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  1. My most recent was Sep 16, but I thought I saw some later 2017 dates. Don't recall any 2018, but if there were any, someone on this site will chime in.
  2. Based on the recent trend. If going for regular production, I would load up on 50 Cabs. Don't think they will be around in five years. 1. Hoyo DC 50 cab 2. Hoyo Epicure #2 50 cab 3. Partagas Lusitanias 50 cab 4. Partagas short 50 cab 5. Ramon Allones Specially Selected 50 cab You could swap any of those out for the PLPC. I would have added the JL#2, but those don't come around anymore.
  3. I hope you and all the other brothers and sisters in Alaska are safe and sound after the earthquake.
  4. topdiesel

    Online Dating Sites?

    It works about as good as going online to find cigar smokers.
  5. Smoke one, how do they taste?
  6. and white box on lower shelf of second pic
  7. topdiesel

    Alex's Custom Rolls

    I've had his Robusto, Lancero, Coronas, Lonsdales (second favorite size) but my favorite size and blend is the puntilla. I don't think you can go wrong with anything he rolls. He is a master roller for sure and his sticks are a thing of beauty.
  8. glad you enjoyed it. I'm honored that you reviewed it here.
  9. topdiesel

    Mold or not?

    I think it is Plumold
  10. topdiesel

    ...just put it back

    Is it really that hard to buy 20 lego pieces and make another one?
  11. topdiesel

    Determining a cigar's peak...

    I don't think you will know until you have finished the entire box. To add to the confusion, I have had cigars that I thought were past their prime. Then I smoked another from the same box a year later and it was better than some smoked years earlier. Each cigar is different, even within the same box. Most will agree, to some extent, that 10 years is a pretty safe bet with Cubans. Beyond that, it depends on the palate, tobacco and most importantly storage conditions.
  12. topdiesel

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    I don't care about social pressure. I tip those who earn it. My tip is based on service provided 0-20+%. I have tipped 100% on exceptional service, but that is super rare and should be the tippers choice not requirement. If the service is so bad that I won't return, then 0 tip. When I was younger, I was a pizza delivery guy, Server in lower level restaurants and a server in a very expensive upscale steak house ($200+ a night and a free meal). Made really good money the more upscale I got, but delivering pizza pays the bills. Just like the job you have, there are people who do it well and people who shouldn't be doing it. The more you tip crappy servers, the more they expect. If you tip poor service, you are really hurting the establishment. Crappy server makes decent money=crappy server stays at establishment and drives away good customers. Cost of living is a poor argument. Food is a cost of living. Food prices go up=tip goes up (if you tip the same %) along with cost of living. The tipping norm has gone from like 10-15% for decent service to you have to tip 15-20% no matter what service you are provided. Just add the price to the food if it is required.
  13. Diplomaticos No.2 EML JUL 14 (PSP) These are smoking well right now. Paired with a double shot Nespresso whole milk iced mocha (fantastic pairing this morning) while watching the kids swim. The coffee certainly dulled the usual baking spices. But the cigar's dark coffee/dark chocolate bitterness really enhanced the Iced Mocha's cream and milk chocolate flavors. It was not my intent to do the long ash thing, since I was smoking outdoors. However, the wind died down, I remembered the competition and the Diplomaticos No. 2 ring guage lends itself to a longer ash. first 3rd was smooth, sweet and tasted great as the first cigar of the morning. second 3rd flavors intensified and so did the body. Nice thick smoke, which is always a satisfying treat for me. final 3rd, the draw really opened up after the ash dropped. Not the longest ash, but much longer than I normally allow (going for the long ash takes away from my smoking experience). No rough edges and minor flavor changes (mainly the introduction of cinnamon). this third certainly entered the medium full body range.
  14. I just figured I was late to the party and you were already leaning in a direction. No offense meant. If it is just a few hundred bucks to get the exact model you want with the exact finishes you want, then it seams like a no-brainer. If the seller was willing to reduce the price significantly or is throwing in a few boxes of cigars to sweeten the deal that would make your decision more difficult. The wait might seem long. But just like aging cigars, you will be amazed that five+ years has gone by. A few months is a blink of an eye. I am sure everyone would love to see pics when it arrives.
  15. After the Vega's engine imploded, my dad got one of these in white. It lasted a year or two before he pulled the car over on the highway to discipline us for fighting. He sideswiped the underpass pylons while he was looking back at us and pulling over. That was the most quiet drive home ever. Next was the brown 1978 Chevy Malibu Station wagon. That one lasted the longest as the family car.

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