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  1. It's set to begin trading today. Let's see what it soars up to today. 160 a share wouldn't be a shocker. Might be higher based on the overall markets and fed response later. If this thing rages high, I can see it pulling the whole tech sector up with it. The sheer excitement when AAPL hit $2T valuation drove the markets nuts. No options pricing.
  2. Salesforce might be the play. Buy into earnings before 12/1. They have upside exposure.
  3. Put the sheets at the bottom of the container or along the sides without glue. Why so complicated? Simple and easy is best. You don’t even really need them.
  4. You def cannot make that thing while on LSD. It’s not possible. that’s more likely a cigar lover hitting ice.
  5. First time trying these. Sancho Panza Spain ER from 2010. Not bad at all. Actually much better than I expected.
  6. This is interesting. I need some of this in my life.
  7. Anyone know what this is? Too lazy to check. H Upmann. Same size as RG Corona extra. I stuck a band on it, but didn’t write down year or what it was. Had it since 2010 I think.
  8. Crap. I have 30-40 boxes of tubos to inspect now? That’s literally hundreds of cigars. Another pain in the butt. They’ve been all sealed up for at least 5-8 years.
  9. I was in finance for years. It was financially rewarding, but so stressful. Burnout quickly. When you’re managing huge portfolios it’s not much fun.
  10. Loved EDC Vegas, always regretted not making it to Ultra in Miami. Not technically concerts, but I also loved Aoki and Tiesto at Hakkasan. We always get center table on the 2nd floor. Bottles like they’re last spring’s collection.

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