn't miss it!
  9. Great review! Love the Upmann Tubos, this one sounds fantastic!
  10. So this one has been haunting my humidor for a few years now. Smoked one shortly after release and while it was OK it didn't terribly impress. This one started off with a bang. Rich and flavorful, medium strength but very full-bodied. Earthy, bitter chocolate, oily mouthfeel. Perfect burn, solid ash and a draw with just the right resistance for me. Flavors came and went, currants, walnut, hints of stable time to time. Richer and earthier the further into it I got. The cigar was quite complex and evolved nicely over the 2 1/2 hour smoking time. Fantastic smoke. Quite the change after almost 10 years!
  11. Habana Mike

    Unloved,unwanted and unavailable

    Always a toss-up between these and the Charlottes. I loved the 5x5 format of the latter over the 12/13 dress box, but the unbanded 50 cabs did it for me! Looking forward to giving your version a go!
  12. Habana Mike

    Aristocrat Humidor Shopping

    Congrats on your choice! Bob's a legend and fantastic furniture maker. I got the M Plus 25D a few years back. 4 boxes deep. 200+ boxes easy. 2 singles drawers good for another few hundred sticks...it's been great! Glass doors as well...
  13. Habana Mike

    the epitome of mediocrity

    HTTR! At least they pulled it off this time against the boys....
  14. Habana Mike

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Congrats on the nuptials! Fantastic place for a honeymoon....
  15. Habana Mike

    What to buy blind

    I believe Claus means in general. Many RE are not available on FOH as it's typically PCC (APAC) RE Rob puts up. Aged, yes too. Many places to find aside from the locker sales or PCC Vintage you see here. Caveat Emptor though as they say.....

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