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  1. Tread the line. Cry like a baby. That’s PC. Come on now. Cry some more. Then cry again. Then cry some more. That’s sensitive. Those folks deserve the respect of the ones who keep crying and complaining. It’s absurd, ridiculous, and stupid. I’m busy doing actual things that mean something. That mean things to those who are from the old school, that mean something to those who said what they meant and felt. Blame red china, cuban missiles, the rat pack, ho chi min, ayatollahs, sheiks in the mid east, war in nam, tsunamis in se asia, hiroshima, nagasaki, affirmative action, liberals and conservat
  2. Please understand, I was being very, very sarcastic. If we worry about every single thing in life killing us, we’re all dead and done for.
  3. If the rona didn’t kill you, then the mold will. Any concerns, give the sticks to those who don’t mind being killed. They’ll enjoy them safely. Oh yeah, bubonic plague will kill as well, so will SARS, the HIV, AIDS, the MERS, MERSA, Cancer, MRI machines, choking on pretzels, Teslas, gang violence, protests, infidels, sensitivity, sex changes, assorted car accidents, white sharks, jellyfish, venomous snakes, assault rifles, and NYC subways. Stay home and stay safe all. We have a word for that in NY. GFY. Go something yourself. Then cry me a f’ing river. When were men being men? Not now, not th
  4. 7-8 years is imo aged. What were once subtle hints begin to rise over the harshness of young tobacco as time passes.
  5. From the world he comes from, they can calculate approximate yield per plant based on grow conditions-indoor/outdoor, lighting, soil, temp, etc. They won’t know exact yield prior to first harvest, but there is a measurable baseline based on previous recorded conditions and a measurable “standard.” He would have been better reaching out to tobacco farmers though. Not sure many people here are farming tobacco. Mostly end users. It’s like asking a car forum what the production capacity of vehicles coming from a Ford assembly line is based on raw material numbers.
  6. Wrong approach to problem solving. Not too many cigars for multiple lifetimes. Just figure out how to live long enough to smoke them all. Get a chip implant from Musk, some prosthetic limbs, gorilla lungs, a 3d printed heart, and you’ll live to smoke everything.
  7. They do taste good. I saw a guy on the subway the other day wearing two watches on his right arm while checking his iphone. I also saw two guys walking down the street in midtown, while one of them was brushing his teeth strolling down the street. I don't think people care about ridiculous anymore.
  8. When i seal 5 ers, i lay em in the vac bag, use tape in between the sticks on the outside of the bag to kind of hold in place, then seal on slow. I stop it before the machine stops it. On shorter smokes, couldn’t you seal 5 finger bags?
  9. I’ll second that on those particular sticks. Not enough Selectos Finos. Too many others to count as well. Can’t have em all. Can’t win em all either.
  10. Depends on what you consider peaking. Covid times. Hard to tell what's what these days. The other day I saw a guy walking down the street around 10 am brushing his teeth in the middle of manhattan with his buddy walking next to him. A year ago that would have been strange. Now, it's apparently normal.
  11. Those RA CF were cool as hell. The encantos and alemanias were great back then. You’re absolutely right though-prices have seemingly moved significantly higher on the regionals. Not sure if they’re worth the hype anymore. I do wish I had gotten some of the Sir Davids. Super high demand regardless of the number.
  12. Edmundo Dantes Condes from Mexico La Escepcion Selectos from Italy Por Larranga REs from all over have been good Punch Mantuas from Italy the list could go on and on. The right REs are unreal and give guys the chance to try some ridiculous things. that’s what I heard.

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