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  1. Just to calm things down a little; a good mate, who's the biggest, roughest, ugliest rugger bugger you could ever meet has two phobias. 1. Peas 2. Buttons, but only when they are hanging by a thread
  3. V. sorry if this too jingoistic, happy to have it deleted! Great tune.
  4. ?No, can now see the signatures on pp III & V are facsimiles, thanks. So, come on Nino - what percentage of the entity 'Min Ron Nee' are you?? Between you and Mitchell, I'm going to punt >60%... ??
  5. Are the photos of signatures on this listing originals Nino, do you know?
  6. ?Interesting and exhaustive. I don't know anyone in the UK who's navel gazing to this degree, tbh, but can understand an observer's point of view
  7. It is indeed. The reasons for Brexit are complex, but the vote supported it. There are only three options open now: - Article 50 is revoked (cue outrage); doesn't matter if Parliament somehow overturns it, or it is achieved through another referendum - May's Withdrawal Agreement (which the EU refuse to renegotiate) is somehow passed through Parliament; won't happen, as it's a complete piece of crap - We leave with no-deal - this IS Boris's tactic, as it's the only way to get the EU back to negotiate properly; VERY tough to get through, but he's trying damn hard That last option is negotiating with big boy trousers on, and Boris and Cummings realise it's the only way to break the deadlock, scary as it might be for many. (PS: anyone know how to stop double spacing in my posts?!)
  8. Have to agree, actually. It's probably one of the last ever boxes, more an artefact than a curious smoke.
  9. Wow. Glad it's not my choice whether to keep or smoke...
  10. Monte2 at a friend's wedding reception at Wentworth club house, about 15 years ago. Had to excuse myself, walked outside, and had half an hour to myself, an ineffable experience.
  11. Not sure. If it's thrills and spills you're after, Oman might be a bit too quiet for you

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