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  1. well back from Varadero. The selection was somewhat limited but found something interesting. They wanted to accept cash but I insisted on credit card. The coffee shop up stair was open. No shortage at my hotel but the bars next door had days with no beer. Even my door man would give me 60-1 on exchange.
  2. Sorry to here that but I am staying across the street so I will have to make do with free run and coffee. I went with a group before and we always met for a 09:30 cigar on the second floor
  3. Scuba dived for 8 years and did over 700 dives so it was a bit of an obsession but hurt my back and that came to an end. Got into photography but I think the hobby was buying gear. Traveled a bit before covid but now I just drink and dream of travel.
  4. I am pretty sure to buy cigar boxes I will need to use a credit card but there are times when I visit the store and have a rum and coffee and a fine cigar upstairs and watch the world go buy. Is this Credit card only or foreign currency or the CUPs
  5. I am heading to Varadero for a week to get away from our rain. A small part of me has an irrational fear I will go to a cigar store and the shelves will be bare.Does any anyone have an incite in current stock in Cuban stores?
  6. Grant you broke the first rule of smoking ten year old Punch club! The rules of the universe have been changed, the course future changed. Your article has made remember that life improved slowly but steadily since I started smoking cigars back in 1998. Got get me some of those powerful ten year old punch!
  7. A. Few years ago I found myself with a bad back and on the floor for months. TV became a friend and while I never liked soccer before Spanish La Liga captured my fancy. Watch it religiously now. Locally I go down to the local sports field in the fall and smoke a cigar and watch from afar. Of course my friends think I have lost my way not obsessing about hockey. I enjoyed watching games at Conde Villanueva when baseball was not on. Of course they misguidingly cheered for Real Madrid.
  8. The embargo will end just before the 50th. They are stock pilling and aging for the us market. 100% price increase or it just good old Cuban management.
  9. http://livepricedutyfree.net/taipei-airport-duty-free.html Not cheap
  10. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
  11. Just booked a flight to Vietnam for November so this information is greatly appreciated.
  12. Smoked one in Havana at the hotel natiinal. Started outside and the wind forced me in. It was not bad but I think it cost 19 dollars and that seemed a bit steep. I did smoke a few Trinidad fundadores which I liked more and they were 10 a piece. I Boughy 17 nc lanceros last fall and have smoked 2/3 of them. Flavous tended to be very good but smoke volume was missed. Kicking myself for not buying a box of the Trinidads . Oh well

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