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  1. Try replacing the ketchup with stone ground mustard. Makes an awesome glaze if you reduce it a decent amount.
  2. I actually use to try to swing by Tampa (Ybor mostly) every other month during college. I am assuming you mean the locked US forum. No clue on how to get the password.
  3. Orlando/Melbourne (I tend to be in the Orlando area more than Melbourne)
  4. Yes. It was a hassle to get the avatar to the 50kb size restriction though.
  5. Hello! I am new to FoH and cigar forums in general. I have been smoking NCs for about 8 years or so and have only smoked a handful of CCs. I am currently running out of storage space between several desktop humidors and using my father's wine cooler as backup. Hopefully I can come up with funds for more storage space soon. Cheers, Erik

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