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  1. The woman that had James Bond saying, "I must be dreaming." Nobody said the word "POOOSY" like James Bond. RIP, thanks for the memories.
  2. I view it more of a gentleman's magazine. It is a very slick, well done publication. Some of the stories and interviews are a good read. The cigar reviews are just plan silly. I signed up for a free trial issue about 8 years ago. Oddly, they have been sending ever issue for free ever since!
  3. PSP PLMC from our host. The smell of sweet fruit when opening the box was powerful and delightful. These will have a long deep nap. My vintage Rolex "triple 6" Sea Dweller for our watch fans.
  4. Had a great woodworker make mine. The front is leopard wood. The top and sides are figural mahogany.
  5. Did a little research and found they are a blend of short and long filler. At just over 2 bucks a cigar they should be at least a good doggie walker.
  6. These look and smell great. Does any know what the "TC" marking on the bottom of the box means?
  7. From my collection. Rare Pre-Explorer 6098 with original gold gilt dial. Circa 1952.
  8. PLMC- PSP from our host. Very dark wrappers. They smell like smokey raisins. They will need a lengthy nap.
  9. Arnold Palmer! Now that is funny. I had a Dobe named Tuff Guy. He was a great dog. 118 pounds and sweet as could be. I have a grand champion standard Dachshund named Luke now. 37 pounds of solid rock. He is a huge Dachshund, Really sweet as well.
  10. Monte 5's with a little age. PSP/HQ. The dot stickers were much smaller in diameter. Guess FOH is cutting down on the office budget- Ha Ha.
  11. Already near 6 years of age. Look and smell wonderful. Cheap and cheerful in spades.
  12. Happy Birthday. What presents did you get from the pugs?

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