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  1. Out in LA over the weekend for a smoker with around three dozen cigar buddies. Plenty of food, bit if booze. A couple of cigars or two. Good times.
  2. Hope to catch up with Alex tomorrow in LA. Rumor is he’ll be stopping by the La Casa del Redondo Beach. I should be there shortly after noon.
  3. I used to work for a firm out of Marlborough and that was the closest place. Spent a few nights there, even bringing clients on occasion. Worth the trip my good man,
  4. Yes, it is not a bad spot. Great sitting outside when the weather is right and it is straight across from the bridge to the Wynn.
  5. Down to 66 some mornings here. Not looking forward to the low 50's that happen on occasion. Figure I'll deal with it.
  6. All subjective and I've been to 4 of the 5. I guess they are not including private establishments like the Grand Havana Room in New York. The LA outlet is probably close to equal to one side or the other though haven't been there. For character and panache I'd have to say Shelly's Back Room in DC is a contender. Check the names on the lockers there. Casa de Montecristo in Boca Raton wasn't mentioned along with their other outlets. It's quite nice. The Davidoff lounge in Tampa (owned by Jeff Borysiewicz, also proprietor of the Corona Cigar lounges ) is a top one in my books.
  7. I've smoked many and quite enjoyed them. Wouldn't bother with the humidor because what do you do with it once the cigars are gone. That and the space it would take....
  8. Craftsman were great tools back in the day. Also have many at hand from my dad and other purchases over time. Needed a metric set though for the European car.
  9. Happy birthday Andy! For your birthday I believe we'll buy tickets for February so we can have a late celebration with you down there. Edit: No flights currently running on Delta for February, if at all. Will need to explore other options..... Edit 2: Looks like Jetblue would let me book from FLL to HAV direct during that timeframe. Bit of a drive but better than connections....
  10. Needed some new tools to work on the Spider. Metric. Decided on Beta Tools from Italy. Latest addition is an apparently very necessary torque wrench. Close tolerances are specified for a majority of the fasteners, particularly the cam cover nuts. At almost 500km on her now, she's due for some tightening. Nearing the break in period I finally opened her up wide this weekend. The sound of the engine and the exhaust as you rip through the gears is pretty amazing!
  11. Biketoberfest 2021. 125K extra bikers in the area for the weekend. A couple hundred found their way into town to hang out. Finn's is popular with the HD crowd. We're about 3 miles north of town. Had a fair few ride by on the A1A route Daytona to St. Augustine. And when I say a fair few, I should qualify that as in the thousands....
  12. All this talk of the RobEx I had to pull one of the few left out for a ride. Fantastic smoke. Wish I had more where these came from.

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