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  1. Aha! What a turn around from last year huh? I'll definitely be back next year to keep the run going strong, that's if you'll have me I've loved every minute of FF with the FOH guys!
  2. Thanks for the words guys, it means a lot I'll definitely still drop into the forum now and then, so it's not a complete goodbye! For those that sent emails, I'll reply to them asap from my personal email account. If I missed your message, I apologise in advance. Drop me a PM for guaranteed delivery, or ask for my email. I am grateful for the relationships I've built up here, and will look forward to the day that we can share a cigar, where-ever that might be. Cheers, Alastair
  3. I allowed it Keith, your name was in the hat I'm not going to be a miser
  4. Mine kicked back in after the server change-over. I know I sound like a broken record, but have you checked your settings and inbox filters Keith? Please flick me an email if you want to discuss this further mate
  5. Shall we set up another live review this week? I know it's Thanksgiving this weekend for you Americans, so I'll put the ball in your court... Werner suggested we try the Saturday (FOH time) Friday US time, but I can't do weekends unfortunately. Like last week however, I am happy to set up a meeting and you guys are more than welcome to enjoy a cyber herf again. . Let me know what you think please If we lock in a day, we will then decide on a cigar marca. European brethren - I will be arranging for an alternative time to be looked into. A GMT and GMT + 1 time friendly session fo
  6. Well done rmill3r! Your Monte 5 review got you the win here! Drawn straight from a FOH baseball cap - congratulations! 5 x Diplomatico Bushidos belong to you (once they arrive of course) PM or email me for extra details mate!
  7. Cigar reviews moved across to the cigar review sub-forum. I will be putting all the names in a hat and will draw out the dinner of the Bushidos today. Post will be up here soon.
  8. On the FF team. 146 yards, and 2 TDs. Thanks OBJ!
  9. Everything should be as it should after the server change over Let me know if there are any issues.
  10. House bragging rights In all honesty, nothing to be ashamed of mate! Your team is pretty good on paper, but maybe some results didn't fall your way

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