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  1. Again, I'm with the my house call. Having a Kamado with a temperature control system was an absolute game changer for us. We buy bigger, thick cut steaks and reverse sear them. Bring them up to about 40c internal temp with the grill at 110c, then pull them off get the grill ripping before putting them back on to sear and bring up to 54c-ish. The Thermapen Pro instant read thermometers are a must, I was dubious at first but it takes all of the guess work out of the game. There are all manner of amazing meat suppliers online in the UK, steaks from all over the world. You can spend as m
  2. I wonder if they just took little care because they're a cheaper box.
  3. If they don't say "......, honest", are they even telling the truth?
  4. This was the suspect box of 10, pretty certain it was just very poor quality control rather than fakes though. Bands all over the place, a few stuck together and a couple of sticks that I had to throw. As I said earlier, the couple I have smoked were great. From a usually reputable source.
  5. I had a box of Monte 5 earlier in the year that looked very suspect, was only a 10 box but the QC obviously didn't happen. I didn't take any photos but the bands were all over the place and a few had mould over the wrapper and foot. I've smoked a couple from the box and they were great, so no other complaint apart from the fact that they looked like they'd come out the back end of a dog.
  6. Over a year ago, but it feels like this last year and a half feels like it's really proved this point. Social media does a lot to propogate utterly nonsensical views, as anyone with half a brain knows to steer clear of the conversation and let the more educationally challenged crack on.
  7. Faith is all well and good, but it seems like a bit of a cop out in my opinion, we should be striving to prove or understand. Science can at least admit where it is wrong and is always striving to either prove or disprove itself with a view of further understanding.
  8. A fetus and a baby are different things. Calling abortion murder is a touch dramatic, I've never been in the unfortunate position of requiring one, but I imagine it's not easy for those that do. It all comes down to personal choice again though doesn't it?
  9. That was an interesting read. It's amazing what can be achieved by science. I guess if a person has that objection they could choose an alternative to J&J, does make you wonder whether these people would accept donated organs if their life depended on it? If they were in hospital, would the ask the doctor whether each and every drug they required was derived from something that they objected to? Would their morals extend to losing their life if it meant avoiding a treatment that was derived from a part of science that they had been persuaded was wrong?
  10. I've found the Bug-a-salt fairly effective against the wife, it's also ensured our house stays incredibly well seasoned throughout the summer.

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