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  1. I was in but not for long. Barely made over the 30 minute mark. Good fun as always and congrats to the winner!
  2. I resemble that night! After the beach day...we were all tired and sunburnt. Perfect! Our houseman and family enjoyed the leftovers too. Ring pizza +53 7 8303233 Osvaldo swears it is the best pizza in Havana and they deliver!
  3. Makes me recall the Kutna Hora ossuary outside of Prague, less artistic though.....
  4. My dog's good for the occasional backflip going for the tennis ball too!
  5. Info center seems to be the biggest complaint for the Alfistis as well. not sure one should mark so low just for that!
  6. Alfa owner here. Infiniti as well. Zero problems with either and both were first model year. 4 years with the former, 12 with the latter. On a few Alfa boards/groups, and unless the results are also based on models prior to Alfa leaving the States in 1995, it must be due to the flashes. Very few owners voice issues beyond the electric sunroof and disco dashboard.
  7. Nice, furnace parts, toilet parts and a what, candle holder? More Aussies or anyone would probably guess one of those first. Go for it Rob!
  8. More worried about the slip and fall than the horn up the ass? Probably the safer strategy....
  9. @mandana could have told you that without even looking.....
  10. And you can get multi-TB storage for the home in a book sized device these days....
  11. Yes, Costa Rico is quite nice and has a lot to offer. Caught my first sailfish off the Nicoya Peninsula. Beautiful there.

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