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  1. The duty free stores in terminal 2 were closed a year ago as well. No CUCs were being taken past security....
  2. I've enjoyed these and had a similar experience. Even noted the Cubanesque characteristics. May be time to pull one of the last few out to see how they fared as they've matured.
  3. Havana, Cuba If I don't write these words i would be denying myself and my story. I don't personally know any of the San Isidro boys, but that's not what matters today. Any human being who is willing to die for a cause, whatever, deserves to be heard with respect. I'm human, don't ask me to look away then. I will not be complicit in the silence of the choir. I see with great sadness and shame where we have come to. What happened to us? Over the lines of my songs travel many invisible wounds. Several decades ago, when those San Isidro boys were just children or unborn, my songs and I were already going through something like this. They also wanted to turn me off, delete me, marginalize me, censor me and, like a large part of my generation that didn't stand the pressure, invite me to leave Cuba. The amazing thing is that many of those who from the same power accused and pursued me, finally ended up getting out of here. And then? I never accused anyone of a mercenary for leaving, for betraying what they allegedly defended. Just kept being me, ′′ sitting in the neighborhood contag ", doing my work. You can't go around claiming that Cubans are the bravest, ′′ the new and supportive man ", the model human being who dreams and wants a better world, if first we don't dream and fight to have a better country. A country that truly includes us all, wherever you are, think as you think. It's time to sit down and dialogue and listen, because everyone, live where we live, think as we think, we remain part of this nation. San Isidro are part of this country too. Have ideological differences, generate change, think different paths to build a country's polyphony of voices, it's legit and healthy. That shouldn't be decided, nor limited, much less regulated by a government in the name of one ideology. By what right can someone decide who is an artist and who is not? Who is Cuban and who is not? Being critical in the society in which one lives has to be an untouchable right. If everyone who has critical, opposite and different ideas threatens, assaults, censors, regulates and locks up, then we will end up prisoners of conscience many millions of people. Just because a people are silent doesn't mean they don't think. You can no longer cut the wings of freedom of expression, freedom of thought and individual freedom that is in the st century, a fundamental right of every human being. That's not the Cuba I dreamed of. Everything that is happening may become conflicting with the poster and slogan of ′′ Cuba Salva ". Acts of repudiation between Cubans, men and women insulting, beating and insulting should never have happened. These infamous gestures will remain a national shame. Acts of repudiation must stop once and for all. That bigotry to it different, that fear of debate, the alternative and opposite we have inoculated in our blood and it is a real stain on our identity. Thousands of Cubans who participated in the acts of repudiation of the eighties and nineties now live far from this island. Some muddy with shame, many today think differently, but know there is only one guilty: fear. Fear can move masses, just follow the history of mankind closely. Whatever happens in Cuba and Cubans wherever they are hurts me, hurts and hurts me. Like I've said before, I don't know the San Isidro boys, but that's not what matters today. Them they are also young and rebellious in their own way and if they are now going on a hunger strike to defend their right to think differently and express it freely you must listen to them. It's time to sit down and dialogue. Is that so hard? Were the monologues so long that we forgot to listen? They are defending their rights which are also those of many who are hiding behind silence today. Same rights I've fought for for for 35 years writing songs; the right to think and express myself freely. Is that even a crime? Will we have to delete the word DIALOGO from the Cubanism dictionary at once? If I don't write these words i would be denying my need to defend and bet on dialogue as the best way to fight violence. Surrounded by threats and guesses, good part of my songs were born, in the heat of censorship and silence of others. When will the grandchildren of Guillermo Tell be heard? Now they have the floor. #CarlosVarela
  4. Seems a gimmick trying to stay relevant with all the craft brews coming out these days. As a brewer myself I am always open to trying the new things though. Will let you know if I come across these and have a chance to sample.
  5. A little hot smoked salmon to ward off the turkey overdose. With a La Gloria Gloria, smoke for smoke....
  6. From a friend... "Things are happening here Mike that had never happened, hopefully and involve a positive change! The government arrested a rapper for expressing his dissatisfaction with the current situation of the people, the hunger that is wearing down the Cuban people and the sacrifice and calm that our leaders ask for ... That simple fact triggered a series of events that will change so many years of submission on the part of us Cubans to the dictator government ... The first thing was that several artists who were friends of that rapper and who share his ideas and concerns went to demand his release and were repressed by the police and in response they began a hunger strike ... !!! That was only 5 or 6 days ago but that fact had never happened ... the Cuban press, radio and TV under the command of the government do not cover the news but thanks to the internet it has been disseminated and has grown so much that even the Officials from the US embassy have intervened in the matter, the Cuban community around the world is making demonstrations in front of the Cuban embassies in different countries ... such as Spain, Uruguay, USA ... the government cordoned off the area preventing anyone from entering !!! Neither journalists nor religious !!! Nobody and he cut the electricity and then to prevent the flow of information from continuing, he cut the internet for all the strikers ... !!! In addition to the military and police deployment that continues in that area ... !!! The last thing was that the military and the police broke into the headquarters of the movement and took the strikers away by force !!! Some do not know where they are, others the most delicate are in hospitals and others returned them to the house ... seeks the information this is known as: San Isidro Movement (MIS) all this has outraged more people who are adding more every day for so many years of humiliation and deficiencies and hunger! Many young solodarisans will join to go to the Ministry of Culture and demand total freedom of the press that appears in our constitution but that constantly violates anyone who does not agree with the politics of this country ... the fact is that so many people entered the ministry .. !!! The pope and several presidents have spoken to the government and there is still no response ... !!! Havana looks like a hive! That had never happened !!! Cuba my friend is finally waking up !!!" https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article247452965.html
  7. Welcome to FOH Sunseeker! Quite the entrance. Perhaps you could say hello here as well. https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/forum/6-newbie-introductions/ Tell us a little about you. We're generally a fun bunch......
  8. I've found a microwave on medium for 3 minutes does the trick as well! Actually, sounds an interesting experiment.
  9. Yeah, I remember the vault with the La Farach sticks. Think it was the Palmeras. They must have found a master case, or at least a fair number of boxes. Never bothered. Kind of like Corona Cigar in Orlando. Aged cigars whose conditions look suspect at almost 4 digits a pop not a go for me....
  10. Thanks Rob for the wishes. So far so good over here. Shame you missed a Minnesota winter this year. Seems it was just above 0 so all good for y'all fro down under. Hope everyone has a great day regardless where you are....
  11. Well it is the same globally. Can't complain this is a US politics post only.....
  12. Turkey ribs? Long turkey Happy Thanksgiving! Cohiba and Trace a good choice.
  13. Awesome! I'll have to see if I track one down in the humidor. Always loved that apple spice flavor!

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