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  1. 1. Bolivar 2. LGC 3. Trinidad 4. Sancho Panza 5. Partagas
  2. Tough choice, but I went with the lonsdale and 109
  3. topdiesel

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    Wow, this one looked a little more ominous when I first read it. Punitilla Partagas shorts Bolivar tubos #2
  4. topdiesel

    Cool forum handle

    in post above
  5. topdiesel

    Video Review - Bolivar Tesoro RE 2016

    ETP OCT 16 on both of mine as well.
  6. Excellent news. I am sure that was a relief compared to all the work and stress from the big one. Cheers, and A+ for being proactive and prepared.
  7. Alex, I am sure you are busy right now, but when you can come up for air... Is this going to affect the inventory system like last time? Love your site and hope everything works out. Thanks for all you do for the cigar community.
  8. topdiesel

    Would this bother you?

    If they are that oily, it would not bother me.
  9. My most recent was Sep 16, but I thought I saw some later 2017 dates. Don't recall any 2018, but if there were any, someone on this site will chime in.
  10. Based on the recent trend. If going for regular production, I would load up on 50 Cabs. Don't think they will be around in five years. 1. Hoyo DC 50 cab 2. Hoyo Epicure #2 50 cab 3. Partagas Lusitanias 50 cab 4. Partagas short 50 cab 5. Ramon Allones Specially Selected 50 cab You could swap any of those out for the PLPC. I would have added the JL#2, but those don't come around anymore.
  11. I hope you and all the other brothers and sisters in Alaska are safe and sound after the earthquake.
  12. topdiesel

    Online Dating Sites?

    It works about as good as going online to find cigar smokers.
  13. Smoke one, how do they taste?
  14. and white box on lower shelf of second pic
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