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  1. Had a man offer me 2 boxes of these and a box of Partagas Chicos he bought at airport in Cuba. He didn't really know anything about them apparently trying to fund his next trip back. There was no code on boxes and seals were suspect (no blacklight coat of arms on the seal). Just wondered if there is a lower grade of coding for lower grade cigars or if they sold counterfeit in the airport? He was really just looking for a value on them so I looked them up here and he said he paid roughly the same as what you offer them for. I would like to know just for my own knowledge, I do not know the man and will probably not see him again unless he takes my advice and buys from a reputable source and comes back with something better next time. Hope I didn't give him bad advice.
  2. And should have been 13 if I could step off the Steeler wagon occasionaly! That's awesome does that win something?
  3. I have a friend traveling to Melbourne and told him I would try to get opinions on the best place to buy cigars in Melbourne Thanks
  4. That is not Sir Winston Churchill it is Benny Hill
  5. I'm sure in they future a 20% gratuity would be plenty!
  6. Come on down to Murfreesboro just 30 miles south on 24 Best smoke shop and lounge in the area!
  7. Pfc. Robert Leckie stole a box of Roi Tan and a pair of moccasins from an officers locker on The Pacific last week but dont think i have seen them fired up yet.
  8. Ad the time of the intro and the closing credits and they are almost as long as the actual show! Love it though been looking forward to this for two years almost since I heard they were making it. Hope we get more talk from the actual Vets who are portrayed in this series, thats what mad BOB so real.
  9. wow looks like they redid the site with just 2 weeks left in the NFL season, can't log on has anyone been able to access thier picks with old password?
  10. Always blame the coach in Cleveland, even the GREAT Bill Belichick had a losing record when he was there. Might wanna look into new ownership.
  11. Been realy enjoying smoking to the new Ray Davies disc "The Kinks Choral Collection" Great collection of Kinks music and Ray Davies songs done with a full choir. Some real unexpected songs on here not just a worn out greatest hits collection! Wish I could catch this live somewhere.
  12. Moist-N-Aire is crap way outdated and won't last. Get the Hydra if you go electric
  13. Keep going 30 miles south to Murfreesboro. Your wife will love "The Avenues" (new mall) and you have to check out Liquid Smoke & The Humidor on the Old Courthouse Square.
  14. Welcome aboard Coffee enjoy your stay, hows the coolerdor working out?
  15. GoSteelers


    Donn't let em slide down chew em up
  16. Love IPAs and usually avoid Saisons but discovered a beauty this summer
  17. CAO made their departure from the meerschaum pipe world with CAO gold, and through all the marketing and the dozens of new releases the Gold line is still the only CAO I have ever smoked with any regularity. It is always consistent, in flavor and construction. Simply a good smoke from quality tobacco with mo gimick and a very decent price. CAO's newest release La Traviata is moving up my list too. It is done without the traditional CAO flash and looks to be all about quality & value. $5-$6 Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Cameroon binder, Nicaraguan / Dominican filler. And from the sound of these post not much marketing since I don't think anyone has even mentioned them and they have been out since shortly after IPCPR in August. sincerely Tim Ozgener just kidding
  18. Good job Kevin! Has anyone ever had a perfect week in this pool?

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