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  1. Voted for RASS but Epi. 2 is very close second for me.
  2. I voted 25% but its actually a bit less... heading to 10% if my current buying trend continues. Enjoying the PC & CG formats much more lately.
  3. Are the Romeo Y Julieta No. 2 A/T & Mille Fleurs the same cigar in different packaging? One being the tubo? They appear to be the same size... is it the same blend? Lately I'm nutz for PC size smokes and trying a large variety. A friend gifted me a No 2 A/T and I enjoyed it very much.
  4. I've come to the point that badly plugged sticks get tossed. Life's too short.
  5. JimC

    Ray Donovan: Season 2

    Season 1 was awesome... I hope season 2 holds up.
  6. RASS all day long and twice on Sunday... The Hoyo Epi 2 is a very close second.
  7. Boli CJ Party Shorts HU HC All excellent short smokes.
  8. Party Shorts followed by HU Mag 46. Both very consistent and fit my palate well.
  9. HU HC's Boli CJ's ERDM Demi Tass and Party Shorts Thanks fo the post... it reminded me to stock up for next winter! Looking forward to Robusto's and PC's in thupcomming months.

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