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  1. "It's all handwritten... it says 'Help.'" LMFAO
  2. Thanks Trevor! I checked out your website - it's marvelous... I was there for about 2 hours.
  3. Ah, a fellow former juvenile delinquent! Nashville is wide open for cigar smoking... Tennessee has always been a big tobacco growing state. Glad Germany is free and open my brother
  4. Thanks so much... I think I'll do that right now
  5. Hey AJ, welcome from another friend of Bill's. Easy Does it brother! Steven
  6. Hit me up next time you are heading this way Curtis!
  7. Thanks Trevor! My dad was born in Scranton, all he talks about when you mention Scranton is Coney Island Lunch weiner sauce, lol.
  8. The Hermitage Hotel is a grand old place! I don't know if anyone remembers the billiard king - Minnesota Fats, but he actually lived at the Hermitage. I would love to join you for a smoke on your next visit!
  9. Hello everyone, What a privilege to be a part of a world-wide fellowship like this! I absolutely love cigars and have found that cigar people are the finest individuals that one can meet. I had a Hava Tampa Jewel (wooden tip) with a Pabst Blue Ribbon when I was 14... from that very moment my life changed forever. I started smoking premium cigars, available in the US, in 1989 but I am new the world of Habanos. I look forward to learning all I can from you all as I enjoy the history, production, reviews and folklore related to cigars. I am fortunate in that Nashville is a very cigar friend

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