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  1. Great review. I’ve always been curious about the Maduro 5, but I haven't tried them. I guess it's time to grab a box!
  2. Good review. Makes me want to grab a box of these when they're up [emoji51][emoji51]
  3. Great review dude. I still can't believe you gave me one of these. Looks like this will be a great celebratory cigar when a couple years have passed [emoji106][emoji106]
  4. I like the lighter in the background. Review and cigar ain't half bad either [emoji12]
  5. Welcome to FOH. I'm not too active here, but it's a great place to lurk lol
  6. Hm, this is an interesting issue/PROBLEM. Just a few ideas that I have come up with... I believe someone said that the box has to arrive at the retailer in plain packaging, but does it have to arrive at the consumer in plain packaging? Does it have to leave the retailer that way (even if shipping to another country)? If so, then I am about to do a lot of typing for nothing... If not, one idea is to create one set of crap boxes that are continuously sent back and forth between the retailer and distributor. The distributor can send the retailer a master case containing the cigars in the crap boxes, and a second package with nothing but empty, nice looking, boxes. When Rob is going through a master case to determine HQ, PSP, etc, he can take the smokes out of the plain box and place them in their respective nice looking box. Then send the nice looking box of smokes to the buyer (probably can't do this for B&M sales, only shipping). Then send the plain box back to the distributor to be reused again and again. Essentially not really increasing the cost of production in the long run. If this is impossible, then send the consumer the crap box of cigars, and another package containing an empty nice box. The consumer can take the cigars out of the crap box and place them inside the nice box. The consumer may have to pay extra for the nice box (which may price Australia out of the market). Just an idea. Another variation of this idea is to do like Trevor advised, and all boxes will be sold in slide lid boxes. But, when the distributor sends all the crap boxes to the retailer, they also send another package that contains nothing but lids. When Rob gets the boxes, he can just slide the crap lid off, and slide the real lid on each box. Again, send the crap lid back, so you aren't having to create two lids for each box. Underneath the nice lid will be the box code and date. The rest of the box can be plain, and only the lid will be the thing that differentiates each box of smokes. Another variation is to do what someone else mentioned and just send a lid with the plain crap box. The consumer can slide the crap lid off, and slide the good looking lid on. Does each side of the box have to be plain? If not, then the lid and sides can be "two sided." One side is plain packaged, and the other side looks nice. Then the seller or the consumer can just flip the lid over. May not work for other reasons, like paint being wet...(not mentioning names here). Another idea is to just not obey the law for customers that you know. Maybe the first few orders are sent in crap packaging. Once the relationship is established, and the consumer is determined to not be a snitch *******, the retailer sends regular boxes. Also, can the cigar be placed inside cellophane without a band? Instead of having bands, the cigars can be placed inside of cellophane that has the vitola/marca info on it, so we can still differentiate each smoke when they are in the humi as a single. If not, then no band. Maybe just a gold ribbon going around each box of cigars with the info. If a gold ribbon isn't allowed, then FML!
  7. Well, thanks for all the help guys. Its appreciated.
  8. She is buying them from the la casa del habano in that city, so fakes are not an issue haha. Also, if it were up to me, I would just have bought them from our host (especially with the sale going on). But, she just emailed me girlfriend and said she bought them. She is trying to be nice, so even if they were fake I would pay whatever regardless.
  9. Has anyone here visited Puerto Vallarta, and purchased cigars? My girlfriend's mother is there right now and told me that she is going to purchase a box of 10 Monte #2 for me. She is the kind of person that won't argue about money, or prices. Any amount I give her will be what she takes, but I don't want to rip her off. Does anyone have an idea of how much they cost in that region? Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. I have a question, or a couple of questions, for all the international folks on this forum that like cricket. I live in the U.S., so I have never seen a single second of a cricket match, and I know absolutely nothing about the sport. I also know absolutely nothing about the players of the sport. With all of that being said, I was listening to NPR today and I heard that a HUGE cricket star named Sachin Tendulkar is retiring. The guy on the radio interviewed a man from India who was saying that Sachin was the greatest batsman ever. He kept raving about how great of a cricket player this guy is/was. He was also saying that in India, Sachin is a larger icon than Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, and all other American sports heroes, put together. For an American who is completely ignorant about cricket, is any of this true? Was he really the greatest batsman ever? Is his retirement a huge deal for the sport of cricket, or was this guy from India a bit of a nut job? Also, is Sachin really a larger sports icon to Indians than any American athlete is to us Americans? I know there are people from all over the world that are members of this forum (one of the many great things about cigars really), and I was just wanting your guys take on this.
  11. Thanks again, PIggy. I read your answers about a week ago, but I've been so busy and in a hurry so much that I forgot to respond. I definitely didn't mean for my last question to be any kind of an insult. Its very interesting to see how the different aspects of a humidor affect each other and cause minute changes in the system. I'm definitely interested in data logging, but I have two hygrometers that don't agree with each other. I have a caliber 3 that is reading 68% and a caliber 4 that is reading 63%. I currently have 65% beads, and I'm using about twice as many beads as what is recommended for my humidor's size. Do you have any experience with the caliber 3, or caliber 4, and know if the caliber 3 is as accurate out of the box as the manufacturer says? Maybe I can just log both readings haha.
  12. Thanks everyone for your help with this matter. It is very much appreciated. Holy Moly Piggy, that is some great information. Thanks for the insights and data. I've read some of your other posts on here too. I would love to have half your knowledge on this topic haha. Sorry, I'm going to bombard you with questions now, as this has really peaked my curiosity. For the graph that you posted, where is the dew point? Maybe I'm missing it, but I'm not able to see the green line. Is it higher than 78 or 79F? Also, you say that dehydration cycling is to blame for the drop in temperature over time. That is really interesting to me, which makes me ask, how does the frequent increasing and decreasing of moisture in a closed space cause the temperature to drop? Lastly, what is causing the moisture to increase and decrease so much? Are the beads breathing, so to speak? As far as the temperature in my home, let me clarify, it will only hit low temps when I am not home. I don't run the heat when I'm not home. Also, my very expensive "luxury" apartment has fairly poor insulation, which means the temperature in my home can get fairly low in the winter. It may even go lower than the 50s, but I've never measured my home's temperature before.
  13. Hello all, I have a question about adding heat to a wineador. Sorry if this has been answered before. I searched, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I currently have a 16 count wine fridge. It stays right at 64 degrees, 65%. I live in Northern CA, and winter is coming soon. My house temperature will probably decrease to the 50s at some points during the winter. I'm concerned that the temp in my wineador will drop below the current 64 degrees. Is there a way to add a heating device to the fridge without doing too much engineering? I have no experience with refrigeration, and I'm a little worried that I would break the unit (and myself). I've seen something where I could add a heating pad with a temperature controller. Would the controller need to be connected to the cooling unit that is currently being used? Or, could the controller unit be connected to just the heating pad? Also, is heat not really a concern? Have people noticed that their fridge holds heat in fairly well, so as long as they don't open the door, the temp doesn't drop too low? I know there are quite a few questions there, but I'm fairly lost. Thanks in advance for any help. And, if there is a post that answers my question, feel free to post a link. Thanks.
  14. GO SHARKS!! Hopefully this post season, Niemi will stand on his head like he did with Chicago. One can dream..

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