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  1. And that's why aside from the usual Alex, Reynaldo, Hector customs I stocked up on RAS, Trini Fundy and Coloniales last trip.
  2. If I hear a crackling sound and get dust in my ear it is probably a tad underhumified.....
  3. Found ourselves miles away from any outlet with Luxxardo cherries and sans bitters we had to make do with only good bourbon, decent vermouth, glasses and ice. Desiring Manhattens I obsereved we had some Campari. A bit bitter with a little fruitiness the Mangroni was born! ., !
  4. The Terrapin Taphouse, Local microbrewery, opened a cigar bar on Terminal D couple of years back. Has a humidor! Entire spot was smoker friendly. Last year they glassed in the back third and lately you choke on the cigarettes. Seems it’s all going away now. Damned nannys!
  5. I heard you had an esoteric taste in videos.....confirmed!
  6. I open the box, fold the paper under the box, close the top, flip the box over and slowly open the lid until the cigars drop down. This lets you inspect all the feet as well as place your finger on one cigar so when you flip the box back over it is raised and easily removed.
  7. They must have tested the 2008 release.... Sorbic acid, or 2,4-hexadienoic acid, is a natural organic compound used as a food preservative. It has the chemical formula CH3(CH)4CO2H. It is a colourless solid that is slightly soluble in water and sublimes readily
  8. The marine cooler to the right in the back room....it is essentially a box, correct?
  9. A few: https://thedirtyashes.wordpress.com/about/ - Art's http://www.duskybeauties.com/ - Alex Groom's http://flyingcigar.de/ - Nino's Some members post reviews on this crowd-sourced site: http://www.cigars-review.org/
  10. Rather Paris as the primary location though went with Italy as so many better side trip options....
  11. Pretty much what Puffer said except spirits over beer, damned low carb diet and hiding in the basement with the dog.....no fireworks.

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