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    Hiking, biking, spending time with my lovely wife, 14 year old step son and two dogs. While I'm a long time cigar smoker I'm new to Cubans.
  1. LOL!! Don't forget a nursing room for the lactating mothers!
  2. Umm you might want to get out of the movie and review forum buddy. Also, Batman can kick Syria's ass.
  3. Is anyone else as disappointed as I am to see Ben Affleck casted as the new Batman? Way to ruin a franchise.
  4. Great flick. Saw it twice.
  5. Yep. Perfect weather yesterday. 77 degrees and sunny. Took the wife there for her birthday.
  6. Welcome aboard Mike. I was just in Napa yesterday doing a little wine tasting.
  7. There are pros and cons to each but I think that half the time it's merely the Cuban mystic that draws you in. I've smoked some damn fine non Cubans but alas they are way to expensive.
  8. Welcome aboard Ryan. There are a few of us Northern Cali guys around.
  9. Welcome aboard. There's actually quite a few of us Northern Californian's on the forum
  10. I concur with this recommendation.
  11. Indeed Brazo is a genius. Tonight's steak as the best I've ever cooked. Thank you my man.
  12. Well fellas I caved to the peer pressure and lit up my first Cuban. This little sucker (Monti 4) packed a wallop. Lots of smoke and nicotine. Burn was great as was the draw. First 3rd was a little harsh bit mellowed a bit as I went on. Required but one touch up. Marvelous aroma. Great call guys. Not sure I caught all the shuttle flavor profile changes that I've heard are typical of CC's but I'm glad I took your advice. I'll try another on a month. Cheers.

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