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  1. Unfortunately I will be missing the opening weekend this year. It like a national holiday for us in AZ. But in its place that weekend I will be casting chartreuse and white clousers at reds and specks in South Padre with my Grandfather, Father and Godfather. Should make up for it.
  2. Got another bottle of my favorite working mans bourbon, Eagle Rare 10yr. Should help me keep my hands off of the Crown XR.
  3. 1.) The Hunt for Red October. BluRay of course. 2.) Toss up here: either my homemade chili or biscuits and sausage gravy. 3.) Oliva Serie V.
  4. Hello all. Signing in from Glendale, AZ. Was directed here by a gentleman from another forum I spend most of my time on. Originally from Virginia as you can tell by forum handle. Started smoking cigars when I was 18 and have been addicted ever since. Hoping to expand my knowledge of them by being on here and participating. If you have any questions for me just shoot. Take care, Rob

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