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  1. Strange how Emirates fly into Heathrow without issue, we've had 5G over here since just before COVID started.
  2. It's a real pleasure to see someone have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Well done Australia.
  3. If there needs to be talking, could some vultures do it? Maybe wearing suits. Might as well embrace the stereotype.
  4. That's the way to do it in my opinion. Poor experiences happen in all business', rarely intentional but how they are dealt with is really an opportunity to show off how good you can be. A small gesture can go a long way. John Lewis (UK) are the masters of this, we've had a couple of problems and they've always ended up resolving the issue. One time was a struggle with a child seat that didn't fit our car properly, had to visit the store 3 times before they accepted that there was an issue and that they had also made a mistake in the way they dealt with it. I was pissed that I had wasted a lot of time but they gave us a full refund and an alternative car seat free of charge. We're all human and misatkes happen, I see complaints as an opportunity to really engage with a customer.
  5. I don't have Facebook anymore but bare the cesspit of LinkedIn purely for work. You have got to love the absolute nonsense some people come out with. #Leaderofthefreeworld #GreatestLeader Laughable
  6. We just had Christmas dinner to make up for the one we missed sure to Covid. Nailed the turkey. Hope you guys catch a mild dose.
  7. Our pregnant friend caught Covid at a wedding on the Saturday, went and got a booster on the Monday, then started getting symptoms Tuesday. Keeping that vital load high!
  8. We got Covid on the 18/12/21. We were triple jabbed and had very minor symptoms, had much worse colds. One sweaty night and the rest wasn't even as bad as a hangover. Thankfully no loss of smell or taste, I didn't smoke but I drank like a sailor, out of boredom and generally just enjoying having a drink/feeling a need to drink the beers I got in for the big family meal that no longer happened.
  9. I'm utterly bored of anti-vaxxers, it's tiring. Absolutely fine if that's the way they want to go, but for the love of God, stop pissing and moaning when it gets in the way of things you want to do.
  10. Difficult to get them over here in the UK at the moment too, we're at around 200k cases per day at the minute!
  11. If you'd watched more than a minute you'd see that they were also of the opinion that it is ridiculously priced and that there are much better things to spend $500 on. I only watched about 15 minutes but I thought they were actually quite entertaining and easy to watch, the chap on the left especially making some great points.
  12. We certainly don't get the weather you do, but I like the safety of this island over here in North Sea! Our biggest risk of death or injury is probably choking on an animal during dinner.
  13. I assume the only thing to do is bulk up and outpace the size of it's mouth?
  14. I've had a Zwilling Four Star for nearly a decade and have gifted a few since. Really well made and holds a decent edge. I prefer it to the couple of Wusthof I've used but they're fairly similar beasts. I have an IO Shun boning knife that is okay, but it needs drying straight after cleaning otherwise it'll rust/blemish. I think the German blades are a great starting point, Japanese a definite step up but it's the sort of thing you want to try out in a shop first as there is so much choice.

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