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  1. I haven't been on FOH for a while now(Avoiding anything Cigar related ... ) but great to see you are still at it Mika. One of my favourite threads on FOH! Keep it up and i hope i'll get a chance to lurk around here again sooner rather than later. Cheers
  2. Great write up! I enjoy/rely on Ken's notes at Tastingbook and as per the article too "...Now, he writes on wine, travel, cigars, food and sadly, all too occasionally on fishing...", One has to admit, he's doing it right!
  3. Well done on losing weight. Probably better posture?!
  4. Both sides have some good points as clearly explained by above comments but another thing that also should be taken in consideration is the accountability of politicians that put such agreements in place and also such policies like plain packaging without considering the consequences. Without diving into too much details, when subject matter experts advise against such trade agreements(Current TPP) but politicians do anything possible to make it happen, one should question in who's interest are these politicians working for. The public or big international corporates. The suit is for 8 billi
  5. This is going to be an interesting one since the outcome can have a major effect on BOTLs in OZ and around the world
  6. "With a love or hate design and a chopper-like aesthetic" HATE as in really hate the design lol but love the concept though!
  7. +1 to Leftimatic's advice above in regards to tools! Only buy good tools. Nothing worse than a tool dying on you in the middle of a job. @Warren, that is an awesome peice of work.
  8. Not into star wars or movies in general but this is awesome
  9. Same sentiment here. Add to that, it will be the case for many years i believe as the OZ economy restructures away from mining and to make matters worse, the politics in OZ have never been this bad on all sides which is making things worse as businesses can't find the stable environment they need in order to invest with little risk(take solar and green energies for example...)
  10. Does anyone else find Japenese whiskeys to be too flavoursome?!!! For some reason i find them to be overwhelming especially the yamazakis! Taste great but need to water it down and not because it's hot but just because the flavour is just too strong if that makes any sense!
  11. Would be great if you can post some threads about it !
  12. Awesome work! hope in time I'll be able to build something of this quality.
  13. wishful thinking from my side by the looks of it Andrew! Saw a few on Gumtree and that's how I got mine. But yup, as you mention, they only seem to sell them for at least 200 from a bit of research! Will still head out to some wineries and see if I can get some good deals though! Aging whiskey or rum at home would be a great project indeed
  14. That looks great and pretty simple to make Mika!Will look into making something similar from the remaining half Barrel I have left.I'll keep you mind while checking with Yarra Valley wineries if they give away old unwanted barrels

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