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  1. Opus X about the only I've had that was reminiscent of apple pie so pass. Included the baking spices.
  2. If you're looking at them you know what they have that is also good looking.....
  3. Plenty of bad timing on my part as well. Finally got lucky with one...
  4. They have good looking. Isn't that enough? I see women that are good looking. Do I ask more?
  5. Yes, they are but you're about 4 years late to the gate.... And that's actually just the 15 Pappy
  6. Cohiba Sig VI GR - almost a 100 pointer. Vanishingly close. Work Anniversary, fully vested!
  7. This is the new one https://hypebeast.com/2021/5/zenith-chronomaster-open-cohina-cigars-55th-anniversary-edition

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