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  1. RupertPupkin

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Went to a local lounge for MNF. Had an oatmeal stout and a VR Unico.
  2. Just came in today from our host from a recent 24:24. I hear production on these this year is solid. Looking forward to seeing how they smoke. ☺️ Wrappers are gorgeous and construction is top notch! Choix 👌
  3. RupertPupkin

    Quote of the day

    “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” A couple wonderful quotes from our fellow member. 😉
  4. RupertPupkin

    Trinidad Shorts

    Interesting.. I need to get more into the Trini lines. I’ve only met the Reyes~ need to branch out. lol curious to hear more about these..
  5. RupertPupkin

    Large ring gauge

    I try not to be critical of people~ if they’re smoking and enjoying themselves then I’m happy. Personally, I don’t prefer the larger ring gauges. Anything upward of 52.. not for me. something to note.. I’ve overheard far too often in local B&Ms when someone is looking at a cigar with a large ring gauge, “that looks bad ass!” I rarely hear “oh, this is suppose to have a great flavor profile.”
  6. You’re welcome Preacher Man! I’m from Phoenix AZ.. the worst weather we have aside from the heat are our monsoons. The storms can be brutal but only last for about 15 minutes at a time~ no comparison. Thoughts are with you!
  7. RupertPupkin

    What are you listening to?

    this is a solid Bowie cover~ just wrapped up a day shopping with Mrs. Pupkin at the Record Room and picked up a random bunch of 45s.. just listening with an afternoon coffee and a Trini Reyes..
  8. Right on! Nice choice to kill some time! Glad to hear you and the family are ok. Be safe friend!
  9. RupertPupkin

    high roller bourbons

    I had a coworker just today tell me what he thought to be the most premier bourbon.. he said he spent a fortune on a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. I’m no where near an expert on bourbon.. is this just a hype thing because of its scarcity? Anyone try it?
  10. RupertPupkin

    Something a little bit different.

    Avo cigars got cute with their production, playing heavily on the music theme because of their namesake, musician Avo Uvezian. They had the trumpet cigar and the piano box.
  11. RupertPupkin

    Something a little bit different.

    I didn’t elect to buy one myself but the smoke time was at about 2hr 45minutes per the Halfwheel review I sourced the image from. It’s an interesting cigar no doubt. lol I think there was even a baseball bat opus cigar too.

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