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  1. Those WBC people have got to go. Glad to see a stand is being taken.
  2. So now a tougher question... I don't know how to retrohale, can anybody describe how this is done? Sounds like it adds a new dimension that I definitely want to experience.
  3. Hey Shlomo, totally get what you mean re: texture of smoke. Well said, and that's something that I pay attention to.
  4. Curious, after you suck the smoke into your mouth, about how long do you keep it there before exhaling. I've been at this for a while, but sometimes wonder if I'm getting all the flavours that others describe... Might be blowing out too fast...
  5. Hey Iced, so what would be the first ones that do come to mind... I too found it quite strong, but not unpleasantly. Day after, still have a pretty defined taste in my mouth, as well... I've never had a Monte #2 that had the construction problems this PSP2s...
  6. First go this afternoon at a P2. Bought from a local B&M (Cheers Smoke Shop) and left in my humi for a month. This stick had a few construction issues (a patch on one side, looked a bit loose at the foot) but the burn has been even and the taste seems really full. Opening was pretty spicy, middle has seemed pretty smooth. Curious what others have had as experience with these. Feel like this is a better deal than my go-to Monte #2 so far. Thoughts? Nice to be on deck with a book and a cigar. Hope this weather keeps up...
  7. Maverick... Would love to... How can I get some info on this herf? Ian
  8. Hey Maverick... I work in marketing, live in Toronto, have the usual friends and family pursuits, including a 5 month old son. Cigars have always been in my life, tradition passed down from my grandfather. Of late it's become less "a few a year" to a few a month. Historically it's been all Cubans, particular weakness for Monte #2s and Partagas P2s (clearly I like the torpedo). Branch out across other regions as well, today's smoke was a Flor de las Antillas Toro (it was very good, spicy to start, ending up almost caramel-like, to the nub...). Ian
  9. dashto


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