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  1. Remember wilko drop kick in 2003? At the end we'll remember England winning the cup. Well the point is "only the result counts", period.
  2. Waiting to see the deck... Missing already the small streets and the little few cars passing by downstairs... And the "messy" office on ground floor ... oops... did not mean it really Love you all !
  3. Being with a friend here are our thoughts: Me: Trinidad Robusto T Cohiba BHK56 PL Encantos RA Superiores SLR Double Corona Him: LGC Medaille d'Or No.2 Punch Punch Punch SLR Double Corona LGC Medaille d'Or No.1 SLR Serie A over and out
  4. 9th October is the FIRST CUBAN NIGHT in Phnom Penh Cambodia! Since you'll be free on 6th, make it a go and pass by ! But with Lise and Smithy alright!
  5. Phnom_Penh_Post_7_Days___LCDH_1st_year_anniversary_party.pdf
  6. hmm..... difficult to answer that one but generally I'll go for Quay d'Orsay Imperiale, Cohiba Robusto, Diplomaticos 2 or SLR DC if time allows
  7. Kudos guys! I think I will order a couple of these !
  8. Well... one question only from my side to Rob... Why don't you buy yourself a proper chair to bring over to Ken's deck? You really make me feel uncomfortable seating in that cheap green-color plastic chair really and i'm sure it has an direct impact on the smoke !
  9. My first impression is that the Encantos smokes like the Petit Corona but longer and with more leathery/spicy notes. Molasse, Licorice, Caramel during the overall smoke and some Dark Chocolate hints at the opening. It is definitely more powerful than the PC but at the moment this is the closest to the other cigars in the linea.
  10. Thanks Colt for helping with the pix ! I'm having my favorite Dalia (Inmensas from 05) at the moment and i have to say, eventhough the blend is different, the PL tobacco qualty is definetely here and it may become a real cracker ! Rob, I'm quite sure you'll love it! A concentrate of PL aromas that will age very nicely ! I'm convinced you pushed a lot for this RE and i have to say, a great result! 'chapeaux bas' hermano ! Guibou
  11. Here they are! Looking good, smelling good and smoking HOT !
  12. Interesting photo attached to the article
  13. Chinese smokers enjoy their Cubans Malaysia Sun Wednesday 23rd February, 2011 Organisers of the annual cigar festival in Havana have claimed higher sales from other countries, especially China. Sales rose two percent last year, mainly in China and the Middle East. The hand-rolled, premium cigars sell well in most countries except for the US, where there is an embargo on Cuban products. Up to last year, Cuba's number one customer was Spain. But sales fell by a third when the government imposed ant-smoking restrictions in bars and on the streets. China has now become the third largest market for Cuban cigars behind Spain and France. Germany is in fourth place.
  14. I will remain silent on the number of cigars i smoke a week....
  15. Happy Day Guys! Celebration was today with huge BBQ yesterday evening! Almost burn the city !
  16. Great review! It made me want to try one more ! And I am just finishing it ! Still this acidity (citrus) on the 2 thirds that makes me prefer the 52 and 56 at the moment. Sure it will change over the years 'cause you can say the tobacco is very high quality, but IMHO the 52 and 56 are more "approachable" now.
  17. I've tasted several ones but the experience I want to relay here is the first BHK52 I tasted. I had it in the morning right after my first espresso. It was very creamy with toasted bread aromas, easy and comfortable smoke that coated my palate nicely. It was a little leathery on the end and overall and very enjoyable smoke with no sign of youth even tough boxed in September. Few hours later I had a Trini Robusto T, almost the same size. And Boom! candied fruits flavors, toastiness, leathery, molasse... heaven! So in fact my opinion on the BHK52 was changed. I know it is different brand/filler etcbut I would definitely rate the Trini higher than the BHK52 for the same price range cigar!
  18. The MNR is published in HKG and I believe the latest edition (2nd?) was ready in 2009 or 2010. I found mine in Cuba - LCDH Hotel Nacional but the lady put the spanish version in the bag... So I bought a second one, english version in a Cigar Shop in HKG. I'm sure some guy on the forum can help, especially one located in Shanghai !
  19. Ok so now you have Saigon on your list as well as Phnom Penh, which is , by the way, few hours away by bus, 40mn by plane ! To Matt: if you have the chance to come over, you're welcome Guibou
  20. Have tried the ARA DEC 02 and the OSU ENE 03 and both very good. My favorite is the Media Corona. and I screwed up a Robusto by having a wrong Ron with it... But this is on me, not on the cigar ! The Esplendido is great too. Pyramide: disappointed... Guibou

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