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  1. What a fabulous read and what great investigative work. Bravo!!
  2. I suspect that the person who boxes these was unsure if they were headed for a southern or northern hemisphere market so they decided to play it safe by placing then south and north...
  3. Ken, please show me a better current system than capitalism. Cuba is "near bankrupt" not because of capitalism, but communism. Cuba is free to engage in trade with every other country on this planet, except the US. If their system worked even the big bad US of A couldn't keep them down. Their plight is surely not solely due to the US embargo. The embargo is outmoded and ineffective at encouraging positive change of any kind in Cuba. Irregardless, the US has forced them into nothing.
  4. No current system is perfect. However, to my mind, capitalism works better than the alternatives.
  5. Crimp your barbs lads, crimp your barbs...
  6. 24:24 has completely changed my CC acquisition process. I used to chase box codes from other vendors, but learned how much of a crapshoot that approach is- it just doesn't work. Rob's review, grading and pictures are absolutely essential to acquiring good boxes. I love 24:24 and could not imagine a world without it. Some fine tuning like limiting 1st hour sales to one box per customer would be a great idea. I have a fast internet connection, but feel for those who don't, and who regularly miss out. One box in first hour would help level the playing field for all. As for those sucking up multiple boxes for resale- let them burn in hell, which is where they're ending up anyway. That behavior is completely abhorrent and not at all in the spirit of the community the vast majority of us are trying to develop and perpetuate here.
  7. The futures so bright I've got to wear shades!!
  8. Find some way to get out of the wind. Wind and cigars don't mix!
  9. Arrange your singles drawer in any way that pleases you when you look at them. There's no right and wrong way to arrange, IMO.
  10. This ^ High quality CORO prices have gotten a little goofy of late!
  11. HDM Epicure Especial is a winner. It's a Gordito, but well worth a try. One of my favorite HDMs.
  12. I've rarely had a stick that just won't stay lit. Some act up on and off but I usually can coax them thru their midterm issues. The pissers, for me, are the plugged sticks that I didnt give up on soon enough. I used to fight with those fuckers till the bitter end- now I chuck 'em early and move on a more cooperative companion.
  13. An '03 des Dieux I smoked about 4 years ago. Pure class and extraordinary complexity. Curiously, out of two cabs I have not had another that was equally transcendental. Don't quite get it, but I keep hoping to repeat with the remaining few sticks I have left. Runner-up- a Monte 2 on the beach in Cabo about 15 years ago. I bought it down there, legitimate goods, and it was remarkable. Have had hundreds since, some close, but none as good as thet one. When Monte 2s are on they are spectacular.
  14. Be careful Piggy- when Tabacuba completes this downward spiral and offers to put ones name, logo, or other affectation on Mahogany 10 ct. boxes of Custom, L.E., S.E. Mega Gordo 62RG donkey dick throat missles they're going to put razor blades in your sticks! Your long post above was epic- you're on the top of your game there. Don't disagree with a word of it.

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