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  1. The Commonwealth Parliament will be the same, lots of smoke, lots of bs but nothing is done, but it will be a true parlament were every man has a voice and are free (notice the the so you dont get in trouble)
  2. Well, yes, but again I dont argue that he has honor. Personal I am quite happy he is gone, i would have liked if he had stood trial and convicted for his crimes, but better dead then trying to commit more attacks. When it comes to the human shield I am a bit confused.... The report also says that he engaged in combat with the soldiers. I personal have never used a human shield, but shooting a Kalashnikov (which he loved) is not really a easy task. Because either he held the gun with ONE hand and his human shield with the other, the problem is that you cant really use a Kalashnikov with one ha
  3. Its not his honor, its YOUR honor. As a former soldier and later officer we would never disrespect any fallen man/solder/terroris, not because his honor, but for ours, our aim were to stand above their low limit of honor. Thats how you win, if you get draged down to there level you will only escalate the conflict. Its also nice that your are willing to dishonor his corps in order to satisfy your own blood thirst, and by doing so putting every solder and civilian working in Iraq or Afghanistan, or in any other part of the world in danger. cheers Edit: English is not my first language...
  4. Great news, he had it coming. I dont think this will do that much to AQ, but at least a bit of justice (even if I personal would have liked him to stand trial and then convicted for all his crimes, but then he could have become a martyr.) I also see that foxnews are keeping up there good work, when they announced the death of bin laden, they wrote "Obama bin Laden dead"...
  5. yes, but you just did 48÷(2(9+3)) which is different from 48÷2(9+3) cheers
  6. I bought 4 sticks when they were released, smoked one, and after that I bought everything i could find (and that looked good), so I ended up with 10 boxes... I truly love them but then I really enjoy the HdM line. great review cheers
  7. 1: buy the box 2: open the box, freeze the cigars and the box 3: pack everything back as it was 4: raise the humidity slowly for the box 5: store it in the main humidor 6: wait 7: enjoy
  8. Hi I love these from the first one I tried, so I now have eight (8) boxes untouched and some singles... great review, cheers
  9. Why not wake up the better half with some eggs boiled in children's urine check it out, chines cousine at its best...
  10. Ken not a chance, first i the snake should die from silicon poisoning it must bite into the silicon right, and that is place under the normal breast tissue, if so it must be a super snake. Second if it did so, and puncture the silicon, the "model" would have had massive surgery, because silicon is definitive NOT healthy for the body and the "model" would have probably gone the same way as the snake.. sorry, good story but have to say the same thing as with the soldier and the girl story, critical thinking, critical thinking ..... cheers
  11. Hi Well, the only thing you can be sure with wine is that no one can tell you what is good or not (from your point of view), there is only one way of finding out, try a lot of them I would suggest that either you start by noticing which grape the wine is produced on, when you have found what you like you can start trying different regions and countries that uses that grape. Dont get missled by the label or country, there has been studies showing that 99% of the people buying wine do so based on the label, a nice chateau on the label means nothing.... For mild cigars I go towards white wine
  12. Well, its not the first time. I remember one french chef for (around) 10 years ago that used human breast milk in a dessert. I also remember one incident in the US were a chef used human breast milk. The same thing happen then as now, lot of publicity. The french chef (use google and you will find) I remember said that he liked to use it, but the problem were to find large quantities. cheers
  13. s%%t fxx& cr/p i really look for something good in this size... shame %%%%%% shame...
  14. Ask Microsoft what they think about Apple, then ask Apple what they think about Microsoft, same thing when it comes to Cuba VS "the rest". We all know that Cuba is Nr 1, and so is Apple
  15. This is a heart warming story, but you should not believe everything you read... Well, it 2006, so its not much of a new story. This is true, her family were shoot by insurgents, but nothing in the story says if the intended to kill her, but lets go with the Harry Potter theme. Well, this is not 100% true, according to the source himself: "Gebhardt, who had been assigned to the 332nd Air Expeditionary Medical Group in the Balad hospital, said he saw the child acting fussy and restless in her crib one day and figured she just needed some human contact. So he picked her up and

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