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  2. Where I can get access to aged box (5 year or more) in the U.S is my question.
  3. Cohiba Esplendidos haha I'd like to save it for a long time and share with that friend to honor the great friendship
  4. I want to get a medium size wine cooler to stock my CCs, but normally wine cooler with 36-bottle capacity or less isn't wide enough to fit my large desktop humidor in.... My desktop humidor is about 15 inches long Does anyone has good recommendation to solve this problem? I bought a lot of singles and stored them in desktop humidor so I really wanna take good care of those sticks... THANKS, Howard
  5. Since I am really new to CC, I would love to express my humble opinion:) Section 1: Robusto and PC, very popular vitola to newbies 1) CoRo 2) Partagas Serie D No.4 3) HDM #2 4) Siglo 2 5) Monte 4 Section 2: U can't go wrong with torpedos/Corona Gorda 6) HU Magnum 46 7) Monte 2 8) BBF Section 3: long smoking experience 9) RYJ Churchill 10) Cohiba Esplendido Section 4: the magic from Habanos, 11) A good EL or Behike I have a lot of cohibas in.. it's Habanos' flagship brand after all... Thanks, Howard

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