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  1. RupertPupkin

    Hump Day Humour

    Hahaha reminded me of this for some reason.. 🤣
  2. RupertPupkin

    Joaquin Phoenix az Joker

    Anyone looking forward to the standalone Joker film by Todd Phillips with Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker? I’m hoping DC can start to get some of these right, and this one is starting to sound interesting. Robert Deniro is supposedly in the film, and acting as a late night tv host who pushes Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker into madness as a failed comedian. It sounds a little like Robert Deniro as Rupert Pupkin in The King of Comedy. Here is the first look of the Joker:
  3. RupertPupkin

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Spontaneous camping trip with Mrs Pupkin. She is looking forward to Halloween this year so we carved some pumpkins early to use as lanterns for the night. lol. Enjoyed a tasty Behike that was gifted to me about 5 years back from a fellow botl. Fantastic time and great smoke! Nothing like a cigar outdoors around a campfire.
  4. Congratulations! Hard work pays off~ Life is goood 😎
  5. I’m so excited for you! I’ve been heavily considering making the same purchase myself. They are gorgeous, quality pieces!
  6. RupertPupkin

    CC Comp? - Opus X Forbidden

    With the Opus, the pepper/spice seems to overwhelm the other flavours for me.. I’ve never really tried to lay any down for significant time though. Most CCs I’ve had are so well balanced that it’s a tough comparison.
  7. RupertPupkin

    Question to the board

    To me, the product isn’t in the package but the quality of what is inside. If the tobacco and construction is quality then that’s what I’m putting my money in. I do understand wanting the information for long term storage and reference, but to me I wouldn’t consider it a failed product. I would expect the person in charge of production and quality to own that as a mistake and a failure though.. people expect it.
  8. That’s pretty wild! I’ve never seen that before.. 🤔 string from the leaf bundle makes sense though.
  9. RupertPupkin

    Video Review - Montecristo No. 4

    This review and thread both are cracking me up! Haven’t had a monty 4 in maybe 5 years, but I love revisiting the classics
  10. RupertPupkin

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Fox’s Cigar bar for a monty 2 and an EH Taylor Straight Rye with coworkers to watch the Browns game. Great time!
  11. RupertPupkin

    Good to be back

    Welcome back! I second that BellevilleMXZ!!
  12. I second that! The Newport Ocean Club Mastros is still up there for me. I also recommend Pelican Hill Resort around the corner for a round of golf if you’re up that way. Beautiful course with incredible oceanfront play.
  13. RupertPupkin

    Hump Day Humour

    Hahaha I love the sound of cicadas! Drives my wife up the wall, but I like it. I recommend The Cramps, “human fly” for his torture. (Also drives my wife up the wall, lol)

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