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  1. Wow. Glad it's not my choice whether to keep or smoke...
  2. Monte2 at a friend's wedding reception at Wentworth club house, about 15 years ago. Had to excuse myself, walked outside, and had half an hour to myself, an ineffable experience.
  3. Not sure. If it's thrills and spills you're after, Oman might be a bit too quiet for you
  4. Ah, what a lovely part of the world. My father worked for the Royal Oman Police, flying helis out of Seeb, from 1980 - 95; many many happy school holidays spent on the SAF (Sultan's Armed Forces) beach in the '80s, sailing our guts out on Hobies every day. My brother took his family there a couple of years ago, said it was nearly unrecognisable since we were last there. Clear memories of the labyrinthine souk, the Corniche, the old Portuguese forts and the ancient graffiti, and the beautiful and gentle people. CANNOT understand the attraction of Dubai, with this gem so nearby.
  5. Not to forget that Switzerland is very much governed by the people, and politicians can (and will) be pulled up if they make unpopular decisions by way of referendums. I renewed my Swiss passport recently, arrived Wednesday, today I received voting material relating to tax reforms and stuff related to Schengen. This only works because the Swiss are inherently sensible (excluding myself, natch). There was a referendum in the early '90s re. Switzerland becoming a full EU member, and it was narrowly defeated (50.3% vs 49.7%) - no nonsense about holding another one, decision was final. Ask any Swiss person today what they think about the result, and they will all say 'thank God!' - amongst other things, they can see the idiocy of being ruled by an organisation whose economic policies are largely influenced by political ideology. I could go on. Ad nauseum.
  6. V. sad to hear. He once served me in the Dunhill cigar room on Jermyn Street, where he was helping out/moonlighting, just a perfect gentleman
  7. Pls send five samples of each for evaluation 🧐
  8. If it's just the keyboard that's gone rogue but you still want to use the laptop, I would say get a cheap USB keyboard and use that. Also, most computers have an option to bring up a virtual keyboard on-screen, but it's only any use in a real pinch.

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