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  1. I'm curious how the perception of what constitutes an underfilled cigar is different for those who come from a predominantly CC vs NC smoking background. As someone who was exclusively NC for the first several years of regular smoking, I would say that easily 50% of the CCs are "less than ideally filled." And easily 20% are underfilled to the point of needing constant relight attention, balanced with trying to smoke slow enough that the cigar doesn't turn to mush in the last third, where ultimately the constructing is greatly affecting the smoking experience. I basically just assume the only point of the last third of Cubans is to hold up the smokable first 2/3. For the record, I keep my cigars at 61%.
  2. Okay I'm missing something...awhile back I picked up 4 aged RyJ Churchill tubos from El Pres, and prior to this post I'd have sworn they were Anejados. They were excellent smokes well worth the $30 price tag. They tasted nothing like other Churchills I've had. What was I smoking?
  3. RyJ Tacos. Had my first recently and I found it to be very deep and rich line a chocolate dessert. Sounds line the dude has the coin to stock up on these.
  4. Two boxes of Tainos and a box of Sig II. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Wii U (only because everyone else had purchased every Nintendo Switch in the USA.) About half a dozen books I won't get to for who knows how long.
  5. Same. Just downloaded the trilogy. Btw, Ken... regarding Erickson... I had the exact same experience with Book 1 of Malazan. I've had several people since mention that you can actually just skip book 1 entirely and not really miss anything.
  6. If you like the "Muslim Fantasy" vibe, I highly recommend "The Lions of Al-Rassan" by Guy Gavriel Kay. One of the best one-volume stories I've ever read.
  7. Well my "blown away" response pertains to the Partagas Lusi Reserva Cosecha 2007 at $80/stick (box price average). Technically that's the most expensive smoke I've ever had. But if it weren't for that particular stick, my answer probably would have been "as expected." And if the question were about my average super premium experience, I'd say "let down."
  8. I voted "no" to honor what I thought was the purpose of the poll, which was essentially "do you approve of this practice?" But like most, I did it once and never again. There are two dead giveaways that someone smokes for the nicotine and not out of enjoyment. This practice is one of them. The other is when the cigar cracks and the person peels the wrapper off and continues as if it's the same cigar.
  9. This very much describes me. After getting into Cubans, my palate changed and refined quite a bit, and I was probably 75% CC for awhile. I smoke about 50/50 now, with the intention of allowing the CCs to age longer. I think it has helped that some new players have come onto the NC scene in the last few years with a greater emphasis on balance. I have no problem reaching for and enjoying cigars by Warped, Illusione, Crowned Heads, Caldwell, Regius, La Palina, and a few others, every bit as much as I enjoy CCs. I would still take a nicely aged Cuban as a first choice the vast majority of the time, but good NCs have their own unique profiles that stand on their own just fine. And sometimes that's what I'm in the mood for. Even if I had an unlimited supply of 25 year old scotch, sometimes I'm just in the mood for bourbon and nothing else will do.
  10. Down to 119.2 kg this morning. 6.4 kg lost. I think I can hit 13kg total.
  11. This is the only way to go. Dirt cheap and super effective. They don't work great when trying to refill, but at $3/each, I consider them disposable. https://www.amazon.com/Single-Lighter-Windproof-Refillable-Cigarette/dp/B00GA3U9XO/ref=sr_1_39_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1541108706&sr=8-39&keywords=lighters
  12. 1 in 50 sounds about right. At most. Compare that to cigars that are so under filled so as to be virtually worthless... which for Cubans seems to be about 1 in 10.

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