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  1. PLMC- PSP from our host. Very dark wrappers. They smell like smokey raisins. They will need a lengthy nap.
  2. Arnold Palmer! Now that is funny. I had a Dobe named Tuff Guy. He was a great dog. 118 pounds and sweet as could be. I have a grand champion standard Dachshund named Luke now. 37 pounds of solid rock. He is a huge Dachshund, Really sweet as well.
  3. Monte 5's with a little age. PSP/HQ. The dot stickers were much smaller in diameter. Guess FOH is cutting down on the office budget- Ha Ha.
  4. Already near 6 years of age. Look and smell wonderful. Cheap and cheerful in spades.
  5. Happy Birthday. What presents did you get from the pugs?
  6. Love the Martin Miller's. Smooooooth.
  7. Are the wrappers too thick on the box to the right? Is that the clever gambit here?
  8. I take it out and pop each one. My dog turns his head so cutely at each little pop.
  9. I had my humidor custom built about 5 years ago by an amazing custom wood worker. He even farms his own trees. I chose some exotic woods he imported for me. Incredible work. I was interested in Bob's, but am glad I went in this direction. I would recommend him, just do not want to advertise for him here. You are welcome to PM me.
  10. RG PC 2014. Very tasty. Aged savory tobacco with a floral overtone. Some cream and spice too. Cheap and cheerful, especially when lit by my 12 year old Ronson Jet Lite I bought at Walmart for about $3.50. Still has never failed me, sits in my tackle box year round.
  11. About to ignite these 2014 JL2's with a friend. We are having Bob Dylan listening marathon today.
  12. Finally, they have arrived. I bought these PL Encantos and aged them for three years before trying the first one. I was not impressed. I tried one about every six months with not luck. The other day I tried one and it was sublime.

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