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  1. Thanks FOH. Prize arrived today. What a treat. Such an under represented marca in my humidor.
  2. topdiesel

    Milkshaking British Politicians

    Self-important milkshake cowards. I am sure PETA has something to say about this.
  3. Nice review...Yes, I have also heard that the dots are mineral deposits and yes, that one is toothy. Whatever the explanation, cigars with the little dots extremely tasty.
  4. @Buck14, you are one of the few members who has the opportunity to write a review. Light one up and tell us about it. On the edge of my seat.
  5. 1. Steven Wright-Brilliant 2. George Carlin 3. Rodney Dangerfield Tough to leave out of the list: Norm Macdonald & Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osborne)
  6. topdiesel

    Box of the Day

    OMG, SP Non+ and JL2 look awesome. Might have to pay a little closer attention to the 24/24. Can you give a hint, when will these hit the 24/24?
  7. Congrats @Notsocleaver What are the odds, I won the last comp with one of your cigars. You should go out and buy a lotto ticket while smoking a stogie.
  8. I currently have 8 boxes of Bolivar Tubos #2 from the past 15 years and have smoked through at least as many boxes during that time frame. During that time, there have only been a few of them have had construction issues. More in line with the original question, the flavor profile has remained consistent in every box over the past 15 years. A couple boxes have had slightly muted or more intense flavor, but the same flavors have always been there. It is the only cigar I have smoked in such quantity, but haven't come across a more consistent flavor profile.
  9. Wow, what a pleasant surprise. Both of my kids made the comp soccer teams of their choice this week and FOH gave me celebratory cigars. Big Thanks to FOH team and Rob for hosting the competition.
  10. Great review. "Drinking tea at a bonfire at the beach" is such a great description.
  11. Thanks for posting the box code in the thread. I haven't seen your review and hope you actually have time to post it up. I am super curious to see how that box is smoking. Hope you struck gold twice.
  12. Love the looks of that ash. Thanks for the review.
  13. I posted a review in the watering hole. Thanks again.
  14. I don't know the box code. This cigar was obtained in the FOH CAN/US Box Pass 2017. Thanks to @ChanceSchmerr for spearheading that pass and thanks to @Notsocleaver for providing such a glorious cigar. As the title states, this is a vintage 2003 Sancho Panza Coronas Gigantes. The first I have had the pleasure of smoking and likely would have been the last if FOH Auctions had not been created. Now, there is the possibility of owning a box of these. The enjoyment provided by this cigar was anticipated, since the Molinos and Sanchos are both in my top 10 cigars. This SPCG started out smooth upon lighting, with a dusty finish and enjoyable retrohale. I expected salt and driftwood but tasted the wood without salt during the first third. To my surprise it was joined by a delicious sugary sweetness. Hints of black coffee and sweet tobacco crept in during the second third and then surprised me again with enjoyable slightly floral (not perfume) notes. From that point on, I truly don't know how to describe the flavors other than tasty. It took everything I had to pace myself. A fantastic size for cigars with great construction throughout. Notsocleaver, I would gladly buy or trade for any that you still have from this box. However, if I were you, I would keep them all for myself. Thanks again for sharing this 98/99 point cigar.
  15. topdiesel


    FOH Auctions is a brilliant idea and could prove to be one of the most used Cigar trading resources available on the web. I don't know if this was mentioned earlier, but how long ago was the seed planted for the concept and how long was it before serious development started after that? The concept has been done by others, but most auctions exclude tobacco related products and users are limited by location. Perhaps, some day @JohnS will do another interview series exploring the trials and tribulations and the journey to create the potentially legendary FOH Auctions.

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