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  1. Dubai close to the beach good selection of singles to try from LE to regular production. Can smoke inside or outside only negative is no alcohol served in it.
  2. When I smoked indoors I would do 2 a day once in the Am and again in the PM. Since I'm no longer able to smoke indoor. It's once a day now usually in the evening, but there are times when I want that morning puff
  3. I call it my "me" time after work. I look back on what was done and what I could have done. I work with the deployed military, so there is always a look back at everything. Not many people on this base smoke stogies.
  4. I just started sealing boxes last year. Will be intresting once I crack one open.
  5. The Avallo's look good. Bob is leaving a void my only regret is not getting a temp controlled one from Bob.
  6. Ft Lauderdale is small. I know they say it's an international, but it's small for only going to the Islands to the south Trinidad, cuba all south America places. I love it cause I fly right into it from Dubai on Emirates. Ft Lauderdale is home. The domestic area does need a lot of work to make it better.
  7. As a HD owner I have to say they are pricing themselves right out of ordinary people owning one. What's it like 25K for a road king now, that's the price of a small car. I barely ride mine now as most of the time I work overseas, another factor for me is it's just not as safe riding as it used to be, way to many people distracted by things in cars now.
  8. I have an older one that I purchased in 2013. I was going to buy a newer one since somethings have changed and I wanted a temp control unit, but alas Bob saved me money can't complain.
  9. CigarWorld, Lda Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 1069-413 Lisboa, Portugal inside of a department store used to have a nice supply, but that was years ago no Idea if they still do. Funny thing is when I was checking out the guy ringing me up was from Ft Lauderdale same as me so we got to talking for awhile. You never know who you will meet in the world.
  10. pretty spot on, but I think their advertised prices are cheaper then what they are really selling for. I just came from there again on Saturday. They are advertising all the new stuff on Facebook like it's in stock, but don't have any in stock. I did pick up a few RE boxes that I didn't before. Also got to spend some time in the vip lounge which is really nice, so not to bad of a trip...

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