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  1. Adjust how you age. Slow the process. Qdo will age gracefully and get much better with age. To each their own. No right or wrong. You can triple decant a bottle of 16-17 phelps insignia to make it more drinkable. You can slow aging, but you can’t push age on a cigar.
  2. I can assure you with certainty that you're wrong about that. Who stops buying?
  3. Interesting. Gotta crack an aged box.
  4. Doesn’t do it for me either. The hoyo des dieux? Now that is a real winner.
  5. Economy tickets are cheap. Business are about the same as last yr I think. Maybe little less, but not much. Worth it to buy economy and upgrade, but then you lose ability to build status.
  6. Do the NC do anything for you? I don’t see the point anymore-just my opinion. Sometimes feel the need to revisit, but always ask myself “why bother?” Already too much to smoke, not enough time. Why agitate myself any more?
  7. Do they need much more time? I wasn’t super impressed with the qdo coronas at first when they had 0 age on them, but they age so well. They weren’t bad young, but with age, it’s night and day.
  8. CDC here gives you a Covid 19 Vaccination Card that shows your info, which vaccine you received, the lot number, and the date of each injection. As long as you have a record of it and can produce a copy when necessary, why deal with issuing more passports or bar codes, or chips. Schools may require vaccines for kids to go back. Why can’t employers? Get the vaccine, or work remotely. Sports teams will be an interesting case study for all of this-especially if members don’t want it and their unions file suits and grievances against their respective leagues. Those are powerful unions with ridiculous legal teams at their disposal. That could get interesting.
  9. what's the flavor profile on the BPC? Never tried many bolis in general.
  10. Interesting. Didn’t know they developed so well. Have to look into that.
  11. Like the President says: “It is what it is.” Could’ve been better. Also could’ve been worse. Could’ve been 1 million dead in the US. That was where we were trending towards when this all started. Very very few people in April could’ve imagined that we’d have vaccines this quickly. God wills it.
  12. How was it? Worth smoking? Resell value not much different over time.
  13. Your Regular Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). Cola Your Specialty Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). La reina Your Best New Release (2019/2020 production ) La trova Your Most Improved (2017 - 2020 production) HU Mag 46 Your Mr. Dependable Award (2017-2020 production) CCE

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